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Employee satisfaction level at hindalco industries project report BEC DOMS BAGALKOT

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  • What is the present condition of its Kollur Unit. It is functioning or going to close.

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Employee satisfaction level at hindalco industries project report

  1. 1. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESINTRODUCTIONEmployee satisfaction survey provides a channel for employees to communicate theirview on a wide range of issues in total confidence. Employee satisfaction survey was conducted to find out the satisfaction level ofthe employees at “HINDALCO INDUSTRIES”. The other objective was to find out theareas of low satisfaction, were corrective measures can be taken. The Employee Satisfaction Survey helps companies to determine how theiremployees think, and to identify employees needs and concerns so that improvementscan be made and stronger teams can be formed. Business performance is expected toincrease as more satisfied employees will increase a companys competitiveness, and theyare better able to recognize opportunities and threats, and better leverage limitedresources to maximize the companys profits. Other intangible benefits include thereinforcement of company goals and values, better internal and external communication,a positive working and social environment, an improved company image and increasedemployee loyalty.BABASAB PATIL Page 2
  2. 2. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES For this purpose a sample was selected by stratified systematic sampling andsurvey was done with the help of questionnaire the result were analyzed for all theemployees.Survey Objectives:  To measure employee satisfaction level from different perspectives.  To identify the perceived importance of satisfaction factors and the issues causing dissatisfaction.  To propose recommendations for enhancing employee satisfaction to improve business performance. RESEARCH METHODOLGY: a) The research design descriptive. The primary information collected through questionnaire. The questionnaire were personally given to each other. b) Data Collection Method: The information necessary for this survey is collected by trapping primary and secondary sources. • Primary Sources.  Questionnaire  Personal Interaction • Secondary sources  Previous reports on employee satisfactionBABASAB PATIL Page 3
  3. 3. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES  Related information from internet.  Books and publicationBABASAB PATIL Page 4
  5. 5. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESHindalco IndustriesHindalco Industries Limited, a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, is structuredinto two strategic businesses — Aluminium and copper — and is an industry leader inboth segments. A non-ferrous metals powerhouse, close to global scale, it ranks amongIndias top 10 companies in terms of market capitalization.Hindalco commenced its operations in 1962 with an Aluminium facility at Renukoot ineastern Uttar Pradesh. Over the years, it grew into the largest integrated Aluminiummanufacturer in the country. With an eye to build size and scale, Hindalco acquired in FYBABASAB PATIL Page 6
  6. 6. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES2000 a majority stake in Indian Aluminium Company Limited (Indal) - having a majorpresence in downstream aluminum products and a leader in special alumina from Alcanof Canada.In August 2004, the boards of Hindalco and Indal approved a Scheme of Arrangementwherein all the assets of Indal other than the foil unit at Kollur in Andhra Pradesh were tobe demerged into Hindalco. This has come into effect retrospectively from 1 April 2004.Hindalco is Asias largest primary producer of Aluminium and among the most cost-efficient producers globally. In India, Hindalco enjoys a leadership position in primaryAluminium and downstream products.Smelters are located at Hirakud, Orissa, with a captive power plant and coal mines, and atAlupuram, Kerala. Rolled product manufacturing facilities are located at Belur andTaloja and an extrusions plant at Alupuram.The companys R&D centers are located at Belgaum, Renukoot and Taloja. These havebeen recognized by the government of Indias Department of Scientific and IndustrialResearch (DSIR).Hindalcos units are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, while several have also attained theOHSAS 18001 - the occupational health and safety certification. On the export front, thecompany has been accorded a Trading House status by the Indian government. ∗As a member of the Aditya Birla Group, Indal is a part of a $6 billion corporation, with amarket cap of $5 billion. The Group’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual workforce of 72,000 www.Hindalco.comBABASAB PATIL Page 7
