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Getting Started with Mobile Websites if You Don't Know Code


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This presentation was given at the June 8, 2012 Amigos Library Services virtual conference entitled "Access by Touch: Delivering Library Services Through Mobile Technologies".

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Getting Started with Mobile Websites if You Don't Know Code

  1. Getting Started with Mobile Websites If You Don’t Know CodeCarli SpinaAccess By Touch:Delivering Library ServicesThrough Mobile TechnologiesJune 8, 2012
  2. Why Have a Mobile Website?• 46% of American adults own a smartphone - Pew Internet• Most cell phone users (70% overall and 86% of smartphone users) use phone for just-in-time information - Pew Internet
  3. Mobile Website vs. Mobile App• What platforms does your audience use?• Will users use the app while offline?• Will you be using features such as geolocation or the camera?• Will you be making frequent updates?
  4. So you want a mobile website...what now?• Use a service to create and maintain the site• Use online tools to create a site with little or no code• Customize an existing framework• Learn how to create a site from scratch
  5. No Code
  6. Boopsie for Libraries• Works on Android and iOS devices• Multilingual• Updated through Google Docs• Standard and Optimum packages• Integrates library locator, Ask a Librarian, catalog searching and one-click Overdrive Seattle Public Library App access
  7. Your Library Phone• Available for all smartphones• Integrates with the library’s OPAC• Works with RFID to facilitate self-checkout• Overdrive integration is planned• Uses technology from SOLUS and ISNG
  8. SpringshareMobile Site Builder • Compatible with all mobile platforms • “Point and Click” interface • Automatic redirect for mobile devices • $299 per year for LibGuide & CampusGuide users
  9. Limited Code
  10. Wordpress• Easy to add to an existing Wordpress site• Compatible with any mobile device• Lots of themes are available with both free and pay options available• Can be customized if necessary
  11. • Freemium service with multiple plans• Drag and drop website prototyping with JQuery Mobile• Emulates multiple iOS and Android devices• Integrates seamlessly with ThemeRoller
  12. ThemeRoller
  13. • Freemium, though only paid plans can export HTML• Drag and drop interface• Supports iOS and Android devices• Video tutorials are available• Functionality and theme combined
  14. One-Pager by Influx• Mobile-optimized• Made to fit a wide range of screens• Easy to use• Good option if you want a website for both mobile and non-mobile audiences
  15. Full Site
  16. More Code
  17. iWebKit• Easy to use framework and clear instructions• Available free for non- commercial use• New version under development
  18. Mobile Frameworks by Jason Clark• 3 available frameworks• All highlight the key features of the library site• Options for various types of libraries/patrons
  19. Mobile Framework by Eric Phetteplace• Started with Jason Clark’s framework• Built using JQuery Mobile• Web app - compatible with all mobile devices• Available on GitHub
  20. Learn To Code
  21. Teach Yourself To Code• Code Year from Codecademy•• Code School• JQuery Mobile Resources
  22. Tools/Services• Boopsie for Libraries -• Your Library Phone from SOLUS -• Mobile Site Builder by Springshare -• One-Pager by Influx - (they also provide other web design & usability services)• iWebKit -• Wordpress - Obox ( framework/165736?ref=lvraa), Wordpress Mobile Pack (, WPtouch Pro (• Codiqa -• ThemeRoller -• -• Frameworks by Jason Clark -• Frameworks by Eric Phetteplace - Site
  23. Learning Resources• Code Year from Codecademy -• Online Software Training tutorials -• Code School Tutorials -• JQuery Mobile Tutorials and Articles - Sources• Smith, Aaron, “Nearly Half of American Adults are Smartphone Users”, Pew Internet, March 1, 2012. Update-2012/Findings.aspx• Rainie, Lee and Susannah Fox, “Just-in-time Information through Mobile Connections”, Pew Internet, May 7, 2012.• Alaska forest - trees (photo) by blmiers2 (CC License).
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