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Cake & Socialyse January 2016 Facebook Updates


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An up-to-date look at what's new on Facebook.

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Cake & Socialyse January 2016 Facebook Updates

  1. 1. What’s  Happening  on  Facebook…     Audience  Op+miza+on  for  Publishers       What  It  Is     Audience  Op+miza+on  is  an  organic  targe+ng  tool  designed  to  provide  publishers  with  a  be9er   understanding  of  the  interests  of  their  engaged  audiences.  The  tool  helps  iden+fy  who  is  most   likely  to  engage  with  each  piece  of  content,  improving  the  relevancy  and  engagement  at  both   a  post  and  Page  level.  The  tool  includes  new  audience  tags  and  filters  while  consolida+ng  all   audience  op+miza+on  se@ngs  under  the  targe+ng  icon  in  the  Page  composer.  Audience   Op+miza+on  is  only  showing  on  desktop  and  currently  available  to  all  English-­‐language  Pages.       Audience  Op9miza9on  includes  the  following  three  features:     Preferred  Audience  |  ability  to  add  interest  tags  to  content  to  help  Facebook  connect   people  with  the  topics  and  subtopics  they  are  most  likely  to  engage  with.  Rather  than   limit  the  audience  that  sees  a  post  in  News  Feed,  these  tags  priori+ze  the  topics  that  are   most  likely  to  interest  each  unique  user.       Audience  Restric+ons  |  ability  to  limit  the  visibility  of  certain  posts  based  on  an   audience’s  loca+on,  language,  age  or  gender.       Audience  Insights  |  provides  insight  into  content  performance,  down  to  the  post  level   with  breakdowns  by  interest  tag.  Once  a  post  is  published,  insights  for  the  preferred     audience  can  help  publishers   understand  how  different   subsets  of  people  are  responding   by  showing  reach  and   engagement  metrics  for  each   interest  tag.     This  new  targe+ng  tool  is  not  expected   to  impact  organic  reach  but  is  intended   to  be9er  priori+ze  impressions.  This   means  that  Audience  Op+miza+on   won’t  necessarily  increase  your  total   reach,  but  will  allow  organic  content  to   reach  the  audience  that  is  most  likely  to   engage  with  it.    
  2. 2. Canvas       What  It  Is   Canvas  is  a  mobile-­‐only  immersive  experience  that  uses  a  combina+on  of  video,  s+ll  images  and   call-­‐to-­‐ac+on  bu9ons  to  further  storytelling  of  mobile  campaigns  with  any  objec+ve.        Brings  Storytelling  to  Life      With  more  crea+ve  control  on  mobile,  canvas  provides  adver+sers  the  ability  to  construct    various  pieces  of  crea+ve  (text,  image,  carousel,  video,  360  video)  to  tell  the  story  that  best    portrays  their  brand.        Designed  for  Mobile      Today’s  Facebook  audience  is  mobile  focused  and  expects  a  seamless,  fast  experience  on    their  devices.  Because  of  its  expressive  nature,  canvas  provides  the  mobile  experience    users  are  looking  for  and  are  more  likely  to  engage  with.        Compa9ble  With  All  Objec9ves        Because  of  its  crea+ve  flexibility,  campaigns  of  any  and  all  objec+ves  can  use  canvas  to    express  their  story.  This  feature  is  na+ve  to  Facebook,  allowing  users  to  experience  a    brand’s  content  without  leaving  their  News  Feed.       Canvas  is  currently  available  to  brands  via  whitelis+ng,  at  no  addi+onal  cost.       Brand  Applica9on     The  way  brands  can  benefit  from  canvas  are  plen+ful.  Campaigns  looking  to  drive  sales  can  create   a  product  feed,  encouraging  users  to  convert  right  there  within  the  app.  On  the  opposite  end  of   the  spectrum,  small  businesses  could  use  canvas  as  a  stand-­‐in  mobile  site,  hos+ng  product  and   contact  informa+on.       With  mobile  being  a  con+nuously  growing  and  evolving  space,  canvas  provides  a  great   opportunity  for  brands  to  explore  new  and  different  types  of  crea+ve.  Tes+ng  these  types  of   crea+ve  and  learning  about  how  your  audience  wants  to  engage  on  their  mobile  devices  is  an   extremely  valuable  insight  that  can  be  provided  through  canvas.    