  7. 7. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESemployees belongs to 20 different nationalities and its products and services reach acrossmore than 100 countries. Its flagship companies include Hindalco, Grasim, Indian Rayonand Indo Gulf.Indal along with Hindalco and its Copper Division forms a non-ferrous metalspowerhouse of global size and scale, with the Hindalco-Indal combine providingopportunities for synergy and strong market position.INDIAN ALUMINIUM COMPANY, LIMITED (Indal) ( Now part of Hindalcoindustries)∗India’s foremost Aluminium producer and a member of the country’s leading businesshouse – the Aditya Birla Group. A partner to Hindalco, India’s largest Aluminiumproducer, together forming a non-ferrous metals powerhouse.With technical know-how acquired from its original promoter, Alcan AluminiumLimited, Canada (now Alcan Inc.), Indal has brought Aluminium to touch every aspect ofmodern day industry and life in India.Complete Capabilities in Aluminium INDALs facilities cover a wide range of operations: bauxite mining, alumina refining,Aluminium smelting with captive power generation to downstream rolling of sheet, foiland other semi fabricated products. With technological expertise of over 60 years ofexperience in the Aluminium industry in India, INDAL is a market leader in the upstreamBABASAB PATIL Page 8
  8. 8. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESrange of standard and speciality alumina products in India, providing applications forrefractors, ceramics and electrical industries.In the downstream segment, INDAL is the largest manufacturer of rolled products inIndia with the widest range of extrusions, meeting the requirements of different industrialapplications such as building, transportation, consumer durables, packaging andtelecommunication.Creating and Adding ValueEstablished in 1938, Indal operates across the value chain from bauxite mining toalumina refining, smelting and rolling.A nationwide spread of plants, mines and offices gives Indal the advantage of being inproximity to various regional markets within and outside the country. The Company’splants and mines are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001certifications for quality, environment, safety and health. Indal enjoys a leading marketposition in India for speciality alumina chemicals and value added products of aluminiumsheet, foil and extrusions.The Indal units comprise two smelters, one located at Hirakud, Orissa, with a captivepower plant and coal mines, and the other at Alupuram, Kerala, two sheet plants at Belur,West Bengal, and Taloja, Maharashtra, and an extrusions unit at Alupuram. TheCompanys two DSIR recognised R&D centers are located at Belgaum and Taloja.BABASAB PATIL Page 9
  9. 9. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESSUBSIDIARIES & JOINT VENTURESUtkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL): The joint venture company is asubsidiary of Indal, which holds 55% equity, while the balance is held by Alcan Inc. ofCanada. The proposed alumina refinery is to be set up in Doragurha in the Rayagadadistrict of Orissa, to produce one million tone per annum of alumina, sourcing bauxitefrom the rich reserves at Baphlimali, in Rayagada, Orissa.Suvas Holdings Private Limited (SHPL): A subsidiary in which Indal holds 51% equitystake, based on an MOU with Laxmi Organics Industries Limited (LOIL) and SHPL;with the intent to operate mini hydel power plants in Maharashtra for captiveconsumption at the Taloja Sheet and Kalwa Foil Plants. The Power Project is subject toedorsement of its viability by an ongoing feasibility study.HISTORY OF THE PLANT (Belgaum works)The INDAL plant at Belgaum was established in 1968 and started operations on the 7thNovember 1970. It is situated about 6 Kms., from Belgaum City, beside the NationalHighway. It has a total area of 1400 acres.This was the only unit of INDAL, which started with both the facilities - Alumina Plantand Smelter Plant. The main products of this unit are Alumina Hydrate, Calcinedmetallurgical grade alumina and Special grades of aluminas and Hydrate. The AluminaPlant was set up with a capacity of 1,60,000 tons of Alumina per year and Smelter Planthad a capacity of 73,000 tons of metal per year. Due to the hike in the power rates, theplotlines in the Smelter had to be de-energized in 1995. The subsidiary of Smelter plant –BABASAB PATIL Page 10
  10. 10. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESCarbon Paste and Block Plant is still in operation. Owing to increased demand of hydrate,aluminas and Speciality chemicals in the export market, the Alumina Plant was expandedin several stages and currently operates at about 3,40,000 T of Hydrate (as Alumina) perannum.The Specials plant – a branch of Alumina plant manufacturing specialty grades of hydrateand Alumina is being operated at 60 KT per annum.The raw material-Bauxite is brought from Durgmanwadi Mines 120 Kms from Belgaum.About 70% of the total production is exported. The Carbon Paste and Block Plant isoperated using imported raw materials (Carbon Pitch Coke) from Korea.Marketing of Hydrates and Aluminas is a major business objective, both at the domesticand International Levels. The non-metallurgical grade Aluminas, also termed as ‘SpecialAlumina Chemicals’, find wide usage in diverse industries such as high-grade refractors,zeolite, alum, plastics, paper, industrial ceramics and high-tension insulators.Mission “To relentlessly pursue the creation of superior shareholder value by exceedingcustomer expectations profitably unleashing employee potential and being a responsiblecorporate citizen ,adhering to our values”.BABASAB PATIL Page 11
  11. 11. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESVision “To be a premium metals major, global in size and reach with the passion forexcellence” ValuesCommitmentAlacrityRespect for the individualsTransparencyHonestyEthical conductCustomer focusStrategic ObjectivesThe Company recognizes that the conduct and effectiveness of an organization aremainly anchored to the quality of its workforce. In order to fulfill its purpose and toachieve its objectives the company requires commitment and dedication of its employeesBABASAB PATIL Page 12
