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Is Your LMS User-centric? A Quick Checklist


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This slide share helps training managers evaluate the user-centricity of the LMS in their organization.

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Is Your LMS User-centric? A Quick Checklist

  1. 1. Is Your User-centric? A Quick Checklist
  2. 2. Almost 90% of participants in a study conducted by the Brandon Hall Group in 2016 agreed that they need to make changes to their existing LMS in order to make it user-centric. If this is how they react, it’s time for a change. How do users react to the LMS in your organization?
  3. 3. 1. Has an easy user-interface 2. Supports gamification 3. Allows collaborative learning 4. Provides real-time reporting 5. Is administrator-friendly 6. Is mobile compatible In order to make your LMS user-centric, check if the LMS meets the following requirements:
  4. 4. What is an easy user-interface in an LMS? The interaction between the user and the LMS needs to happen effortlessly with minimal need for training. Easy user-interface Go the extra mile to make a smile!
  5. 5. How to create an easy user-interface for the LMS?  Provide clutter-free navigation and consistency of GUI elements  Organize courses in a logical manner  Provide FAQs and Help buttons to address simple queries Easy user-interface
  6. 6. Gamification is the 4th most desired feature in an LMS based on a recent LMS user search. Use the power of gamification to give learners a platform that can hold their attention. Trust us, they will keep coming back for more. Gamification
  7. 7. How to use gamification to keep learners engaged? Gamification Motivate learners through badges, points, certificates, and leaderboards. Let learners go up one level when they achieve what is expected of them. This offers motivation to proceed to the next level of learning.
  8. 8. An LMS that supports collaborative learning allows users a chance to interact, brainstorm, discuss, exchange, and apply ideas. Collaborative learning
  9. 9. Collaborative learning How to know if your LMS supports collaborative learning? The LMS must support  Discussion forums  Messaging options  Online chat options  Blogs & journals  User groups  Sign-up lists  Polls and surveys
  10. 10. Real-time reporting Reports help management make informed decisions on the L&D scenario in their organization.
  11. 11. Real-time reporting How to check if the LMS supports real-time reporting?  Large reports can be run instantly  Report on a training that was completed an hour ago is available  Sending e-mails without scheduling them in a queue is possible
  12. 12. Administrator-friendly  Routine administrative tasks such as creating and deleting users, and assigning courses should not take much time.  If your LMS administrator needs to spend hours in order to utilize the LMS to its full potential, then it is not user-centric.
  13. 13. Administrator-friendly What makes the LMS administrator-friendly?  Routine and repetitive tasks are automated  Multilingual access is enabled  Interface is personalized, based on individual needs  Smart reporting and tracking is facilitated
  14. 14. Mobile compatible The increasing preference for mobile-learning requires your LMS to support mobile devices.
  15. 15. How do you benefit from implementing a user- centric LMS? User-centric LMS = Happy learner = Organizational benefits
  16. 16. Keep this checklist handy to assess if your LMS is user-centric.  Easy user-interface  Gamification  Collaborative learning  Real-time reporting  Administrator friendly  Mobile compatible
  17. 17. Before we conclude Here’s a quick recap of the key takeaways  An easy interface requires minimal training  Gamification holds a learner’s attention  Collaborative learning allows users to exchange ideas  Real-time reporting facilitates decision-making  An administrator-friendly LMS helps complete routine tasks quickly  A mobile compatible LMS is required to implement mobile learning
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