How to become the HR Business Partner


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The HR Business Partner is the most difficult role Human Resources can offer. Becoming the HRBP is a long journey, because the fresh college graduate has to learn many things about the HR Management.

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How to become the HR Business Partner

  1. 1. creative HRM How to become the HR Business Partner? Simple guide for the most difficult (but most admired one) HR Career Path Saturday, August 17, 13
  2. 2. creative HRM Content • Dave Ulrich’s HR Model: HR Business Partner • Common HR Career Paths • HR Business Partner: Skills and Competencies • How to become the HR Business Partner? Saturday, August 17, 13
  3. 3. Dave Ulrich’s HR Model Saturday, August 17, 13
  4. 4. creative HRM Dave Ulrich’s HR Model HR Business Partner Change Agent Administration Expert Employee Champion David Ulrich’s HR Model The HR Business Partner is the HR Front Office employee, who acts as the sales person for internal and external clients of Human Resources. The HRBP deals with HR Back Office and HR Centers of Excellence. The Change Agent participates in the company wide projects, which affect employees and change the corporate culture. The Change Agent leads the change management process. The Administration Expert is the widely recognized expert in the area of Human Resources Management and runs effective HR Processes. The Employee Champion protects rights and interests of employees in discussions with the top management. HR introduces policies and procedures, which build the attractive and fair workplace for everyone. Saturday, August 17, 13
  5. 5. creative HRM HR Model and HR Organization HR Front Office HR Business Partner Change Agent Administration Expert Employee Champion David Ulrich’s HR Model HR Back Office HR Front Office Centers of Excellence HR Centers of Excellence Saturday, August 17, 13
  6. 6. Common HR Career Path Saturday, August 17, 13
  7. 7. creative HRM Common HR Career Path HR Front OfficeHR Back Office The most common beginning for the career in Human Resources. The HR Back Office offers a wide range of administrative job positions. The new hire gets a quick orientation in HR processes and how they are administered. The jobs in back office are a solid basis and the employee understands how HR processes are linked and connected. The BO jobs gives a good overview of the regulatory and legislation framework. HR Centers of Excellence HR CoEs design, develop and manage HR Processes. They design processes, which are run by the HR Front Office and data are maintained by the HR Back Office. HR CoEs offers jobs for analysts, process specialists, project specialists and managers and managers. HR CoE is a good place to learn in-depth about HR Processes and how to sell them as the HR Business Partner. HR Front Office is the unit, which interacts with internal and external clients of Human Resources. It generally offers two jobs: HR Client Specialist and the HR Business Partner. The Client Specialist manages the daily agenda of internal clients; the HR Business Partner manages the strategic agenda with the top managers and drives the strategic agenda of Human Resources. Saturday, August 17, 13
  8. 8. Skills and Competencies: HR Business Partner Saturday, August 17, 13
  9. 9. creative HRM HR Business Partner: Skills and Competencies Key Skills: • Business Acumen • Client Relationship Management Skills • Job Interviewing Skills • Organizational Development Skills • Assessment Skills • Communication Skills • Negotiation Skills • Project Management Skills • Change Management Skills Key Competencies: • Understanding the business financials, key gaps in the productivity and connecting the financial performance with employees and processes • Strategic thinking about the business of the internal client and ability to get a buy-in to make a strategic shift • Strategic planning of activities to meet goals without putting the internal client into a danger • Implementing WIN-WIN solutions and making decision affecting the entire organization • Finding simple and effective solutions for difficult situations and avoiding them in the future • Acting as the valuable and trustful partner for employees Saturday, August 17, 13
  10. 10. How to become the HR Business Partner? Saturday, August 17, 13
  11. 11. creative HRM How to become the HR Business Partner? 1) Study general business management, financial management and take HR courses. 2) Develop your networking skills. Being present online is a huge advantage for your career in Human Resources. 3) Do not be hungry. Take small steps and learn the basics. The HR Business Partner has to understand the underlying flows in the organization. 4) Apply for the HR Back Office job. Being the Administration expert is a basis for the success in the future. 5) Move to HR CoE. Try to rotate through several CoEs. Being skilled in Talent Acquisition and Compensation&Benefits will add value to your internal clients. Manage projects. Start with smaller internal HR projects and you can manage huge HR Programs for the entire organization. 6) Finally, apply for the HR Client Support position. Become skilled in the client management and watch senior HR Business Partners how they manage the relationship. Look how they manage strategic agenda. 7) Apply for the HR Business Partner job. Saturday, August 17, 13
  12. 12. About creative HRM Saturday, August 17, 13
  13. 13. creative HRM About creative HRM is a website covering many HR related topics... HR Management, HR Management Practices, HR Strategy, HR Models, HR Business Partnering Model, HR Processes, HR Development, Organizational Design ... The website is new and fresh, a lot of new content will be added during 2013. Please, follow creative HRM as you do not miss any news... cHRM Twitter Please, feel free to visit creative HRM Saturday, August 17, 13
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