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10 Important, New Social Media Stats


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The most important, surprising, and new social media stats we could dig up. See the latest numbers for Twitter and Facebook engagement, plus Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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10 Important, New Social Media Stats

  1. 10 Important, New Social Media Stats
  2. Your biggest advocates have the fewest followers
  3. Twitter has 6 distinct communication networks
  4. Marketers say written content is moreimportanttothemthanvisual
  5. You have less than an hour to respond on Twitter
  6. Late night is the best time for retweets
  7. Fridays are Facebook's best days for engagement
  8. Photos drive engagement on Facebook pages
  9. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest drive the most traffic
  10. Small biz Facebook pages average 28 interactions per post
  11. There'sabestdayforeverythingon Pinterest
  12. Much more: Sources: Mention, Social Bakers, Pew, Pinterest, Social Media Examiner, Adobe, emarketer, Track Maven, Shareaholic, photosteve101