Key HR Goals and Objectives 2013


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What are the key goals for Human Resources in 2013? What should be in the focus of each HR leader?

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Key HR Goals and Objectives 2013

  1. 1. HR Goals andObjectivesin 2013(and future outlook)
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  5. 5. Content•  Key HR Goals –  War for Talents –  Innovations –  Performance driven Compensation –  Talent Development as a Key Competence –  Lean HR Processes•  Future Outlook
  6. 6. Key HR Goals
  7. 7. HR Business Case 2013•  The economic growth forecasted to be weak; slowdown in the USA and no recovery in Europe•  Re-industrialization of the developed countries started•  No strong overall income growth•  Increasing price competition and the war for the market share; HR costs to be monitored and managed closely•  Top talents still being a scarce resource•  Need for the recognition of top performers contributing most to business results•  Lack of new leaders•  Simpler, quicker and cheaper HR Processes required by the executive management
  8. 8. Key HR Goals and Objectives Competitive Advantage HR Goals and ObjectivesEfficiency   HR  Ini,a,ves   Performance Talent War for Talents Innovations Based Development Compensation Lean HR Processes
  9. 9. War for Talents•  The start-ups and innovative organization still hiring large numbers of talents from traditional and mature businesses•  HR needs to: –  Update the recruitment strategy –  Identify key colleges and universities to co- operate with and introduce internship programs –  Strengthen the internal recruitment process
  10. 10. Innovations supported by HR•  Innovations become the key differentiator between successful and rigid organizations.•  Supporting innovations and the creativity becomes the critical success factor for HR•  HR has to: –  Design processes to encourage employees to introduce innovations –  Design the training for managers as they support innovations –  Recognize innovations –  Limit the red tape
  11. 11. Performance DrivenCompensation•  The top performers have a higher impact on the business results, and the compensation policy has to support top performers and motivate others to reach challenging goals•  HR needs to: –  Review and update all incentive schemes –  Design and spread the collection of sales best practices –  Update sales and hard skills training courses
  12. 12. Talent Development•  Young talents and high potentials are able to take over managerial and specialized job positions. They are the key know holders for the organization.•  HR has to: –  Design and promote internal talent development programs –  Incentivize employees to recommend talents for open vacancies –  Allow quick career moves for the top talents
  13. 13. Lean HR Processes•  Lean HR Processes make HR Department more responsive, cheaper and have a positive impact on the satisfaction of internal clients•  HR needs to: –  Introduce the regular HR Process Management –  HR Dashboards: Design, monitor and take actions –  Develop process management skills
  14. 14. Future of HRManagement
  15. 15. Future of HR Management•  Continuing pressure to focus HR Management on pure value added HR Processes•  Continuing pressure to automate non-value added HR Processes and Procedures•  Simplification and introduction of lean HR Processes•  Supporting the business strategy and implementing growth oriented HR Strategies•  Technical skills and technical university graduates will be most demanded resources on the job market
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