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6 Types of eLearning Videos to Enliven Your Corporate Training! [SlideShare]

  1. 6 Types of Learning Videos in e-Learning
  2. Lecture Videos • Lecture videos are one of the best options for presenting lengthy content or storytelling in a more personable manner or format • You can even combine lecture videos with different interactive components to reinforce the different points of discussion • The best thing about a lecture video is that it lets you record content and make it easily available to all learners
  3. Interactive Videos • The interactive videos effectively enhance engagement levels and create new learning experiences • Interactive videos do not just engage the learners but even ensure that the learners do not tune out in the middle of the content • You can easily create interactive videos by adding additional information and quiz questions to the videos
  4. • Using motion graphics or animated videos is one of the best ways of delivering fun and playful content • Animated videos are more affordable to produce and highly effective in explaining more complicated topics • They provide a wide variety of options for eLearning course developers Animated Videos
  5. Whiteboard Animation Videos • These are the types of animations where the text and images appear on-screen • Such videos are perfect for explaining scenarios and for storytelling. • Whiteboard videos are a subset of explainer videos allowing presenters to discuss topics or tell stories • Drawing while narrating a story can make the content more emotional and personal, further holding the learner's attention
  6. Talking Head Video Or Piece-To-Camera Video • Talking head or piece-to-camera videos are the same as presentation videos, except that they do not feature any presentation • The Subject Matter Expert directly speaks to the learners to explain a topic or concept instead of going through a presentation • Such videos are specifically suitable and beneficial when the expert or trainer has a certain kind of name recognition
  7. • Interview videos are very effective in making eLearning enrich engagement • The situations where such videos are highly effective include where the content features viewpoints from different employees, and customers, or where a conversational style is considered Interview Videos