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HGC Halifax Logistics Park Summit 2012

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Presentation for HLP

  1. 1. NOVA SCOTIA Halifax Logistics Park
  2. 2. Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)We are…• Nova Scotia’s business development agency• An arms-length provincial government organization• Business people with private sector experience• Governed by a private sector board of directors
  3. 3. What do we do?• Attract foreign investment• Work with Nova Scotia companies to: – Explore new markets – Help them sell goods and services abroad – Identify business partnership opportunities – Provide venture capital – Provide business financing• Work with partners to grow and sustain businesses and key sectors within the province
  4. 4. Canada – Strong Economy• Fastest growing economy in the G-7• Financial system that is the envy of the world• The highest proportion of engineers in the G-8• The lowest statutory payroll costs in the G-7
  5. 5. Canada – Quality of Life• Best overall quality of life in the G-7• Safest place to live• Multicultural - first among G-7 for equal opportunity• Progressive immigration laws
  6. 6. Canada – Best Country for Business Canada was ranked # 1in Forbes’ latest annual study on the Best Countries for Business, up from 4th place last year Canada ranked in the top ten in 7 of the 11 criteria used in the study, most notably personal freedom (1st); degree of red tape involved in starting a business (3rd); investor protection (5th) and low corruption (6th). Top Ten Countries to Conduct Business in 2011 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rank 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th ay d k nd en da e ng . . K .A ar lan or rw U. ala na ed Ko S nm ap Ire U. No Sw Ca Ze ng ng De Si Ho w Ne*Standing among 134 countries. Rankings based on the following eleven categories of quantitative and qualitative indicators: trade freedom, monetary freedom, property rights, innovation,technology, red tape, investor protection, corruption, personal freedom tax burden and market performance. Source: Forbes Publishing, October 2011
  7. 7. Nova ScotiaPopulation:Nova Scotia: 1 millionHalifax: 400,000Sydney: 100,000Atlantic Canada: 2.2 million
  8. 8. Nova Scotia – Then
  9. 9. Nova Scotia – NowKnowledge Economy 10 Universities 13 Community Colleges
  10. 10. Great Things Are Happening Deep Panuke Project Churchill Falls Project
  11. 11. Top City of the FutureHalifax #2 out of 405 cities.Source: fDi Magazine
  12. 12. Key Growth Sectors• Logistics• Aerospace, Security, and Defense• Financial Services• ICT• Digital Media• BPO / KPO• Life Sciences / Ocean Tech / Clean Tech
  13. 13. Why Nova Scotia?• Skilled & Experienced Workforce – Military Retirees – 10 universities / 13 community college campuses – Nova Scotia has more university students per capita than any other province in Canada• Cost-competitive – Operational costs in Halifax are on average 7.3% less than in the US
  14. 14. Why Nova Scotia?• Strategic Location – Accessible – Time Zone (Atlantic Time) – Proximity to North American markets• Accessible – Major ports – Award-winning international airport • US pre-clearance• Quality of Life – Affordable cost of living – Loyal employees• Client-focused – Collaboration for client success
  15. 15. Provincial Programs• Main Incentives – TKT incentive for training and knowledge transfer costs – Rebates toward the cost of: • technologically-advanced machinery • clean technology • manufacturing equipment • software and hardware (20% a year) – Payroll rebates – Nova Scotia Jobs Fund
  16. 16. Federal Programs• Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) via the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency (ACOA)• Export Development Canada Programs• Foreign Trade Zone – Duty Deferral Program – Export Distribution Centre Program – Exporters of Processing Services Program
  17. 17. Industry, Government & Academia –Working Together • Premier’s OfficeTeam • Government (Federal / Provincial / Municipal)Nova • Nova Scotia Business Inc. • Post-secondary InstitutionsScotia • Industry Associations • Business Community
  18. 18. A Great Place to Live