  12. 12. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESwho place high value not only in the interest of the company but also in the interest ofother individual entitiesThe objectives are• To operate at a level of profitability, which will ensure the long term economic viability of the company by providing a return on equity, which compares favorably with other industries of similar capital intensity and risk which will enable the company to attract adequate to support its growth.• To aspire towards a high level of operating, technical and marketing excellence, and to make the optimum use of assets, which will ensure a strong competitive position in the markets served by the company.• To strive to satisfy customers by integrating their needs into the company products and services with efficiency and professionalism and to give the best value to them by promoting quality products.• To improve the process of managing the company affairs through proper planing, timely implementation of plans and regular performance reviews.• To sustain an organization of able and committed employees and to provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement.• To foster a culture of innovation with the application of new ideas and methods to solve business problems and seize opportunities.BABASAB PATIL Page 13
  13. 13. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES• To recognize and seek to balance the interest of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government as well as the public at large.• To uphold the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of all phases of business.Future outlookThe company’s business strategy is to ensure profitable growth in the future will bethrough:• Realization of synergy gain with Hindalco to ensure better market position, combining Indal’s strengths in Alumina and down stream segments with Hindalco’s advantage in primary metal.• Higher assets utilization across plant location, particularly leveraging the benefits of the upgraded rolling mills as well as taking steps to optimize use of idle physical infrastructure assets and enriched product mix for higher returns from existing assets.• Strengthening of exports with an emphasis on consolidating Indal’s presence in existing market while tapping new regions for export of value added product viz., especially alumina and downstream sheet, foil and extrusions.• Cost control efforts including better logistics, higher operating efficiencies and improved working capital management.BABASAB PATIL Page 14
  14. 14. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESStrategic growth plansAll capex plans pertaining to Indal, for which a sum of Rs.2000 crore has been earmarked, willbe undertaken as planned under the aegis of Hindalco.Among these are• The expansion of its metal capacity to 100,000 MT per annum,• Its power generating capacity to reach 267.5 MW at Hirakud,• Ramping up the alumina plant at Muri to 500,000 MT per annum and• Enhancing the special alumina chemicals capacity to 127,000 MT per annum at Belgaum.BABASAB PATIL Page 15
  15. 15. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESORGANISATION STRUCTUREThe Belgaum Works is divided into the following Departments:1. Alumina operations and production2. Specials3. Alumina R&D4. Alumina mechanicalBABASAB PATIL Page 16
  16. 16. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES5. Boiler house6. Machine shop7. Garage8. PPC9. CPBP10. Civil & pump house11. EPD12. Alumina electrical E & I13. Smelter R&D14. Smelter mechanical15. Smelter electrical16. Smelter sales17. GM office18. HR19. Accounts20. Purchase21. Traffic22. StoresBABASAB PATIL Page 17
  17. 17. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES23. Exim24. Dispatch25. Systems26. W.C.M27. BRDC28. CorporateIn all there are around 777 employees, who include the management, workers these allare full time enrolled people.Marketing –Indal (Now part of Hindalco) has no marketing division at Belgaum works,all of Indal (now part of Hindalco) units the units work independently, and for the salesand marketing there are separate centers which co-ordinate with all the units and look intothe sales and marketing of the products. The sales office is in Bangalore, Delhi, andHydreabad.BABASAB PATIL Page 18
  18. 18. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESFinance (Accounts Department)This department handles all financial transactions, costing and billing operationsnegotiation process, maintaining and preparing various invoices, payments and receiptsare the to major areas of operation done by this department. In addition taxation cash loannormal and statuary payments expenses, this section handles advances and otheroperations relating to banks.OperationsThe main operations are based in the CPBP, Alumina and special products. Thesedepartments are the core for the manufacturing of Alumina carbon block, carbon pasteand special products. These departments comprise of smaller departments and each ofthese 3 major departments has a department head.The majority of the people are working in Alumina, CPBP and Special productsdepartments, and the work is carried out in shifts.Research and Development:INDAL’S (now Hindalco) R&D centers at Belgaum and Taloja are recognized by thedepartment of Scientific and industrial research (DSIR). The Belgaum R & D centercarries out studies on ores, alumina and specially grades and carries out overseasassignments in collaboration with ALCAN. The R & D lab has the status of “Center ofBABASAB PATIL Page 19
