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Branding 101: WHO, WHAT & WHY


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Make your branding more targeted and effective by discovering the WHO, WHAT and WHY of your organization.

Download the accompanying Branding 101 worksheets at:

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Branding 101: WHO, WHAT & WHY

  1. 1. Thursday, March 9, 17
  2. 2. Branding and marketing design for education-focused organizations • Nonprofits • Associations • Higher education • Entrepreneurs and small businesses Lidia Varesco Design • Started in 2000 • Based in Chicago’s West Loop Thursday, March 9, 17
  3. 3. • Conference/event branding and design • Marketing brochures and publications • Logos and identity • Print and web advertising • Social media graphics • Email newsletters • Brand consulting (hourly or daily) Design solutions for Thursday, March 9, 17
  4. 4. What is branding? Thursday, March 9, 17
  5. 5. Branding is how people perceive your organization. It’s an experience—it brings people into your environment. It’s an emotion—it makes people feel a certain way. It’s a story—it creates connections. Thursday, March 9, 17
  6. 6. A strong brand makes your organization recognizable. People will know WHO you are WHAT to expect from you WHY you do what you do Thursday, March 9, 17
  7. 7. Branding is your • Logo • Website • Marketing materials Branding is ALSO your • Values • Work environment • Interaction and outreach Thursday, March 9, 17
  8. 8. Branding may be your prospect’s first point of entry. Does your branding accurately reflect your organization? Thursday, March 9, 17
  9. 9. Where do they work? What is their job or role? What are their pain points? What inspires them? What do they read? What do they Google? Where do they hang out? WHO is your ideal client? ACTIVITY: Ideal Client Worksheet It’s not about you—it’s about them. Thursday, March 9, 17
  10. 10. You must solve their problem. What problem do you solve? What do you make easier? What service(s) do you provide? What makes you different? Why should they choose you? What unique experience/story sets you apart? WHAT do you do? ACTIVITY: Point of Difference Worksheet Thursday, March 9, 17
  11. 11. You must create a connection. Why did you start your org? What is your unique story? What is your passion? What are your aspirations? What keeps you awake at night? What long-term effect do you wish to have? What kind of world do you imagine? WHY do you do what you do? ACTIVITY: Vision Statement Worksheet Thursday, March 9, 17
  12. 12. Does your branding accurately tell your story? Thursday, March 9, 17
  13. 13. Thank you—keep in touch! A to Z of Branding eBook FREE! (April 2017) LIDIA@LSVDESIGN.COM @lsvdesign (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) 1-Hour Branding Consultation $100 (reg. $150) through 3/17 Nonprofit Branding Checklist FREE! Thursday, March 9, 17