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Phenix grill pp


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Phenix grill pp

  1. 1. Have your place show up on the localmap to show location from the personwho is in town looking for a place.
  2. 2. Check-In, Read the Tips, Check the Specials and leave feed back.
  3. 3. Be available 24 hours a day by mobile check-in’s Customer scans code and instantly gets specials
  4. 4. The increase in mobile devices foraccessing the internet and finding what they want is the customers easiest way for those on the go.
  5. 5. Customers read reviews and decide where they are going to spend their money. These are primarily done on the go through mobile media channels
  6. 6. Example of The Phoenix Grille QR Code with Logo
  7. 7. Draw customers in with these non intrusive promotions
  8. 8. People read and review what others have posted andthey look for stand out specials such as drinks or events• People on the go, especially those who are new to an area rely on mobile tech these days and review the distance a place is from their current location, to menu items, specials and what others who have been there have said.• Is the service of food timely, portions on par the price, drinks made correctly? These are all important to customers.
  9. 9. • Big Blue Social can assist with this and help keep your social media and marketing logistics in check. From making sure your out reach is on the most used mobile media outlets, such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Urbanspoon, Where, F oursquare and other relevant sites. • We even monitor feedback left on sites and report to the business so they can manage their staff’s performance and quality of food.Big Blue Social 269-252-7926 @BigBlueSocial Twitter e-mail