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Wendy's new marketing campaign
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IMC Wendy's Presentation

  1. 1. By: Kimberly Maier-Downing, Stephanie Fischer, and Jordan Miller
  2. 2.  Created by Dave Thomas in 1969 Pioneer of the drive-thru 6500 restaurants worldwide Canadian partnership with Tim Hortons since 1995 Tied for 2nd highest market share among hamburger restaurants
  3. 3.  Hada number of unsuccessful campaigns since 2002 (Dave Thomas’ passing) • Mr. Wendy • “It’s Better Here” and “Do Wendy’s” Needs to build a new image • Separates them from their competition and builds on commitment
  4. 4.  Strengths • 3rd largest fast food chain worldwide • Healthier food options compared to competitors  Garden Sensations Salads • Successful merge with Tim Hortons Weaknesses • Market share has held even • Unsuccessful campaigns and slogans
  5. 5.  Opportunities • Fast Food is the largest food segment  Over 200,000 different restaurants worldwide • Market has been increasing  Due to more consumer time constraints Threats • McDonalds owns 50% of the fast food market • Popularity in sandwich restaurants  Subway
  6. 6.  Increase Wendy’s Canadian market share from 12% to 14% Increase Wendy’s current revenue from $611.4 million to $650 million Increase 1st time buyers by 20% Increase brand loyalty by 10% All are planned to be achieved by December 2012
  7. 7.  Young families between the ages of 24-45 Have a total household income of $40,000 to $80,000 Live in suburban areas just outside urban cities throughout Canada After working a full day, must shuffle their children to their after school activities No time to prepare meals Looking for a quick, balanced meal with healthier options at a fair price
  8. 8. High Quality Wendy’s McDonald’s Burger KingLow HighPrice A&W Price Low Quality
  9. 9.  A young family that consists of … • Two parents: Sam and Pam  The Coaches • Three kids: Johnny, Ronnie, and Tommy  The Hat-Trick • One dog: Tucker  The Mascot A short day in the life of this particular family • Parents are full-time workers in the business industry • They balance their lives between work and their children • Children are members of their local hockey team • Parents have no time to prepare meals • They all end up going to Wendy’s before making it to the Hockey arena on time
  10. 10.  Objectives • To communicate to young families that Wendy’s provides quick quality, made to serve hamburgers, as well as other great options Strategies • Central Theme  The short day in the life of the balanced family • Appeal  Positive and Lifestyle • Tagline  “Doesn’t take time to enjoy Wendy’s” Execution • Advertising family would be able to experience Wendy’s quick and convenient service while in a rush to their hockey game
  11. 11.  Objectives • Increase awareness • Increase brand loyalty Execution • Radio ad will air during the week between 7am and 9am, and again between 3pm and 6pm • Coupons will be distributed via mail to targeted urban areas, with a high level of young families • Television commercials will be debuted during primetime hours on family channels such as CBC, CTV, and Global
  12. 12. 1000000 900000 800000 700000 600000 500000 Television 400000 Radio Coupons/contest 300000 200000 100000 0
  13. 13.  Objectives • Increase awareness Strategies • Mail Execution • Include coupons, which allows families to save • Mail will be sent out to each household in segmented areas within our target market.  Neighborhoods with a high population of families with younger children. • Contests and events will be announced
  14. 14.  Objectives • To enhance Wendy’s overall image as a popular and trusting fast- food brand to our target market Strategies • Search Advertising (Google) • Banner Ad (Toronto Star) • Email Ads (Hotmail) • Social Media Network (Facebook) Execution • Virtual contests on Wendy’s official Facebook page  Parents  Kids
  15. 15.  Objectives Strategies Execution • Promotions  Buy one get one  Free biggie size meals  Free frozen treat with all combos • Contests  Children from sports teams and school participate in a contest to win prizes such as a free Wendy’s lunch for the whole class/team
  16. 16.  Objectives • To show that Wendy’s restaurants support youth minor hockey associations across Canada Strategies • Create Message Content  Contact all provincial minor hockey associations about our upcoming sponsorship Execution • Press Release  Who: Youth Hockey Associations across Canada  What: To inform these associations about our sponsorship for pre-determined divisions (12 teams per division)  Where: Major Canadian newspapers and the head office of each provincial minor hockey association  When: January 2012  Why: To preview our sponsorship for the upcoming regular season (Fall 2012)
  17. 17.  Objectives • To inspire the target audience to become involved in a one day hockey tournament Strategies • To associate Wendy’s with the popular sport of hockey in suburban areas Execution • 1st annual Wendy’s hockey tournament would take in May 2012 at The Sports Village • 64 teams participating across Ontario  Each player would get a Wendy’s water bottle just for participating • Winning team receives Wendy’s custom hockey jerseys along with a $250 voucher towards a party
  18. 18.  Objectives • To establish one-on-one relationships between parents of young families and the people of Wendy’s Strategies • Qualify customers • Identify customer needs • Conduct Sales Presentations Execution • Prospects would be parents who are living with a balanced lifestyle • Find these people in shopping malls • Show them the new advertisements
  19. 19.  Entire IMC Campaign • Personal Interviews • Online Surveys Advertisements • Day After Recall Test • Reach/Frequency Sales Promotions • Redemption Rate
  20. 20.  Direct Response • Total number of letters returned Interactive • Ad Clicks/Views • Visits Experiential • Awareness • Online Surveys