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This booklet provides information about the involvement of C-SAP (Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics) in the UK-wide Open Educational Resources programme.

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Open educational resources booklet

  2. 2. Open Educational ResourcesThe Joint Information Systems Evaluating the Practice ofCommittee (JISC) and Opening up Resources forthe Higher Education Academy Learning and Teaching in(HEA) are collaborating in the Social Sciences (Aprilthe context of UK-wide Open 2009-April 2010)Educational Resources (OER)programme with the aim of This project has adoptedenabling higher education a critical social scienceinstitutions, consortia and perspective on the processesindividuals to share learning of sharing digital educationalmaterials freely online. The are also keen to empower resources, as well as relatedprogramme explores cultural, institutions and individual challenges. The project teamtechnical and pedagogical academics to improve the has endeavoured to exploreissues involved in the student learning experience ways of making educationaldevelopment, discovery and by producing relevant resources more “open” and lessuse of Open Educational resources, and coordinating reliant on tacitResources (OER). a series of activities to help share and recognise effectiveC-SAP’s on-going involvement practice. Through the OERin the UK OER programme projects we are also addressingis tied to our core mission to national themes in teaching andsupport teaching and learning learning, in particular studentwithin the discipline areas engagement, enhancement ofin the social sciences. We learning through technology and curriculum design.
  3. 3. pedagogic practice by using • Project supporting wiki:insights gained from the https://csapoer.pbworks.process of peer review and com/social science knowledgeproduction. The project team Cascading Social Sciencehas also developed a toolkit Open Educational Resourcesfor capturing pedagogical (August 2010-August 2011)decisions about release and This project seeks to cascadesharing of modular teaching support for embedding Opencontent. The toolkit allows Educational Resources withinyou to create a snapshot of the social sciences curriculum,the curriculum, that is, map focusing on the relationshipyour teaching practice and put between the use of OERs andtogether strategies to aid reuse student engagement. Our aimof the teaching resources. The is to develop a better processproject website includes a of using OER to supportdownloadable version of the curriculum development inmapping toolkit as well as the social sciences domain.the case studies compiled by It puts a particular emphasisour project partners, offering on embracing a participatoryinsights into their experiences pedagogy and aims to create aof using open resources. space for students to become involved in creating new course• Project website: www.c-sap. material as open teaching resources. For the most up-
  4. 4. to-date information aboutour progress, see our projectblog Collectionsof Social Science OpenEducational Resources(August 2010-August 2011)Here we are seeking to makeopen collections of socialsciences research methodsavailable by embracingWeb 2.0 technology andOER-related, sustainablesolutions. The rationale forthe project stems from therecognition that there is awide range of OER materialsavailable to support socialresearch methods. However,despite advances acrossthe sector, academics andstudents often have problems
  5. 5. C-SAP slideshare account csapsubjectcentre These resources include information on licensing and copyright, producing accessible open educational resources as well as reflexive activities aimed at members of staff, encouraging them to become involved in producing and re-using open educational resources.locating and accessing in their research methodsgood quality, peer-reviewed teaching. For the most up-to- If you would like any moreresources appropriate for their date information about our information on C-SAP’sparticular needs. The project progress, see our project blog involvement in the OERaims to examine which of the http://csapopencollections. programme, please contactWeb 2.0 technologies are best C-SAP OER project officer,suited to support dissemination Anna Gruszczynska:of research methods OERs. Further information aim is to explore how staff(and students to some extent) All our resources (fact sheets,discover, use, and potentially leaflets, presentations etc.)re-adapt online/digital materials are freely available through
  6. 6. Project partners talk about OpenEducational Resources:Developing a new module is alwaysa tricky process, in that I find thatyou cannot always be sure what willwork and what won’t. I am alwaysreally interested in finding outmore about how others approachthis, and learning different waysto make teaching and learningmore successful. Consequently mymotivations for getting involved inthis project were premised on a needto partly to get time inside otherpeople’s teaching practices (PamLowe, School of Languages andSocial Sciences, Aston University).Maybe we could start viewingOERs more as a “sharing” ratherthan as a “taking” process. Anotherway of understanding the conceptof repurposing is to think in termsof a shift from owned to borrowed
  7. 7. material, and we discussed the strategies, which consists of infuses teaching with newways in which most teaching typing key terms into Google perspectives and it createsis actually borrowed as it and using whatever comes new pedagogical positions,builds on ideas from mentors, up (Dave Harris, University not easy ones at first, but onesstudents etc. what we really College Plymouth St Mark & St we should attempt to thinkmean by “re-purposing” is John). about and respond to (Mªfinding a new purpose’ for Àngels Trias i Valls, Institutean open resource – thus “re- Every time I confront myself of Contemporary Europeanpurposing” is the dynamic about giving my work away Studies, Regent’s College,action that encapsulates this and being used by others London).process (Phil Johnson, The and disaggregated I findSchool of Law, Justice & myself having to confront Licensed under CreativeCommunity Studies, University the fact I feel uneasy with Commons Attribution-Centre at Blackburn College). some levels of sharing. NonCommercial-ShareAlike Having said that, however, I 2.0 UK: England & WalesIn the context of my own am fairly comfortable, about practice, I want to use sharing a lot of my work (…) licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/uk/openly accessible resources Open access creates a newto encourage students to be context for sharing, and our“syllabus independent”, or, constructions of academicless grandly, to be able to find personhood, value, intellectualgood quality materials in a rights, struggle with adjustingconvenient electronic form, to to it, it is like an elephant tryingwean them away from their to get through a needle hole. Icurrent inefficient search think that to release and share
  8. 8. C-SAP, Nuffield Learning Centre, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT. 0121 414 7919