  19. 19. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESExcellence” for predicting organic behavior in refineries. A joint technical developmentprogram with ALCAN is under execution in the field of raw materials.Both the R & D centers have attained ISO 9001 & 9002 certification, with the BelgaumR&D center having recently adopted the revised ISO 9001:2000 standard.Over the last five years, about rupees 560 million has been spent on R &D – a testimonyto INDAL’S commitment towards developing new applications for alumina/aluminum,optimizing manufacturing process and ensuring environmental friendliness.HR – Belgaum works has a separate HR Department, which looks into the dailyadministration and also into the specific and nitty gritty of the company, it is the bridgebetween the production, employees, management and the outside world. This departmentis concerned with implementation of the plans, with the welfare of the plant, with theindustrial relations and above all safety and security of the plant and the work force is itsprime concerns. This department looks after the subsidiaries like recruitment selectiontraining and induction, canteen community development disciplinary actions ESI,welfare, security, guesthouse medical facility etc.BABASAB PATIL Page 20
  20. 20. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES WCM- A main aspect of the company, it is moving towards building a WCM unit model. WCM Model for Excellence and Competitive Advantage , S tra te gy & L is sio n ead n,M e rs s io h ip Vi 2 Work Environment 1 3 (5S) Waste JIT / Supply Chain Te s io n am (MUDA) Management Elimination s-In C u lt u r e & P a s s p ir a t io n & C o m p e 8 Quality & Quantity Information, Cost 4 Systems/BPR, Delivery Equipment Technology and Innovations & Effectiveness/ Cash Flows Intellectual Capital Productivity & Pride TPM d se t , M in 7 5 Liaison, t it Customer Team Force io n Driven: and Skill 6 Internal and Development Quality First: External Six Sigma/SQM & Best Practices S h a re h o l d e r ’s V a l u eBABASAB PATIL Page 21
  21. 21. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES  ZERO DEFECTS  ZERO LOSSES  ZERO BREAKDOWNS  ZERO POLLUTION  ZERO ACCIDENTS  ZERO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTSFinancial analysis Q4 FY2005 Q4 FY2004 FY 2005 FY 2004 Rs. crore Rs. crore Rs. crore Rs. croreTurnover 2,516 1,889 9,523 6,208Operating Profit 628 399 2,276 1,500PBDIT 704 466 2,546 1,740Net Profit 449 222 1,329 839EPS (in Rs.) 48 24 143 91Q4 PerformanceHindalco, the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, has posted a stellarperformance during the fourth quarter. The company attained a net sales and operating revenue of Rs.2, 516 crore driven by betterrealisations, volumes and an enriched product mix comprising largely of value addedproducts. While aluminium margins surged, copper margins remained flat despite higherBABASAB PATIL Page 22
  22. 22. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESvolumes on account of weak TC/RC (Treatment Charges/Refining Charges) and steepreduction in import duty.Sales & Operating RevenueNet sales and operating revenue of Hindalco in the fourth quarter stand at Rs. 2,516 crore,vis-à-vis Rs. 1,889 crore of last year.Of this, the aluminium business has recorded sales of Rs. 1,457 crore (boosted byinclusion of Indals sales) Vis -a- Vis Rs. 875 crore last years.The copper business net sales and operating revenue stood at Rs. 1,059 crore in thefourth quarter, reflecting a rise of 8 per cent over Rs. 1,014 crore in the correspondingquarter of previous year.ProfitsThe companys Profit before Tax is Rs. 517 crore against Rs. 326 crore.Profit after Tax was Rs. 449 crore inclusive of a credit of Rs. 92 crore towards theprovision for deferred tax liability of the earlier years written back.HRD AT HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD.A philosophy of people management is based on the belief that human resources areuniquely important to sustained business success. An organization gains competitiveadvantage by using its people effectively, drawing on their expertise and ingenuity toBABASAB PATIL Page 23
  23. 23. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESmeet clearly defined objectives. A Human Resources (HR) department is a criticalcomponent of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. HumanResources responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to datewith state and central tax laws.The HR policies of Hindal and that of Belgaum Works is as stated. To attract, retain and develop good employees and to get their total involvement in achieving company goals. Provide opportunity for personal development and advancement to all with requisite ability, ambition and integrity. Deal in good faith with all employees and employee representatives. Share information with all employees regarding health of the business and future plans of the company. Encourage development of participative and supportive leadership. Encourage employees to accept responsibility and take calculated risk. To provide fair, equitable and competitive remuneration in return for a fair day’s work. Be fair and firm in dealing with grievances and indiscipline. Set and achieve high standard of safety and occupational health.BABASAB PATIL Page 24
