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PR & Marketing - 'Tis The Season To Gain Experience


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PR & Marketing - 'Tis The Season To Gain Experience

  1. 1. PR & Marketing‘Tis the Season to Gain Experience #Cachinko Contact Heather at
  2. 2. Contact Heather at
  3. 3. Introduction• The PR & marketing industries are growing.• 80% of PR & marketing firms expect to hire in 2011.• Social media, digital media, and interactive media services are becoming commonplace.• Communications is playing a larger role within corporations.• In 2008-09, 4,475 students received a degree in PR – 3,606 were female Contact Heather at 3
  4. 4. What We’ll Discuss Today• New ways to gain PR & marketing experience this holiday season• Strategies to make the most out of any experience• Holiday-specific job search tips• Questions Contact Heather at 4
  5. 5. How can I gainexperience in PR & marketing? Contact Heather at 5
  6. 6. Internships• In-house & agency• For students – Winter break as well as planning for semester or summer break – For credit – Internship class• For grads – Paid – Leads to employment Contact Heather at 6
  7. 7. Organizations• Industry-specific – PRSSA/PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) – IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) – AMA (American Marketing Association)• Executive board• Event coordination Contact Heather at 7
  8. 8. Volunteering• Nonprofit – Local & National• Pro Bono – Social media – Promotion – Publicity – Event planning Contact Heather at 8
  9. 9. Writing• Writing = #1 PR & marketing skill• School paper• Blog• Freelance – Writer’s Market Contact Heather at 9
  10. 10. Work Experience• All “other” experience• Retail• Administrative• Childcare• Food service• Etc. Contact Heather at 10
  11. 11. Over the Holidays...• Research – Review and stay up to date on companies you’re interested in• Season’s Greetings – Send a holiday note, stay connected and reconnect• Volunteer• Travel Contact Heather at 11
  12. 12. What strategies can Iuse to make the mostout of my experience? Contact Heather at 12
  13. 13. Network• Goal: Make 3 new connections – Peers – Supervisors – Executives• Social media• Maintenance – Notes – Lunch dates Contact Heather at 13
  14. 14. Plan Ahead• Always anticipate• Where will you be in… – One week? – One month? – Three months?• Map it out – What steps do you need to take to get your dream job? Contact Heather at 14
  15. 15. Connect• Past experience → future career• Specific skills• Accomplishments• When in doubt, generalize – Multi-tasking – Conflict resolution – Problem solving Contact Heather at 15
  16. 16. Leveraging Your Personal Network• Ask for recommendations or introductions – Have personal network connections contribute to your recommendations on various sites, write positive things about you on your Wall, or introduce you to someone they know in your field• Inquire about job shadow or informational interview opportunities – See if you can set up a time to learn more about a contact’s job or industry• Set up in-person get-togethers via Facebook – Go out for lunch or coffee with a friend Contact Heather at 16
  17. 17. Keep in Mind… • Starting the new year (and a new budget) more companies will be hiring • Fewer people look for jobs during the holidays, making far less competition • Holiday events are good for networking – don’t carry your portfolio, but always be prepared and on the look out for opportunities • Pick up the phone • Enjoy YOUR holiday ‒ Some calls might go unanswered, some people will be out of the office, don’t stress about it Contact Heather at 17
  18. 18. Contact Heather at
  19. 19. Thank you! For more tips: Join us for our next job seeker webinar on: January 10, 2012: Hello 2012!Reinventing Your Job Search in the New Year Contact Heather at 19