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Stir Overview and Capabilities


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Stir Creative Communications Overview and Capabilities Portfolio

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Stir Overview and Capabilities

  1. 1. Emotion. Action. Results.
  2. 2. THE STIR AFFECT. At Stir, our goal is to create amazing ideas that evoke emotions, influence actions and create positive results. We are idea generators with our eyes always on the outcome.
  3. 3. THE STIR MIX. Stir is an experienced team with a staff of senior people, each with a specific discipline. We are: • Strategic Thinkers • Creative Elite • Master Wordsmiths • Loyalty and PR Gurus • Social Marketing Specialists • Implementation and Execution Experts
  4. 4. Scott Moore. STRATEGIC DESIGN • Agency and Client side • Brand Strategy, Idea Generator, Tactical Planning and Execution • Great Scott! Design and Promotions Kelsey’s, Montana’s, Ontario PGA, Kleen-Flo, Nestle Foodservice • Director of Marketing Kelsey’s, Montana’s and Outback Canada • Emerson Group Mother Parkers, Parmalat and American Eagle Outfitters
  5. 5. Carmelo Galati. CREATIVE STRATEGY • Managing Director at Ove Design & Communications • Associate Creative Director at FusionCreative • Creative Director for Corporate Communications at Anthem Worldwide. • Brand strategy, name generation, corporate and retail brand identity, package design, investor communications, interior/exterior signage, corporate structures for retail environments. • Fujifilm, Highliner Foods, Scotiabank International, Nestle Canada, Precision Nutrition, Kelsey’s Restaurants, Martha Stewart Everyday, Mother Parkers, Jamieson Laboratories, Mercedes-Benz, The Holmes Group, The Beer Store and Diageo Canada.
  6. 6. Selina Eckersall. WEB/SOCIAL MEDIA • Direct Marketing accreditation with The Canadian Marketing Association • HMV Canada and Carlson Marketing Group, and on large fortune brands such as Ford of Canada, Microsoft and BMO Bank of Montreal • A decade exclusively in digital marketing working on digital media and the personalization of brand communications and worked on early social programs for companies like McDonalds Canada, Ottawa Hydro, IBAC, and Kidde Canada
  7. 7. Pat Folliott. DIRECT MARKETING/PR/LOYALTY • Build their brands and form relevant, lasting customer relationships through strategic direct marketing and PR programs. • DM campaigns for Investor’s Group, Sears and Mark’s Work Warehouse and launched loyalty programs for the likes of Labatt Breweries, CHUM and Astral Media, and Air Miles • Served as a judge for industry creative awards and has lectured on advanced DM at NYU.
  8. 8. HOW WE STIR IT UP.
  9. 9. A STIR CASE STUDY SHELL CANADA: BREWING SUCCESS. When an expert talks, people listen.
  10. 10. A STIR CASE STUDY SHELL CANADA: BREWING SUCCESS. When an expert talks, people listen. Objective. Increase Shell coffee sales by 50% in a market with heavy competition and a sector where coffee sales are decreasing. Real. Good. Coffee. • Stir recommended the personification of the idea of Good • The use of a new voice, an authority, a connoisseur of coffee. Shell’s own Barista • With a Barista, consumers will have faith that Shell can deliver a better cup of coffee. When an Expert Talks, People Listen. • Stir developed a campaign to communicate the Shell Barista using a new tagline: Real. Good. Coffee. • This strategy will highlight the key quality attributes of the coffee around the ‘REAL’ framework • The result is a new look and a new way to sell Real. Good. Coffee. at Shell.
  11. 11. A STIR CASE STUDY: Shell Canada
  12. 12. A STIR CASE STUDY: Shell Canada
  13. 13. A STIR CASE STUDY: Shell Canada
  14. 14. A STIR CASE STUDY: Shell Canada
  15. 15. A STIR CASE STUDY MOTHER PARKERS: PERCOLATING LOYALTY. What happens when you reward someone.
  16. 16. A STIR CASE STUDY MOTHER PARKERS: PERCOLATING LOYALTY. What happens when you reward someone. Objective. After relying too heavily on the distributors to manage the client relationship, how can Mother Parkers reconnect with its customers directly? A Direct Connection to the Customer. • Stir helped define and create a loyalty program from the ground up • From strategy to execution, to implementation and ongoing management • Built with independent operators in mind, the language is direct and straight forward • The program began a test launch in March 2011. Buy Stuff. Get Stuff. • Every month Stir sends out a promotional offer for bonus points and unique prizing as a means to increase awareness, sales and customer loyalty. • This also acts as a reminder that they can earn valuable points for any purchases on a consistent basis.
  17. 17. A STIR CASE STUDY: Mother Parkers
  18. 18. A STIR CASE STUDY: Mother Parkers
  19. 19. A STIR CASE STUDY: Mother Parkers
  20. 20. A STIR CASE STUDY COPPER COUNTY: DELIVERING RESULTS. How warming up opened doors.
  21. 21. A STIR CASE STUDY COPPER COUNTY: DELIVERING RESULTS. How warming up opened doors. Objective. Copper County Foods was new to the Canadian landscape coming over from the UK. Their products are high quality frozen meals focused on the senior citizens who want to live at home. All the existing promotional material looked dull, dated and dreary. Stir was challenged with bringing a new look, new life, and new sales to a product and service that is ready for growth. A Fresh Image for Frozen Food. Our strategy was to ensure that the consumer saw this product as a ‘quality of life reward’, rather than an ‘inability necessity’. We used warm bright colours and photos, featuring the value and benefits of the over 100 meals. It was all about how the highly nutritional and convenient quality meals fit into their busy lifestyles and budgets. Just Delicious Meals Delivered to Your Door. An exciting campaign featuring colourful door hangers, brochures, a 30 second radio spot, magazine ad and PR content was created, all to help franchisees grow the business. More importantly we had one very proud client and many customers who felt good about themselves and the quality meals they were going to enjoy. Stir had opened the door from dependent to independent.
  22. 22. A STIR CASE STUDY: Copper County
  23. 23. A STIR CASE STUDY: Copper County
  24. 24. A STIR CASE STUDY: Copper County
  25. 25. FOODSERVCE SALES KIT: Pinty’s Delicious Foods
  26. 26. REBRANDING: Lou’s Barbeque Company
  27. 27. SUPPLIER PROMOTION: Molson Coors
  28. 28. BRANDED CAMPAIGN: Higgins & Burke Tea