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Internal Recruitment Benefits

The internal recruitment is the cheapest recruitment source for most organizations. The employees interested in taking a different position in the company are the most loyal employees and they act as the advocates of the organization.

Each business should learn how to utilize the full potential of the internal recruitment process. The job postings should be made public and advertised widely in the entire organization.

Many innovative ideas come from employees. The internal recruitment can help utilize them fully.

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Internal Recruitment Benefits

  1. 1. Internal Recruitment Benefits HR Management CREATIVE HRM Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  2. 2. Internal Recruitment:What is it?• The internal recruitment is not the promotion process• The promotion process is driven by Human Resources• The internal recruitment is voluntary and employees are encouraged to apply for job vacancies• The organization has the right to post the vacancy internally and externally• Applicants have to compete, and the best candidate wins Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  3. 3. Internal Recruitment:Key Benefits• The internal recruitment is an excellent tool for the retention of employees, who are not identified as key employees, top performers or high potentials• The internal recruitment can be much quicker than the external recruitment• The internal recruitment has a huge impact on loyalty and the engagement of employees• The internal recruitment is cheap and helps to increase the productivity and performance of the organization Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  4. 4. Internal Recruitment:Key Disadvantages• The internal recruitment does not bring new and innovative ideas into the organization• The organization has to define clear and strict rules for the internal recruitment, as the employees do focus on meeting their targets. They should not be allowed to change the position too often• Managers do not like to allow their employees change the position. They have to find the replacement, and they have difficulties to meet their goals• The organization has to make a decision about the preferred recruitment channel (internal or external) Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  5. 5. Recruitment:Internal or External• Internal Recruitment – Excellent for staffing senior positions, which utilize the know how of the organization – Excellent for the expansion of the business, allowing to employees to fully utilize their gained skills and competencies – The organization wants to set up a special and dedicated project team; internal hires are better than the external ones, as they know the environment of the company• External Recruitment – The only way in case the organization needs the additional workforce – Brings new ideas and enriches the pool of talents in the organization – The organization can buy new skills and competencies, which are missing currently Visit Creative HRM for more information.
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