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SEO Worst Practices and Local SEO Tips

This presentation covers red flags to watch for to see if your SEO firm is following Worst Practices. We end the presentation with tips for improving your Local Search.

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SEO Worst Practices and Local SEO Tips

  1. 1. SEO WORST PRACTICES Or... How Bad SEO Can Happen to Good People.
  3. 3. Selling: Over-PromisingIs it too good to be true?Did they do market research?Are there case studies ofexisting clients?Is there a Lack of Strategy?
  4. 4. The Right Way: SellingWe do thorough research todetermine potential for yoursite.We set realistic goals andthen recommend strategies.Use Google Analytics andWebmaster Tools to seeexisting data.
  5. 5. Research: Wrong KeywordsDo the keywords have:Relevance.....?Volume........?Specificity....?Are the keywords broad orlong tail?Did you audit the keywords?
  6. 6. The Right Way: KeywordsWe create a keyword list withgood volume, appropriatecompetition, and realisticranking potential.Clients always edit andamend the list. They knowtheir business better!We monitor and improvekeywords based onconversion rates.
  7. 7. On-Page: Using “Blackhat” SEO TechniquesHidden Text, DoorwayPages, Keyword Stuffing, OhMy!Does your site pass a manualreview?Is the User Experienceimproving?
  8. 8. The Right Way: TechniquesWe perform a full SEO auditand determine on-pagechanges to benefit the site.We implement New: Titles,Meta, Content, Pages ifNecessaryWe only use Whitehattechniques that will passmanual review.
  9. 9. Off-Page: Shady Link Building TechniquesAre the links just for searchengines or for referring traffictoo?Spammy Links?Links from a Link Network?Purchased Links?
  10. 10. The Right Way: Link BuildingWe build “Hard Won Links”:Guest Posting, Niche Sites,Resource Sites, etc.Blogger OutreachExample: Badge Campaign
  11. 11. Reports: Changing Measures of SuccessAre the measurementschanging?Are you getting more leads?Are you getting more traffic?How is your time on site andpages per visit?
  12. 12. The Right Way: ReportingReporting should measurethe same variables eachmonth.Monthly gains should goalong with strategy.We use Raven Reports tocreate unbiased andrecurring reports.
  13. 13. Should You be Worried?Selling: Over-Promises & Too Good to Be True StatementsResearch: No Keyword Insight & Overly Broad KeywordsOn-Page: Uses Black Hat SEO TacticsOff-Page: Employs Shady Link Building PracticesReports: Shows Changing Measure of Success
  14. 14. SEO WORST PRACTICES Or... How Bad SEO Can Happen to Good People.
  15. 15. LOCAL SEO QUICK TIPS How to Dominate Local Search In One Day
  16. 16. What is Local Search?
  17. 17. Put Your Address on Every Page
  18. 18. Get 5 Reviews Right Away
  19. 19. Add Testimonials in hReview Microformat
  20. 20. Ask for Best-Ever Rating
  21. 21. Upload Lots of Photos to Google
  22. 22. Ask People to Upload Photos Too!
  23. 23. Add Coupons to Your Place Page
  24. 24. Add A QR Code as a Photo
  25. 25. Use WhiteSpark Citation Finder
  26. 26. What is a Structured Citation?
  27. 27. Use a Local Phone Number
  28. 28. LOCAL SEO QUICK TIPS How to Dominate Local Search In One Day