Pitching your story


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This brief presentation gives tips on constructing your pitch to editors.

Pitching your story

  1. 1. Pitching News Stories
  2. 2. Specificity • Flesh out the details of your pitch • A general topic is not enough • Example: – “College drinking” is too broad a topic – Narrow it down – Use a specific incident as a springboard for the topic and then dig deeper to find the angle – Why is there a problem? Has the problem increased compared to last year? What is being done about it? Etc. etc. etc…
  3. 3. Research • Research before you pitch your story idea • Is this really a new idea or a new angle? • What makes it news? • Why will a journalist or the public care? • Why does it matter to your readers?
  4. 4. Succinctness • Keep the pitch clean and focused • “Edit your thoughts” before the pitch • The main point should be easily understood • To some degree, you are “selling” the idea and you may only get one shot!
  5. 5. Think Like An Editor • Put yourselves in the position of the editor or reporter you are pitching • What are they looking for? • What will they respond positively to? • What does the readership and publisher want?
  6. 6. “Plan B” • Be prepared to be challenged • Have a few “alternative angles” prepared so that you can save your pitch
  7. 7. What makes a good story? • Substantial news value • Exclusivity • Being first • Unique angle • Local angle of national story • Overcoming adversity • Solving a common problem • Ties into a national trend