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Coding - iPhone Frameworks for Museum Tours


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Slides for the presentation that I gave at Museums and the Web regarding the San Jose Museum of Art iPhone interactive guide that I created and launched in May 2008. Talks about the various frameworks that are available for developing on the platform.

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Coding - iPhone Frameworks for Museum Tours

  1. 1. “Frame” by rodimenko from Flickr Framed! An Intro to iPhone Frameworks for Museums Tours Chris Alexander Program Director - Toura
  2. 2. “Frame” by ansik from Flickr Framework A framework streamlines development by automating many of the patterns employed for a given purpose. A framework also adds structure to the code, prompting the developer to write better, more readable, and more maintainable code. Ultimately, a framework makes programming easier, since it packages complex operations into simple statements.
  3. 3. Elements of iPhone Frameworks HTML File -index.html -a great place to start hacking CSS File or Folder w/Files -style.css -change the look and feel JavaScript File or Folder w/Files -controls the behavior of the web app.
  4. 4. The SJMA App • Had been using Notes-only mode or “Museum - Mode” w/Video iPods • First iPhone in October 2007 • Web Apps were the only thing then • Started looking at how they were created • Discovered the iUI framework • Created by Joe Hewitt, developer at Facebook • Made open source • Started hacking away at it • Had a working prototype by November 2007
  5. 5. The Cast of Characters iUI - iPhone User Interface Site: Demo: iWebkit Site: Demo: UiUI - Universal iPhone User Interface Site: Demo: Site: Demo: jQTouch Site: Demo: /main/#home
  6. 6. iUI - iPhone User Interface •Nice rundown of the framework code: • Create Navigational Menus and iPhone interfaces from standard HTML • Use or knowledge of JavaScript is not required to create basic iPhone pages • Ability to handle phone orientation changes • Provide a more "iPhone-like" experience to Web apps (on or off the iPhone)
  7. 7. iWebkit • Offers the most integration with other iPhone features. • Takes full advantage of CSS3 • Style form elements with CSS • Easily switch between Navigation style • Searching option available • Create Apple style listing easily
  8. 8. UiUI - Universal iPhone User Interface • Utilize different headers with navigation • Offers different styles of lists • Information fields similar to the contacts app on the iPhone/iPod Touch • Create image grids with loading sprites • Chat style conversation threads • Basic form elements • Button panels
  9. 9. • Change styles through a theming system • Handles JSON requests • Incremental lists • Different types of buttons • Basic form handling • Quicktime media • Some linking to iPhone functionality
  10. 10. jQTouch • The Cadillac of iPhone Frameworks • Different UIs built-in • Incredible animations to utilize • AJAX Calls • Extensions include Geolocation, Offline storage, and Floaty Bar (?) • Has some demo apps showing functionality
  11. 11. Chris Alexander Program Director Toura