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In this LogicClassroom we discussed the definition of Keywords and Long Tail Keywords, and what they mean for your Search Engine Optimization.

We also talked about the Google Search Algorithm, and what the recent introduction of Google Instant means for the future of SEO and how searchers use Long Tail Keywords.

If you missed our LogicClassroom, please enjoy the slideshow from our presentation.

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Understanding Long Tail Keywords | LogicClassroom by Boston Logic

  1. 1. T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />Long Tail Keywords<br />Internet Niche Marketing<br />Presented by: Boston Logic<br /> Ashley Osgood, Marketing Associate<br /> Angela Davis, Marketing Associate<br />
  2. 2. Classroom Overview<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  3. 3. WHAT ARE LONG TAIL KEYWORDS?<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  4. 4. What Are Long Tail Keywords?<br />Keywords: word or phrase that a user types into a search engine to find information that they are looking for.<br />Left: “Head” Keywords<br />Higher search volume<br />more competitive /difficult to rank for<br />Right: “Tail” Keywords <br />Low search volume, easier to rank for<br />Opportunity for niche ranking<br />Head<br />Long Tail<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  5. 5. Benefits of Long Tail Keywords<br />Ease<br />Easier to Rank, Low Keyword Competition<br />Speed<br />Diminished Competition = High Rank Quickly<br />Relevance<br />Highly Relevant Keywords = Highly Relevant Traffic<br />Conversions<br />Highly Relevant Traffic is More Likely to Convert<br />Exposure<br />Targeting Long Tail Keywords over time will also get you exposed for Head Keywords as well<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  6. 6. UNDERSTANDING USER SEARCHES<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  7. 7. The Online Search Process<br />Generic<br />Searcher<br />NEED<br />Searches happen when user has a NEED<br />Example: user needs a new ‘Boston Apartment’<br />Generic Searcher<br />Starts with ‘Generic’ Head Keywords then modifies to Long Tail to find what they are looking for<br />Experienced Searcher<br />Goes directly for Long Tail Keywords<br />Types Into <br />Search Engine<br />1st Search Results<br />Searches Again <br />Types Into <br />Search Engine<br />NEED<br />Experienced<br />Searcher<br />
  8. 8. More Experienced Searchers<br />FACT: A reported 25% of Google searches every day have never been done before.<br />Why?<br />Because we know what we want!<br />Searches getting more specific<br />Want information online for products, services, etc.<br />Want it as precise as possible<br />Want it quickly<br />The Result: More Long Term Keywords are being used for searches and more often.<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  9. 9. Recent Changes to Long Tail Keywords<br />Google Search Algorithm Change in May 2010<br />What This Means:<br />Google Search Engine Patent now has the ability to index longer phrases rather than guessing at what we are looking for<br />Search engines getting better at finding us what we need<br />Long Tail Keywords now more relevant than ever<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  10. 10. Recent Changes to Long Tail Keywords<br />Google Instant – NEW - Launched Sept. 2010<br />What This Means:<br />Now search results will appear & change almost instantly as the keyword phrase in the search box is edited.<br />No more scrolling through pages of results, people will just refine their search terms and watch search results update.<br />Ultimately, users will begin focusing more on Long Tail Keywords to begin their searches.<br />Google Instant will lead to more searches for multi-word search phrases than ever before.<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  11. 11. CHOOSING YOUR LONG TAIL TERMS<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  12. 12. Choosing Your Long Tail Keywords<br />Develop a list of potential terms you think your target client might use in a search engine query.<br />To Begin, you can choose a generic Head Keyword, then make it more precise.<br />Example Client Market: an MIT student looking for an apartment near campus<br />Potential Long Tail Keywords Might Be: <br />MIT student off-campus housing<br />Cheap student apartments near Fenway<br />MIT student rentals in Boston<br />MIT Boston student apartment search <br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  13. 13. Use Keyword Tool for More Ideas<br />Google’s Keyword Tool will suggest related terms:<br />https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal<br />Easily see competition & search trends for each set of terms<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  14. 14. Check Your Competition<br />Once you decide your keywords, check your competition<br />Type your term into Google with “quotation marks”<br />You will see other websites that rank for this term<br />Sometimes no one else will rank – perfect SEO opportunity for you!<br />
  15. 15. OPTIMIZING YOUR SITE<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  16. 16. Long Tail Keywords in Your Content<br />Keywords in Your Content<br />Keep Long Tail Keywords in mind when writing your website content<br />Include Keywords in blogs<br />Design pages around these terms<br />Use keywords in the Page Headlines & bold them within the text<br />You can’t rank for a term that’s not in your content!<br />Make sure keywords are used in content approx. 3 times per page <br /><ul><li>Use Variations of Keywords in Content, Too! </li></ul>Places your site for similar terms, a.k.a. “Halo Terms”<br />Also avoids over-optimizing and site “punishment”<br />Internal Website Links<br />Use Keywords as internal links to relevant pages<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  17. 17. Long Tail Keywords Advanced Placement<br />Keywords in Page URL<br /> For Example: www.mywebsitename.com/long-tail-keyword-here<br /><ul><li>Keywords in your Meta Data</li></ul>Page Title Tags & Page Descriptions<br />Image Meta Data & Alt. Text<br />Meta Tags & Blog Categories<br />
  18. 18. Your Site is Optimized: Now What?<br />Stay Ahead of the Curve!<br />You Need To: <br />Get More Creative with Long Tail Keywords<br />Be Attentive to Your Website<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  19. 19. Long Tail Keyword Strategy<br />Tomorrow’s Long Tail Keywords<br />Revisit the Keyword Tool often for new ideas<br />Brainstorm frequently about new Keywords<br />Be willing to revise Keywords to capture the 25% of new searches<br />Fresh Content<br />Keep your website up-to-date<br />Company blogs<br />Monitor Keyword Success<br />Exercise: <br />Email 10 friends & ask what 10 phrases they would type into Google to find you<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
  20. 20. Monitor Keyword Conversions<br />Use your website analytics to monitor success<br />Install Analytics & use it to see how users are finding your website<br />Revisit often to get new Long Tail Keyword ideas<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />
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  22. 22. What are Long Tail Keywords?<br />Broad Keyword Search Volume<br />Too broad<br />High traffic for keywords<br />Low relevance<br />Difficult to rank for, hard to stand out<br />Long Tail Keyword Search Volume<br />Lower traffic, higher relevance<br />Easy to rank for<br />T: 617.266.9166<br />www.bostonlogic.com <br />