Firefox os the web, mobile (for yahoo! hack europe - april 2013)


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Firefox os the web, mobile (for yahoo! hack europe - april 2013)

  1. 1. FirefoxOS:The Web, MobileDaniel Appelquist (@torgo)Open Web Advocate, Telefónica Digital
  2. 2. What a difference 5 yearsmakes-Me in 2008 (
  3. 3. The Web is MobileImage from Brad Frost (
  4. 4. ..but• WebApps still second class citizens on smartphones• Great confusion about the difference betwenApps and Web• Consumers being driven towards apps• In the process, we are losing what the Webhas given us: interoperability, freedom,openness, choice
  5. 5. (Native) Apps vs. WebYawn
  6. 6. (Native) Apps vs. Web• Web has been a browser based experience• Web has not had access to device APIs• Web has not been very good with touch• Techniques for responsive UX have not beendeveloped• JavaScript frameworks have been orientedtowards desktop...but now the Web is catching up
  7. 7. Apps Remind me ofSomething
  8. 8. The Web has StayingPower• Built on (open, royalty-free) standards• International community of implementers• Open to all content providers, open to alldevelopers• Dont like it? Fork it.• People chose the Web because the Webgave the people a choice
  9. 9. Why FirefoxOS?• A phone built by the people who brought youthe Web• All apps are Web apps (including dialer,etc...)• All applications built on top of Firefox engine(Boot to gecko)• Everything open source• Optimized for low-end smart phones• Open OS
  10. 10. Why Telefónica Digital?• Easier app development across platforms =better apps• Lower cost handsets = more people usingthem• Google/Apple Appstore duopoly = bad fordevelopers, bad (in the long run) forinnovation• Bringing a fresh approach = disruptive• We benefit from openness
  11. 11. Bridging the Gap• New APIs allow access to accelerometer,camera, address book, calendar, telephony(making calls), etc...• New security model for privileged webapps• Hosted apps and packaged apps• Both can be used off-line• Icons represent webapps to the user• Curated app store from Mozilla - or roll yourown
  12. 12. Blurring the Lines• Why should an app on your phone bedifferent from the Web?• How can a WebApp dip into your personalinformation and use your camera in a secureway?• Is a chromeless WebApp still "The Web"?• Is a packaged WebApp still "The Web"?• How can I, as a user, tell when I can expectto use an app off-line?
  13. 13. Integration• Unique search interface forapps• "Try before you buy"approach to discovery• Integrated into FirefoxOS
  14. 14. Working with StandardsThis is the Web. I know this.W3C: HTML5, WebApps,Geolocation, SysappsPrivileged APIs, Packaging,Improving Appcache,Touch Events, Push
  15. 15. Challenges• Security - beyond the browser sandbox• Protecting user privacy when apps canaccess private data• WebRTC - coming soon• Platform optimization• Appcache
  16. 16. Geeksphone Keon•CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 7225AB 1Ghz.•UMTS 2100/1900/900 (3G HSPA).•GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (2G EDGE).•Screen 3.5" HVGA Multitouch.•Camera 3 MP.•4 GB (ROM) and 512 MB (RAM).
  17. 17. Some ResourcesBuildingFirefoxOS.comBuilding blocks to help you create from Mozilla on B2G projectOpenWebDevice.comInfo from Telefónica on the projectlungo.tapquo.comLungo JS framework - designed for mobileFirefoxOS Hack coming up May 31 meetup