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Presentation on “Need of e-Learning in Organizations – CommLab India


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A marketing and promotional approach of eLearning has a feeling of bringing in change, pressured from outside rather than change emerging from the inside.

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Presentation on “Need of e-Learning in Organizations – CommLab India

  1. 2. e-learning provides learners with information that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time
  2. 3. But, employees typically have concerns around eLearning, like
  3. 4. Will it work for me? Will I really be able to learn anything on a computer?
  4. 5. What’s in it for me?
  5. 6. I don’t care much for these fads. What is e-learning anyway?
  6. 7. The only training that works for me is classroom training, with an instructor guiding me through
  7. 8. “ I barely have time to get my job done; there’s just no way I can enroll for an online course”
  8. 10. Fears and Apprehensions around this new mode of delivery of training
  9. 11. Lack of management/ business support for the eLearning
  10. 12. Target audience don’t take the programs seriously
  11. 13. Changing the mindset of the training market
  12. 14. Computer illiterate people
  13. 15. eLearning content and delivery may not be sufficient to meet the needs of the employees
  14. 16. Not having really fast net connection
  15. 17. Also, Standup trainers sometimes tend to look down upon eLearning
  16. 19. A Marketing and Promotional approach has a feeling of being change pressured from outside rather than change emerging from the inside
  17. 20. But, change emerging from the inside tends to be better accepted and longer lasting
  18. 21. So, you need to assure learners that they are not being thrown in at the deep end to fend for themselves
  19. 23. Here are a few basic ways of providing support
  20. 24. Support Strategy
  21. 25. Discussion Forums and Access to Experts
  22. 26. eLearning Kits
  23. 27. Technology Support and Options
  24. 28. Upcoming presentation : “ How to Market and Promote eLearning in Your Organization?”
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