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Evaluation question 5


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation question 5

  1. 1. We went on Amazon to firstly see what kind of an audience watches the Action genre, we looked at what people bought and what elsethey were attracted to. We saw that people often bought the same kind of storylines.
  2. 2. We found that people who watch Action genre mainly watch films with Hostages or terrorism storylines like the Die Hard Films and Rambo films.We therefore wanted to incorporate this kind of storyline “good guys vs the bad guys” with our opening of the film as we knew we would attract anaudience from the ages of 15-25 as we knew our BBFC age rating being 15.
  3. 3. We watched some films to see how these action films attract the audience from the beginning. Films like saving private Ryan, Terminator and Rambo immediately get the audience attracted with tense up beat scenes. Therefore we wanted our film to start right in the action so we would keep the audience watching .
  4. 4. We decided to base our film on a hostage situation to attract an audience of a wider range as possible as people seem to like the tension and build up to the rescue in the film. We decided to go with two good characters (mercenaries) against a house full of terrorists; we thought this would be the best scenario to go with as the target market agreed with us that they would prefer this to any other storyline.