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  • Broadband power point

    1. 1. Broadband InternetServices available toSMEs in Ireland 2011A documentation of the different technology optionsavailable to me as a sole trader in the Arts ManagementSector located in Castleknock, Dublin 15
    2. 2. Introduction In this presentation, I will explore the different company options of broadband that are available to a sole trader who is located in the Castleknock region of Dublin 15. I will discover the different business packages that are available I will investigate the different types of telecommunications companies there are and also the specific medium of communication used by each company.
    3. 3. What is Broadband? “ [mass noun]a high- capacity transmission technique using a wide range offrequencies, which enables a large number of messages to becommunicated simultaneously:it’s important to have a firewall if you have broadband[as modifier] :broadband networks”-Oxford Dictionary
    4. 4. Glossary What is Upload Speed? What is Download Speed Refers to the rate that  Refers to the rate that a file information is transferred can be downloaded from a from your computer to the remote source usually via internet. E.g Attaching a file the internet. E.g to an e-mail. downloading music from iTunes
    5. 5. Glossary What is Contention Ratio? It refers to the measure of quality of service that you can expect. Contention gauges the greatest extent of people that will access the internet at one time using the same access pipe. Poor internet quality can occur if too many people are using the same connection at the same time.
    6. 6. Glossary What is meant by Mbs/megabits?
    7. 7. What companies are providingbroadband access in Castleknock?
    8. 8. Map of Area Castleknock
    9. 9. Broadband Penetration in Ireland2011
    10. 10. Mediums of Communication ASDL Fibre Optic Cable Mobile Broadband/DongleSatellite Microwave Router
    11. 11. About different media ADSL Fibre Optic cable Is high-speed Internet  is a technology that allows light to travel along thin glass access service that utilizes or plastic wires. These wires existing copper telephones are typically bundled into lines to send and receive fiber-optic cables. This type of cable is used most data at speeds that far commonly in the exceed conventional dial-up communications modems. industry, because digital information can be converted into light pulses that move along the length of the wires.
    12. 12. About different media Satellite Wireless is Internet connectivity  is a device used to direct provided by satellite, rather traffic flow between local than dial-up, DSL (digital computers networked subscriber line) or cable together, either via Ethernet service. Satellite broadband is linked to a dish network cabling, or through radio subscriber service and wave technology. provides speeds similar to other broadband technologies.
    13. 13. About different media USB Dongle/mobile Broadband is a device used for sharing a broadband Internet connection among multiple computers. It is primarily designed for use with cable services where the modem does not have an Ethernet connection. It is also possible to use a USB router for mobile broadband devices.
    14. 14. Company SpecificationsCompany Type of Medium of Telecommunications CommunicationMagnet Broadband Fibre Optic CableSmart Telecom Broadband/Phone/TV ADSLDigiweb Broadband/Phone ADSL/Wireless/SatelliteEircom Broadband/Phone ADSLOnwave Broadband/Phone/TV SatelliteUPC TV/Broadband/Phone Fibre Optic CableBT Phone/Broadband/TV Fibre Optic CableImag!ne Broadband/Phone Microwave (MMDS) /MobilePlusnet Broadband/Phone SDSL/Fibre Optic
    15. 15. Company SpecificationsCompany Type of Medium of Telecommunications CommunicationIrish Broadband Broadband DSL/Fixed WirelessEclipse Broadband/Mobile Wireless/DongleStrencom Corporate ADSL Broadband/HostingXLN Telecom Phone/Broadband ASDLMeteor Broadband/Phone/TV USB/DongleO2 Mobile USB/DongleVodafone Phone/Mobile ADSLE-Mobile Mobile USB/Dongle
    16. 16. Technological Options & SpecsProvider Plan Name Data Allowance Speed Medium Down/UpDigiweb 8Mb NGB Lite & Talk Off- 40GB per month Up to 8Mb ADSL PeakUPC Fibre Power Broadband Uncapped Up to 50Mb Cable 50Mb & Home Phone Freetime WorldEircom Next generation broadband 10GB per month Up to 8Mb ADSL basic & talktime talkerUPC Fibre Power Broadband Uncapped Up to 100Mb Cable 100Mb & Home Phone Freetime WorldMagnet Magnet Force 24 Uncapped Up to 24Mb ADSL
    17. 17. Full Range of costs involvedPlan Equipment Set Up Plan Features Cost Costs CostDigiweb 8Mb NGB Lite & Talk Free Free €39.95 Line rental incl.Off-Peak Free lanline calls Free international callsUPC Fibre Power Broadband Free Free €45.00 Line rental incl.50Mb & Home Phone Freetime Free lanline callsWorld Free international callsEircom Next generation Free Free €46.98 Line rental incl.broadband basic & talktime talker Free landline calls Irish Mobile CallsUPC Fibre Power Broadband Free Free €50.00 Line rental incl.100Mb & Home Phone Freetime Free landline callsWorld Free international callsMagnet Magnet Force 24 Free Free €54.99 Line rental incl. Free landline calls Free international calls
    18. 18. As an SME, the option that I wouldchose… UPC Fibre Power Broadband 100Mb & Home Phone Freetime World would best suit the needs of a SME in the Castleknock area It’s speed of 100Mb is 92Mb’s faster than the other companies considered, and at least double the speed of other packages from the same company with very little difference in pric For €50 per month, I also receive my line rental, free international calls and free landline calls. I will also have access to two support systems: Broadband Support & Premium PC Support I will have an uncapped data allowance
    19. 19. Technical Support Available Broadband Support deals with issues related to the broadband service such as the cable connection to your computer and basic functions of Outlook Express. Premium PC Support deals with computer problems that are not directly related to our broadband service such as setting up a new computer, firewalls and viruses.
    20. 20. References