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Business plan power point


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Business plan power point

  1. 1. By: Brittany Cobb
  2. 2. Customer Pain Point10 year old Suzie demands an extremely customized cake for her birthday party, but the only cake mom finds at the local store is… Limited Options:  FlavorSolution:  Color Customer inspired  Decoration Personal touch  Style One of a kind  Ingredients Creativity, commitment, and quality to ensure satisfied returning customers
  3. 3. MissionProvide the Tampa Bay area with custom cakes for everyspecial occasion using only quality and wholesomeingredients. Vision To become a leading provider of custom cakes in the Tampa Bay area while staying true to our core principles.
  4. 4. Strategy: Core Values: Customer Inspired  Honesty Affordable  Quality Creative  Personal Commitment  Unique Quality  Customer satisfaction
  5. 5. Customer reviews:Industry Ashley This is so amazing!Goldman Sachs, a world Cassandra The best cake ever! renowned financial Kimberley Wow Brit you made that? It looks awesome! forecaster for economic Lori I didnt know you were so growth, estimates a talented! It’s beautiful! 3.4% rise in GDP in Mary You are definitely a talented 2011, followed by 3.8% young lady! Tracy You have outdone yourself! growth in 2012We vow to always have:•Fresh Ingredients•Safe Delivery•Express Satisfaction
  6. 6. Market People of all ages/gender will require a cake for their special occasion.Birthdays can range from 1st to 90th, anniversaries can befor a 1st or a 50th, newlyweds can be a couple in their 20’s or their 40’s = broad demographic range! Women will be more of a target area that men. Factors influencing a sale: Gender Education Income
  7. 7. Competition Competitor Target Market Their Solution•Walmart •Lower household •Everyday Low income Prices•Baskin Robins •Children •Ice cream cakes•Publix •People on the go •Quick / Flash frozen cakes Price Advertisement Weakness •Cheapest •TV / Mail •Quality •Moderate •SPAM / Mail •Only Ice Cream •Affordable •Radio / TV •Variety
  8. 8. How Will I Make Money?Promotions: Outreach Program Advertising Free personalized cake  Local paper Inspires customers  Website Instills “feel good vibe”  Social medias Top 5 Prospects and How to Reach Them Table Parents Businesses/ Weddings Party Average Corporations Planners Person Word of Word of Mouth Word of Word of Word of Mouth Mouth Mouth Mouth Network Schools Groups Cross cross Community advertising promoting Outreach with bridal Program shops
  9. 9.  Seek investors Profit sharing Small business loan $60k Avg. 5 party cakes/week and 1 wedding cake/month Estimated annual revenue = $61,700.00 Solely operated for initial 1-2 years
  10. 10. Business Model Sales Forecast