  24. 24. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESHRM at Belgaum worksHRD at Belgaum works plays a creative role for success of the organization. Theorganization focuses much on socio-psychological needs of workers. The managementand the employees have equal interests in the survival and the prosperity of the industry.BABASAB PATIL Page 25
  25. 25. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES The Organization Structure of the HR department Sr. Manager-HR Manager- Legal &PR Manager- Safety Dy.Manager- Dy.Mangaer HR - HRDy.Manager-Medical Sr. personnel Sr. Security Sr. personnel Sr. personnel Officer Officer Officer Officer BABASAB PATIL Page 26
  26. 26. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Asst. Executive- Executive-CD Executive- Personnel Medical R HeadAsst. – MedicalServices Jr. Executive- HR Training in-charge Company Medical Officer BABASAB PATIL Page 27
  27. 27. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESRECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONRecruitment and selection are core areas of human resource management but arefrequently discussed in a prescriptive manner. They are not simply techniques for fillingjobs - they are also levers for organizational change, sustaining employee commitmentand achieving high performance.RECRUITMENT POLICY1. Recruitment of unskilled, semiskilled, skilled workmen and junior staff should be made from among the local candidates.2. Recruitment of middle management posts, viz. professional graduates, general foreman and above will be on -All India basis.3. In-company transfers of workmen and non-consolidated staff should be avoided. However if the need arises they may be transferred within the location.4. Due consideration would be given to age differentials at the time of recruitment, to avoid concentration of work force in particular age group.5. Recruitment process against permanent vacancies will be initiated only when vacancy cannot be filled through transfer from other sections/ departments.BABASAB PATIL Page 28
  28. 28. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESNOTICE OF RECRUITMENT1. The department concerned will get the requisition in the prescribed for approved by the General Manager /Works Manager. The requisition after approval should be forwarded to the personnel department. The requisition should clearly indicate the type of vacancy, i.e. permanent or temporary, proposed grade, no of vacancies to be filled up and the proposed date of recruitment. In addition other particulars like education and professional qualification, experience, etc. should be indicated wherever possible.2. Approved requisition for permanent personnel should reach the personnel department at least 8 weeks in advance of the date of filling the vacancy. In case the vacancy is to be advertised, the time required for recruitment is 10 weeks.(For temporary vacancies, 2 weeks notice would be necessary).3. Department should give 24 hours notice for supply of unskilled casual labour.ACTION BY HR DEPARTMENTOn receipt of approved requisition, the HR Department will:i) Notify the vacancy to the Employment Exchange, if required.ii) Refer to ACTIVE FILE (kept with HR dept.)BABASAB PATIL Page 29
  29. 29. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESiii) Notify the vacancy on the company’s notice boards, if required.iv) Advertise in newspapers, if necessary.SCREENING OF APPLICATIONS Applications received will be jointly screened by the HR Department and theconcerned Department, for further action by the HR Department.SELECTION BOARDExcept for unskilled workmen, a selection board will make all recruitment.i) The selection board will consist of minimum three persons in the rank of General Foreman and above with a representative of one each from HR, concerned dept. and one from an unconcerned dept.ii) For selection of other staff, the board will short list a few deserving candidates, after preliminary interview and the Personnel Department will put them up for final interview by the General Manager / Works Manager for final selection.iii) The Personnel department may arrange for trade tests and written examination, if deemed necessary.BABASAB PATIL Page 30
  30. 30. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESPre-requisite to appointment1. Person below the age of 18 shall not be considered for employment in the company.2. HR dept should verify the age of the candidate with reference to: Birth certificate, where name is mentioned or School leaving certificate or Insurance policy taken before employment commences, where age has been admitted.3. Personnel department will arrange for the medical examination of selected persons. Such person’s should be declared fit by the company’s medical officer before being appointed.4. They will verify with previous employer to find out his antecedents-attitude, conduct, and performance if necessary.5. HR Dept will verify with police (where necessary) to obtain general information about the candidate and his social conduct.APPOINTMENT1. A candidate will be considered suitable for appointment only after the above pre- requisite conditions are fulfilled.2. Appointment letters to the wage and salary roll employees will be issued by Manager HR3. In case of employees joining the confidential roll, GM’s / Works Manager’s department will issue an employment order the day the recruit joins duty.BABASAB PATIL Page 31
