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HR Challenges and HR Strategic Answers


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The modern organization faces many HR Challenges. The business is under a pressure to deliver more with less resources to stay competitive. Human Resources is a strategic business function, but it does not focus on the critical business issues to help unblock the potential to grow.

The modern Human Resources Management function needs to provide the business with the strategic HR answers to these issues. The modern people management builds a competitive advantage as the organization can outgrow competitors, and build a comfortable market share.

The HR Leader needs to focus on key HR Management areas that will help the organization deliver better business results every day.

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  • Very detailed presentation on the challenges that the HR departments face.
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HR Challenges and HR Strategic Answers

  1. 1. HR Challenges Strategic HR Answers Human Resources Management Guide
  2. 2. Content 1. HR in the Box: Introduction 2. Current HR Challenges 3. Strategic HR Answers 4. How to get this presentation
  3. 3. Where to find more about the HR Management? @1
  4. 4. HR in the Box! The sustainable competitive advantage is the ultimate HR Strategy. HR Goals and Objectives needs to be aligned with the HR Vision, and we have to build the agile business organization. However, we can just build the modern company just through our people. HR in the Box is a Human Resources Management Guide available to everyone. Get inspired and build the HR Best Practices.
  5. 5. HR in the Box: Click and visit … Click  the  picture  to  visit  the  website!
  6. 6. HR Challenges: What do we face? @2
  7. 7. Key HR Challenges The modern organization faces dangerous HR Challenges: • HR not recognized as a real partner by line managers • Resistance to Change (Change Management as Issue) • Poor Talent Management • Poor HR Performance
  8. 8. HR in the Business Challenge • HR Agenda does not address the real issues and problems of the business • Too soft Human Resources has no respect of other managers as it does not push the strategic agenda • HR not involved in the strategic projects
  9. 9. Change Management • Human Resources does not facilitate the change management process in the organization • HR is not a part of the strategic planning group • HR does not manage the employee engagement and satisfaction
  10. 10. Talent Management • HR has no list of top high potential employees and challenging opportunities • HR has no the strategic workforce planning processes and procedures • HR does not measure the inflow and outflow of top talents
  11. 11. HR Performance • HR does not measure KPIs that are directly linked with the business strategy • HR is overworked but managers see no beneficial outcomes • HR has no written and formal HR process maps
  12. 12. Strategic HR Answers @3
  13. 13. Key Strategic HR Answers Human Resources has to provide the strategic HR Answers: • Upgraded HR Professionals • New business driven HR Strategy • Talent Management First! • Strategic HR Management Dashboard
  14. 14. HR Professionalism Upgrade • HR Managers with a business acumen and a deep knowledge of internal processes and procedures • HR with a know how of the best practices in the industry • HR asking smart questions and suggesting clever business solutions
  15. 15. Business Driven HR Strategy • The HR Strategy directly linked with the business strategy in place • Cross functional teams implementing strategic HR initiatives focused on the business growth and sustainability • HR Managers as the natural part of the functional project teams
  16. 16. Talent Management First! • HR develops a strategic list of key positions and designs a strong succession planning process with the regular review • HR designs the recruitment and staffing process that balances the performance of different staffing channels • HR makes sure that top talents work in challenging job positions
  17. 17. Strategic HRM Dashboard • HR agrees the strategic KPIs measuring the progress of the implementation of the business and HR strategies • HR measures trends and releases early warning and takes appropriate actions to close them • HR implements a strong HR Process Management
  18. 18. How to download this presentation? @4
  19. 19. Download the presentation You can download the presentation here It is free to download, just Facebook like click is required.
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  22. 22. HR in the Box! Thank  You!