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Cake & Socialyse March 2016 Instagram Update


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An up-to-date look at what's happening on Instagram

Published in: Social Media
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Cake & Socialyse March 2016 Instagram Update

  1. 1. What  You  Need  to  Know  About  Instagram’s   Personalized  Feeds     What  It  Is     Currently,  Instagrammers  miss  an  average  of  70%  of  the  content  in  their  feeds.  This  means  the  majority  of  the  content  being   shared  on  the  pla?orm  is  not  being  seen.  In  order  to  give  users  a  be@er  experience  and  allow  them  to  view  more  of  the   content  they  care  about  and  engage  with  most,  Instagram  is  transiConing  from  a  chronological  feed  to  a  personalized   version.     To  determine  the  order  of  updates  in  new  feeds,  many  factors  will  be  taken  into  account,  such  as  the  relaConship  between   the  poster  and  user,  Cmeliness,  and  how  likely  the  user  is  to  be  interested  in  a  specific  piece  of  content  based  on  previous   behavior.     Brand  Applica?on   On  one  hand,  a  personalized  feed  determined  primarily   by  engagement  will  likely  be  posiCve  for  brands,  as   branded  content  typically  receives  higher  engagement   than  that  of  the  average  user.  On  the  other  hand,  this   means  Instagram  will  now  have  control  over  what   content  users  see.  If  Facebook’s  algorithm  is  an   indicaCon  of  how  Instagram  will  determine  theirs,  it’s   possible  that  branded  content  may  eventually  get   pushed  towards  the  bo@om  of  feeds,  encouraging   adverCsers  to  spend  more  on  the  pla?orm.       In  response  to  this  update,  many  influencers  and  small   businesses  are  urging  followers  to  turn  on  noCficaCons.   Users  can  turn  noCficaCons  on  or  off  for  any  individual   account.  When  noCficaCons  are  on,  users  will  receive  a   noCficaCon  every  Cme  that  account  posts.     Encouraging  followers  to  turn  on  noCficaCons  is  not  a  recommended  pracCce  for  brands,  as  it  can  become  overwhelming  to   users  and  may  result  in  loss  of  interest  and  followers.       Personalized  feeds  are  not  expected    to  roll  out  for  several  months,  giving  brands  Cme  to  ensure  their  content  meets  best   pracCces  and  is  opCmized  for  the  update.  AddiConally,  this  new  feed  will  not  impact  paid  content.       Bring  Your  Content  to  the  Top     1.  Priori(ze  Quality  Content     Stepping  up  your  content  game  will  likely  result  in  higher  organic  visibility  and  engagement.  Ensure  that  branded   content  is  of  opCmal  quality  and  aligns  with  Instagram’s  creaCve  best  pracCces.  Make  sure  content  is  developed   with  an  Instagram-­‐specific  strategy  in  mind.    2.  Encourage  Conversa(on  Through  Call-­‐to-­‐Ac(ons      Call-­‐to-­‐acCons  have  always  been  a  proven  method  to  encourage  users  to  engage.  IdenCfy  creaCve  ways  to    drive  conversaCon  by  creaCng  copy  that  poses  a  quesCon  or  thought.      3.  Increase  Community  Management      Keep  a  close  eye  on  how  users  are  interacCng  with  your  content  to  create  opportuniCes  for  engagement    and  increase  visibility.          4.    Consider  Timely  Relevancy    Although  the  new  algorithm  divorces  posts  from  chronology,  remaining  acCve  during  Cmes  of  increased  user    acCvity  (for  examples,  around  cultural  events  or  big  moments)  can  help  boost  post  performance,  which  will  in    turn  help  branded  content  surface  higher  in  feeds.