Restaurant online marketing plan


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A visual online marketing strategy for restaurant owners.

Statistics gathered from who got their facts from a study released by SinglePlatform and Chadwick Martin Bailey.

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  • Single Platform is excited to release their newest study in partnership with our friends at market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, which shows that restaurants are the most searched industry by consumers through both mobile applications and browsers. 
  • Restaurant online marketing plan

    1. 1. F O R R E S T A U R A N T SOnline Marketing Plan
    2. 2. Decide what your goals are Create a customer base Advertise the location Gather positive reviews Advertise events, specials, and changes
    3. 3. Choose a Website (make sure it’smobile)92% of the publicsearch for restaurantsonline.
    4. 4. Choose the Internet PlatformsYou Want to Be OnThe following pages are theplatforms you can choose from.
    5. 5. FacebookThe most popular social networking site.750,000,000 monthly visitors. Great for gettingyour restaurant out there and for advertising yourspecials, menu, and events.Think of it like another website.
    6. 6. TwitterSecond most popular social networking site. Twitteris like a real time chat room that is open to the world.Great for getting your messages regarding specials,events, or just announcements heard.
    7. 7. Google PlusAn excellent idea for restaurants as you can haveyour own company page, which will help people findyou! You will rank higher on the Google searchengine as well.
    8. 8. YelpThis is like mobile yellow pages with reviews fromcustomers or clients. Great for when someone issearching from their mobile device or computer for aplace to eat. Provide link to website to drive traffic.
    9. 9. FOURSQUAREWhere customers check in and review yourrestaurant and/or service and by doing sointroducing your business to others. Also an onlinesearchable database for your small business likeYELP.
    10. 10. YELLOW PAGESOnline replacement for the physical book of yellowpages.
    11. 11. TRIP ADVISORAnother highly searched platform for people lookingfor Hotels, Flights, Vacation Rentals, andRestaurants. Has a lot of information and reviews ofprevious customers.
    12. 12. LIVING SOCIAL & GROUPONPrograms used to offer coupons to the public to drivethem to your door and then return with family andfriends.
    13. 13. SINGLE PLATFORMThis is a single platform where you can manageyour menu and then it syndicates to severalplaces on the web allowing you to keep up withmenu changes in one place.*There is a fee and I’m currently looking into it to find out howmuch it is.
    14. 14. Some findings from smartphone owners
    15. 15. Restaurants are the mostsearched industry byconsumers through bothmobile applications andbrowsers.
    16. 16. 81% have searched for arestaurant on a mobile app inthe last 6 months
    17. 17. 92% have searched for a restauranton a web browser in the last 6months
    18. 18. 75% often choose a restaurant to dineat based on search results
    19. 19. 80% think it’s important to see amenu before they dine at a restaurant
    20. 20. 84% are likely to look at more than onerestaurant before choosing where todine
    21. 21. 70% think it is important to be able toread the menu of a restaurant on amobile device
    22. 22. 62% are less likely to choose a restaurant ifthey can’t read the menu on a mobile deviceOnlineMenus areIMPORTANT!!
    23. 23. Sarah cole VA on Demandis ready to help you prosper!!Sarah Cole VA on Demand2497 State Route 80Lafayette, NY