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Cake & Socialyse Twitter POV July 2015


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An up-to-date look at what's happening on Twitter- Product Pages & Collections, Audience Insight Personas, Installed App Category Targeting & Periscope.

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Cake & Socialyse Twitter POV July 2015

  1. 1. What’s  Happening  on  Twi1er…     Product  Pages  &  Collec0ons       What  It  Is   In  an  effort  to  provide  a  more  customized   experience  while  exploring  new  products  and   informa9on,  Twi<er  has  introduced  dedicated   Product  Pages  and  Collec9ons.  With  both  features   currently  in  beta,  this  is  the  plaCorms  largest  step   in  its  effort  towards  social  commerce.       Dedicated  Product  Pages  will  host  content  such  as   Tweets,  photos,  video  and  purchase  informa9on  on   popular  products.     Curated  Collec9ons  will  be  endorsed  by  influencers   like  Demi  Lovato  and  Lebron  James,  showcasing   their  favorite  products  that  users  can  purchase   directly  from  the  site  or  app.           Brand  Applica:on     Product  Pages  will  be  a  great  place  for  brands  to   drive  e-­‐commerce  directly  through  the  plaCorm,   however,  will  increase  the  challenge  of  having   products  stand  out  among  a  larger  conversa9on.   With  Collec9ons  being  selected  by  the   influencers  themselves,  this  will  further  intensify   the  value  of  influencer  marke9ng  and  how   brands  can  get  involved  in  this  space.       Twi<er  has  not  yet  confirmed  if  brands  will  be   able  to  par9cipate  in  the  selec9on  of  products  on   Product  Pages  or  Collec9ons.       Collec0ons   Product  Pages  
  2. 2. Audience  Insight  Personas                 What  It  Is     Twi<er  has  introduced  Personas  to  its  Audience  Insights.  Personas  (as  shown  below)   are  a  preset  group  of  relevant  consumers  –  parents,  baby  boomers,  college  grads,  ect.   When  iden9fying  the  appropriate  Persona  for  a  campaign,  adver9sers  can  view   addi9onal  informa9on  on  each  group  such  as  consumer  behavior,  mobile  usage  and   lifestyle.       Twi<er  Personas  are  currently  available  only  in  the  US,  however,  the  plaCorm  plans  to   roll-­‐out  this  feature  globally  in  the  future.       Brand  Applica:on   The  tool  not  only  enhances  Twi<er’s  targe9ng  but  gives  adver9sers  and  brands  a  more   personal  look  into  user  ac9vity  on  the  plaCorm.  Having  the  ability  to  combine  this  new   feature  with  the  plaCorms  pre-­‐exis9ng  targe9ng  capabili9es  will  allow  brands  to  not   only  reach  a  much  more  defined  audience  but  be<er  understand  their  key  markets’   interests.      
  3. 3. Installed  App  Category  Targe0ng                   What  It  Is   Twi<er  now  allows  adver9sers  to  target  users  based  on  apps  they  have  previously   downloaded.  The  idea  is  for  brands  to  not  only  use  this  feature  to  target  users  who   have  downloaded  similar  app  products,  but  to  further  learn  the  market  and  users’   interests.  Twi<er's  project  manager  for  revenue,  Deepak  Rao,  adds  an  “adver9ser   may  know  that  produc9vity  app  users  also  tend  to  use  finance  apps,  so  they  can   target  the  “Finance”  category  to  connect  with  new  people  who  are  likely  to  be   interested  in  their  app.”     Twi<er  also  released  an  analy9cs  dashboard  to  show  how  these  targeted  ads  are   performing.  Installed  App  Category  targe9ng  is  now  open  to  all  adver9sers.       Brand  Applica:on   While  this  feature  will  be  most  applicable  for  brands  driving  to  app  installs,  it  opens   insight  to  a  new  level  of  mobile  user  engagement.  Being  able  to  learn  the  interests  of   a  users  mobile  ac9vity  and  interests  will  help  brands  and  adver9sers  further  decipher   how  to  not  only  target  but  engage  a  specific  audience  set  on  mobile  vs  desktop.    
  4. 4. How  Brands  are  Using  Periscope                     While  Periscope  does  not  yet  offer  ad  opportuni9es,   brands  are  geZng  crea9ve  with  how  they  are   leveraging  the  live-­‐stream  app.       Nestlé  launched  a  Periscope-­‐based  campaign  this   June  themed  around  the  Summer  Sols9ce.  The  live   stream  involved  mul9ple  Periscope  influencers   sharing  custom  summer9me  content,  all  around   Nestlé's  Drums9ck.  The  influencers,  including  Keaton   Keller,  included  #ad  in  their  content  to  indicate  the   posts  sponsorship,  as  they  would  across  other   channels  like  Facebook,  Twi<er  and  Instagram.       Because  of  the  app’s  direct  connec9on  to  Twi<er,   Tweets  from  the  brand  were  automa9cally  shared   linking  to  the  promoted  broadcast.     Nestle  is  the  first  brand  to  take  on  a  sponsored   streams  on  the  plaCorm.  With  organic  campaigns   already  launched  by  brands  like  Red  Bull,  Spo9fy  and  DKNY,  an  ac9ve  interest  in   leveraging  influencers  for  more  sponsored  streams  is  expected.  The  app’s  ability  to   capture  real-­‐9me  events  and  moments  is  an  adver9sing  trend  for  brands  that  will   only  increase  with  the  opportunity  to  include  influencers,  expanding  brand  reach  and   awareness.