  3. 3. Canvas | Creative Example      
  4. 4. Facebook  Sports  Stadium       What  It  Is     With  over  650M  sports  fans,  Facebook  is  the  largest  community  in   the  world  for  fans  to  celebrate,  commiserate  and  connect  with   friends  and  other  fans.  Facebook’s  Sports  Stadium  is  a   chronological  aggrega+on  of  all  sports  related  content  in  real   +me.  This  creates  a  place  for  sports  fans  to  feel  like  they  are   watching  these  events  with  their  Facebook  community.       Content  in  the  Sports  Stadium  includes:     •  Posts  from  your  friends,  and  their  comments  on  plays   •  Posts  and  commentary  from  experts,  like  teams,   leagues  and  journalists,  with  easy  access  to  their  Pages   •  Live  scores,  stats  and  a  play-­‐by-­‐play   •  Game  info,  like  where  to  find  the  game  on  TV     While  there's  no  direct  targe+ng  available,  it’s  probable  that   Facebook  is  gathering  audiences  engaging  with  these   environments  and  aggrega+ng  them  for  Event  Targe+ng.     Sports  Stadium  is  currently  available  in  the  US,  only  covering   American  football  on  iPhone  devices.  Users  can  access  the  Sports   Stadium  by  searching  a  specific  game.  The  pla^orm  plans  to   introduce  other  sports,  around  the  world  as  well  as  new  ways  to   locate  and  stay  in  touch  with  the  stadium  as  the  product  evolves.       Brand  Applica9on     There  are  currently  no  adver+sing  or  sponsorship  opportuni+es   available  within  the  Sports  Stadium,  however,  it  is  likely  to  be   developed  in  the  future.       Organically,  this  is  a  great  feature  for  sports-­‐related  brands  to   begin  leveraging  Facebook  as  a  real-­‐+me  engagement  pla^orm   and  join  a  larger  conversa+on.  Content  shared  through  the  Sports   Stadium  may  result  in  a  larger  organic  reach,  compared  to  that  of   a  user’s  tradi+onal  NewsFeed,  due  to  poten+ally  less  conges+on   within  this  new  space.    
  5. 5. Improving  Lead  Ads       What  It  Is     Brands  have  been  finding  success  with  lead  ads  since  its  launch  in  late  2015.  Designed  to   provide  an  easy  way  for  users  to  receive  addi+onal  informa+on  from  brands  and  business  they   care  about,  Facebook  has  released  new  updates  to  further  develop  this  ad  unit.  These  new   updates  include:        •  A  new  (op+onal)  context  card  is  an  added  +le  that  pops  up  ader  a  user  clicks  on  a  lead   ad  but  before  they  receive  an  inquiry  form.  This  provides  poten+al  customers  with  more   context  about  an  offer  and  value  proposi+on  before  signing  up  as  a  lead.     •  Ability  to  reach  people  on  desktop  or  mobile  and  use  ads  repor+ng  to  see  which   devices  your  audience  uses  most.     •  Now  available  in  the  carousel  format,  brands  can  showcase  three  to  five  images  and   headlines  before  users  click  through  to  the  lead  form.   Brand  Applica9on     For  brands,  these  updates  will  really  improve  the  downstream  quality  of  leads  by  further   ensuring  the  leads  you  acquire  are  truly  interested  and  want  informa+on  from  your  brand.   Brands  should  also  expect  to  see  an  even  more  efficient  cost  per  lead  now,  compared  to  that  of   other  ad  products,  because  of  these  updated  features.