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B3 Seminar: Engagement: The new ranking factor - Tim Grice


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Keywords and links have been the focus of SEO campaigns for over a decade; however, we are beginning to see evidence of another signal, a signal that is genuinely challenging the dominance of link driven authority. This session will take a look at how we use engagement to create massive growth through our SEO channel.

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B3 Seminar: Engagement: The new ranking factor - Tim Grice

  1. 1. Engagement: The New Ranking Factor Tim Grice – Director of Search
  2. 2. Branding Citations Social Authority Engagement Anchor Text Keywords Links Ranking Signals
  3. 3. BrandingEngagement Ranking Signals
  4. 4. SEO Task List  Find relevant keywords  Add keywords to content  Build links (From anywhere)  Anchor text
  5. 5. £ Traffic You have to Engage YOUR SITE Engage
  6. 6. “There is no shortcut to success.”
  7. 7. …return to Search
  8. 8. Anyone Remember Panda? Low quality content Unclear or no call to actions Poor navigation Does your content serve the user …they leave
  9. 9. Where do we Start?
  10. 10. Identify Poor Performance
  11. 11. Cross Reference with Keyword Data
  12. 12. Most Panda issues can be solved through better Engagement
  13. 13. How do we increase Engagement?
  14. 14. What’s your goal?  Genuinely aim to add value  Be generous (What’s in it for them?)  Be interested, not interesting
  15. 15. Know your story before trying to know theirs.
  16. 16. Revolutionary study: We prove that tweets actually do affect rankings Programatically assigning a Customer Group in Magento Should you spend time on link removals
  17. 17. Our outstanding reputation means that over 80% of our business is inbound
  18. 18. Google Analytics Social Listening Market Research Customer Feedback Focus Groups Who are you trying to Engage?
  19. 19. Blogs Site Search Competitors Market Research Forums Social Sites Reviews Keywords
  20. 20. Audience Reporting
  21. 21. Consumer Surveys
  22. 22. A story you have experienced comes Alive!
  23. 23. Data + Emotion = Engagement
  24. 24. Relevant User Experience Fast Comprehensive want What
  25. 25. Content Strategy Manual Action/Panda Manual Action Revoked Content Strategy No Link Building
  26. 26. Put your best content in front of people.
  27. 27. Rankings without Links 20% Bounce Reduction 200% Time on Page
  28. 28. If you have enough links to be in the top 5 you have enough to be at the top.
  29. 29. What about Branding Popularity?
  30. 30. Your website has to be popular
  31. 31. 60,500 22,200 14,800 12,100 33,100 14,800 All things being equal, branding wins…
  32. 32. Useful Entertaining News Worthy Insightful Provoke Engagement Audience Led Creative
  33. 33. TV Outreach PR Display Social Paid Search Creative Apps
  34. 34. You’ll always rank position ‘1’ for brand search
  35. 35. 2014 – The year of building better websites.
  36. 36. “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come”
  37. 37. @Tim_Grice Thank You!