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Frands Petersen: Archive of simulations and games


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This presentation was delivered at C-SAP showcase event on 24 October 2011, for more information see

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Frands Petersen: Archive of simulations and games

  1. 1. -for the enhancement of the learning experience Dr Frands Pedersen DPIR, University of Westminster
  2. 2.  To develop an open educational resource of simulations and games in Politics and IR (and other disciplines) To produce a site on which lecturers can show how they have used simulations and games, and to what degree of success To produce and make available guidance notes and materials to accompany each simulation or game
  3. 3.  Simulations exercises, role playing and games have been used in the past in a number of subject areas to enhance the classroom learning experience; Recent advances in learning technologies have allowed simulation exercises to form part of technology-enhanced, student- centred, blended learning strategies They are seen to boost student engagement and learning both within and beyond the classroom.
  4. 4.  Research has shown that simulations and games can contribute to the enhancement of the learning experience Enactive and experiential learning can help bring concepts to life Students enjoy simulations and games So...
  5. 5. Why is the use of simulations and games inteaching so uneven both between and withininstitutions?Three possible causes identified in small pilotsurvey: 1. Lecturers do not believe in the pedagogical merits of simulations and games. 2. The time required to plan, design and run simulations and games is too great. 3. The preparation of materials can seem an overwhelming task; where to start?
  6. 6.  Recent developments: ◦ simulations are increasingly used by political organisations for information and training purposes [e.g. The European Parliament information office] ◦ Games, including board-games, from the commercially available to the obscure, are yet again appealing to users, new and old ◦ Technology has facilitated collaboration via internet, e.g. through open educational resources
  7. 7.  The following categories may be expanded by clicking on the (+) symbol. This will reveal the items in the relevant sub-category [−] Simulation and Gaming Archive [+] ASGELE Guidance and Theory [+] Chinese political simulation [−] Diplomacy simulation United Nations Simulation [+] Economic classroom experiments [−] Environmental Policy simulation Red Herrings (simulation) [−] National environmental policy making simulation Ideologies and Environmental Management Simulation
  8. 8.  [−] National parliamentary politics simulation Simelec 2012 [+] Policy making within the EU [+] Common Fisheries Policy simulation [+] European External Action Service simulation [−] Political negotiation simulation Austerity (Package Deal game) Austerity (Package Deal game) Portal:Simulation and Gaming Archive/redirect to category * For further reading go to the Annotated Bibliography
  9. 9. 1. Send materials to us for uploading2. The D.I.Y. method:Create an account[edit] In order for your editing to be credited to you you will need to create your own user page (for more info see Wikiversity:Why create an account).Create main resource page[edit]To include resource in this database[edit]First copy the panel found on the link page. then complete the values following the "=" sign. Any values not completed simply wont appear and can always be completed later.See portal/archive wikiversity site for further guidance.
  10. 10.  Open educational resource Collaborative resource Resources from the UK, the US, the EU, and Australia Expansion beyond Politics and IR?
  11. 11.  So far, very positive feedback, but... Mostly users, few contributors Exposure and promotion critically important. Have a look at the archive and let us know what you think We would welcome your contribution and/or comments on the archive site: Archive of Simulations and Games, or by email to: