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Cake & Socialyse January 2016 Twitter Updates


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An up-to-date look at what's new on Twitter.

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Cake & Socialyse January 2016 Twitter Updates

  1. 1. What’s  Happening  on  Twi1er…     Conversational Ads       What  It  Is   In  an  effort  to  drive  more  earned  media  and  brand  influence,  Twi5er  has  created  conversa8onal   ads.  What  sets  this  new  format  apart  from  Twi5er’s  current  products  is  the  inclusion  of  a  call-­‐to-­‐ ac/on  bu1on  with  a  customizable  hashtag.     Here’s  How  It  Works   When  this  call-­‐to-­‐ac8on  bu5on  is  clicked,  the  Tweet  composer  will  open  with  a  pre-­‐populated   but  customizable  brand  message  that  includes  the  ads  original  crea/ve  and  hashtag.  Once  the   user  has  shared  this,  they  will  receive  a  thank  you  note  from  the  brand  for  engaging.                                     This  product  is  currently  in  beta  tes8ng,  expected  to  become  publically  available  during  Q2  of   2016.     Brand  Applica;on     Conversa8onal  ads  are  a  very  smart  way  to  encourage  users  to  share  content  because  it  drives   earned  media  at  no  extra  cost,  resul8ng  in  a  higher  ROI.  Being  able  to  create  earned  conversa8on   with  consumers  has  proven  to  be  extremely  valuable  for  brands.     Leveraging  conversa8onal  ads  would  be  an  ideal  tac8c  for  brand  promo8ons/offers  or  any  form   of  light-­‐weight,  sharable  content.    
  2. 2. Watch  Periscope  Broadcasts  Live  on  Twi1er       What  It  Is     Since  its  launch  last  year,  Periscope  has   helped  connect  users  around  the  world   through  live-­‐streaming  broadcasts.     This  month,  Twi5er  is  increasing   Periscopes  visibility  by  allowing  users  to   share,  watch  live  and  replay  broadcasts   directly  from  their  Twi1er  feed.   Broadcasts  will  autoplay  from  users’  feeds   with  the  ability  to  go  full-­‐screen.       Users  will  no  longer  need  to  have  a   Periscope  account  to  watch  or  engage  with   a  broadcast,  greatly  broadening  their   poten8al  reach  and  engagement.     This  feature  is  currently  available  on  Twi5er  for  iOS  and  is  expected  to  roll  out  to  Androids  and   desktop  users  in  the  near  future.