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Excel in Job Interviews: Go BIG or Go Home!

  1. Excel in Job Interviews: Go BIG or Go Home! By Mr Chuah Kee Man Ogranised by BRC UNIMAS
  2. Do you really want a job?
  3. Before you even accept an interview offer/invitation…
  4. Do a “self-test” Be sure what the company wants really fits your skills, career track, beliefs and experiences.
  5. Ready to go BIG and excel in job interviews?
  6. Be fully prepared. Do necessary check on the company and also prepare your “weapons” (attire, resumes/cv, portfolios)
  7. Be there earlier Quite a lot of candidates failed job interviews because they were late. Most of them were merely 5 minutes late.
  8. Breathe Deeply Relax your mind by breathing deeply. Treat the interview like a normal conversation.
  9. Be Confident From the moment you walk into the room, until the last word you said. But how? Be prepared and be honest!
  10. Body Language o Be aware of your body language- don’t keep looking down or up. Maintain good eye contact. o Sit up straight, avoid unnecessary movements (e.g. shaking your legs)
  11. Be Honest o Don’t attempt to cheat. Cheating usually makes you feel “uneasy” and it can lead you to show that you are not confident. o Be in control of what you plan to say and say it sincerely. (Watch “Will Smith as Chris” in Pursuit of Happiness – Interview Scene)
  12. o Despite being late and didn’t manage to dress up properly, Chris was honest and showcased his confidence in front of the panel.
  13. Be careful of your intonation when answering questions. o Be more slightly authoritative in answering. Don’t repeat the questions or end your answer with a rising tone (like asking a question or unsure) o Don’t turn all answers to sound like you are not confident.
  14. Be in good terms The best way to get what we want is to meet the needs of the interviewer. Follow the “flow”.
  15. Be Focused Listen attentively to the questions asked. If you are not clear, say it, don’t pretend to understand. Stay focused on your qualities when answering.
  16. Be careful of these questions during interviews o “Tell me more about yourself” o “Are you willing to be relocated?” o “Tell me your biggest weakness” o “Why should we hire you?” o “Why do you want this job?” o “If we offer you lower pay, will you accept this post?” They are “trick” questions to test your passion and sincerity.
  17. Be Goal-Oriented Where do you see yourself in the next 1, 5 and 10 years? Chart your goals clearly and in a realistic way.
  18. Be The Best You Can Be Believe in yourself. You have nothing to lose, so give your very best.
  19. LANGUAGE TIPS For Interviews
  20. Use action verbs when explaining your skills and experiences. Avoid “clichés” or overused words.
  21. Worst Words (Overused) Best Words 1. Best of breed 2. Go-getter 3. Think outside of the box 4. Dynamic 5. Synergy 6. Thought leadership 7. Value add 8. Results-driven 9. Team player 10. Bottom-line 1. Achieved 2. Improved 3. Trained/mentored 4. Managed 5. Created 6. Resolved 7. Volunteered 8. Influenced 9. Increased/decreased 10. Won
  22. Language Focus during Interview o Use active voice more instead of passive voice. (e.g. I conducted the project…NOT the project was conducted by me…) o Use more first-person pronoun (e.g. I, we) o Avoid using run-on sentences. Pause at the right time to highlight keywords.
  23. Top Keywords Problem solving Leadership Oral/ Written Communication Team building Productivity Adaptable
  24. Avoid These Statements o I’m a team player o I’m a perfect fit for this job o I’m a perfectionist o I’m a workaholic o I have good leadership skills (Be specific, in fact get ready the facts) E.g. If you are a team player, say “I led my teams during undergraduate years in two important projects namely….”
  25. Extra! Clean up your social profile!
  26. So, are you ready to Go Big Or Go Home?
  27. Get in touch.. @keemanxp