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NEASIS&T Going Mobile Slides


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Slides for NEASIS&T's April 23rd event, Going Mobile: Library Websites, Services, and Apps on Mobile Devices

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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NEASIS&T Going Mobile Slides

  1. 1. iWebKit• Easy to use framework• Available free for non- commercial use• New version under development• projects/iwebkit/
  2. 2. My Prototype• Built using iWebKit• Web app - compatible with all mobile devices• Offers access to only key library resources• Link to full website• Completed in a single day
  3. 3. Landscape View
  4. 4. • Combines dynamic and static content• Focused on the information users will want while using a mobile device
  5. 5. Mobile Framework by Eric Phetteplace• Started with Jason Clark’s framework• Built using JQuery Mobile• Web app - compatible with all mobile devices• Available on GitHub ( College-LRC-Mobile-Site)
  6. 6. Mobile Frameworks by Jason Clark• 3 available frameworks• All highlight the key features of the library site• Options for various types of libraries/patrons• ~jason/files.php
  7. 7. One-Pager by Influx
  8. 8. • Mobile-optimized• Made to fit a wide range of screens• Easy to use• Good option if you want a website for both mobile and non-mobile audiences•