December 2013


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The ESA Library Monthly Newsletter.

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December 2013

  1. 1. Library News DEC 2013 NEWSLETTER Another success with Great Soup. Perhaps our best yet. We raised $625 to send to relief efforts in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Happy Holidays... Enjoy your break... Read some good books... Take home some great winter reads... suggestions abound! ‘Tis the season... for taking home a good book and curling up in front of the fire with a hot cup of mulled cider. To start off your winter reading, consider this year’s contenders for Canada Reads. The five finalists were announced on November 27th. Meet the five books, and their defenders at the Canada Reads website. We do have copies of all of the books in the Library. Drop by and pick one up. The ESA Library has a great selection of New Arrivals which should pique just about everyone’s interest. The Forest of Reading You can find out about all of our New Arrivals at the ESA Library Pinterest board. Each Pinterest posting is accompanied by a (very) brief note, and at least one link out to a book review. Try the books on before signing them out. If you’ve read a good book lately, be sure to stop by the Library and tell us about it. Fill out a ballot for our Get Excited About Reading holiday book giveaway. Ballots will be drawn, and books awarded, on Thursday December 19th, in time to take home for the Winter Break. Visit the ESA Virtual Library and submit an entry to Just Read It. We’ve already had two students win monthly book prizes so far this year. Help us bring in a visiting author for free. Family Literacy Day! January 27th, 2014. Start planning for your family activities now. Information at the Family Literacy Day website Check out the listed events. Events taking place throughout the month of January. Students are invited to join our White Pine Reading Club. Read one or more of this year’s White Pine books and join in the conversation on our blog and/or at lunch. We kicked off this year’s White Pine with a visit from author Don Aker last week. Read at least 5 White Pine books and be eligible to vote for your favourite in April. Students will also be able to join us, in May, for the Festival of Trees... a Literary Festival designed specifically for students. Workshop with various authors and learn more about the creative writing process.
  2. 2. The Holiday Spirit in the Library. Other News... Tidbits that hopefully will interest someone... Evernote I’ve been using Evernote since the summer and am loving it. No more notes on little slips of paper to misplace. Everything I have to do at my fingertips anytime, anywhere. EdTech Twitter Chats Whether you are new to Twitter or an experienced Twitter type, the folks at Edudemic have 5 recommendations for EdTech chat groups. Read about them at Edudemic. iPad Tips for Teachers Enders Game: Media Literacy 12 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education Without reiterating the issues, there has been something of a media storm that has accompanied the release of the movie adaptation of this popular sci-fi novel. Check out School Library Journal for suggestions about how to turn the controversy into a teachable moment. Check out another great little infographic, by Susan Oxnevad, chock full of lots of ideas about how to incorporate Google Apps for Education (GAFE) into your classroom practice. Find a short discussion about using GAFE at Edudemic. Students working with Mr. Berkan, Mr. Humphreys and Ms. Neag have been using their GAFE accounts for presentations with great success. We’re looking forward to bringing more teachers and students on board in the coming months. QuizBean Quiz Bean allows you to create simple image based quizzes. Perhaps even better, Quiz Bean will score the quizzes and return results to your personal teacher dashboard. Another interesting application could be having students incorporate Quiz Bean quizzes into their in-class presentations, if you have an evaluation component built into such assignments. Read more, and try a (very simple) sample quiz, at FreeTech4Teachers. What Colours Communicate From the folks at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning comes a great little infographic reminding us that the colours we use - be it in decorating our classrooms, or designing our teaching presentations - can have a huge impact. Use the link above to read more about the chart and what the colours mean. Find the infographic itself here. Building Digital Citizenship As we continue to work on refining student’s 21st Century Research and Inquiry Skills, we are mindful of developing good digital citizens. A recent article at Edudemic discusses 3 Quick Tips for Building Digital Citizenship: always model appropriate behaviour; openly discuss online etiquette; and, incorporate social media into your lessons. Other useful resources include the ESA Library Digital Literacy Wiki... still very much a work under construction. Another highly recommended resource is Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship in the 21st Century. This site is designed for students, teachers and parents. Lots of great resources, including full blown lesson plans for incorporating Digital Literacy into your everyday classroom practice. If you’re having students use iPads in the classroom you might find these Top Ten Tips for iPads in the Classroom useful. Simple Surface With Simple Surface students are able to collaborate to create mind maps and outlines... for free. Read more about the applications for education at FreeTech4Teachers. Top Children’s Books of Last 100 Years The New York Public Library recently announced their picks for the top 100 books of the last 100 years. And what a wonderful list it is. Read the full list of entries at the NYPL. App of the Week Are you interested in a weekly e-mail highlighting an App which has interest from an educational perspective? Last month’s feature App’s are archived on the ESA Library EduBlog. If you are interested in being on the receiving end of the weekly e-mail, and/or interested in keeping up with what else is going on in the Library, sign up here. Happy App’ing.