  31. 31. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES4. New recruits will be appointed as probationers and trainees.5. When a candidate is offered a higher start than the starting of the grade, the wages/salary will be fixed by the Department Heads in consultation with Personnel Department and approval of General Manager / Works Manager must be obtained.6. Grade/designation will be determined by the prevailing long-term settlement wherein applicable.GUIDELINES FOR RECRUITMENT OFUNSKILLED WORKMENi) To fill up the vacancies of permanent workmen, first preference would be given to those temporary workmen who have been selected and listed and have earlier worked on temporary basis.ii) The minimum standards of recruitment will be as follows : Height: 168 cms Weight: 55 Kgs Education: S.S.L.C. Pass Age: Below 30 years (Preferably less than 25)iii) After the candidate has been found meeting the minimum physical and educational standards, he should appear before the selection board.BABASAB PATIL Page 32
  32. 32. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESiv) If the selection board finds the candidate suitable for employment, he should be sent for a thorough medical examination. Without divulging weight and height measurements taken earlier, the same should be retaken at the medical section for cross - checking. Only if the candidate is found medically fit, he need be considered for employment.SKILLED WORKMENi) Normally, only ITI passed candidates in the specific trade who have undergone one year apprenticeship training should be considered for recruitment. Physical standards need not be applied very rigidly. The selection will be made on the basis of a trade test and interview.ii) If the interview precedes the selection trade test, the interview board should select a panel of candidates for trade test giving due consideration also to the marks obtained by them in the examination. The panel of candidates selected for trade test should be at least 5 persons for one position and where more than one vacancy is available; the minimum number of candidates selected for test can be in the ratio of 3 candidates for each existing vacancy.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (Community Development)BABASAB PATIL Page 33
  33. 33. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESBeyond Business - Reaching out to Communities: Making a DifferenceFor over 50 years now, the Aditya Birla Group, has been working to improve the qualityof life of people in underprivileged communities, largely within the periphery of itsplants.Vision: To be an active partner for the sustainable socio-economic development of thesurrounding community in which we operate.We (Hindalco- Belgaum works) see ourselves As working with people participation. Along with government and surrounding villages as major stakeholders in promoting the sustainable development. As a facilitative not directive. As a catalyst not a dominant participate.Objectives To promote strategies to strengthen linkages between community based organizations, government departments and NGO’s by which people will make use of facilities available for development and self-reliance. To render support for the eradication of social-problems like illiteracy, socio- economic disparity through appropriate methods.BABASAB PATIL Page 34
  34. 34. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES To promote income generation programmes for the poor people for their sustainable socio-economic development. Create awareness on education, health, and hygiene and to support the better maintenance of it. To support women to empower themselves through developing new skills and convergence of existing skills. To create an image of the company as a responsible corporate citizen.Strive to Fulfill basic human needs of the deprived and underprivileged, focusing on water sourcing, sanitation, health care, primary education, etc. Build self-reliance, through programmes aimed at womens empowerment, skill enhancement and creating income-generating opportunities for the underprivileged. Uphold fundamental rights of direct/indirect employees and the community at large, and promote principles of equality and secularism. Maintain high degree of ethical standards, while dealing with all stakeholders Provide a congenial and healthy work environment for employees by implementing sound Environment, Health & Safety Management Systems at all manufacturing units and take a proactive approach to address environmental issues.Budget- 10- 15 lakhs, all programs have to be approved by VP-worksBABASAB PATIL Page 35
  35. 35. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Quarterly reports are sent to Aditya Birla center for community initiatives and ruraldevelopment. This centre sets the tone and provides strategic direction for the Group’scommunity work and ensures performance management as well.Some of the programs undertaken by Belgaum works is as followsHealth CareWeekly medical visits to villages, general health check-up camps and patients treated atour in-house medical centres.Provide safe drinking water and drilling of bore wells.Mother and Child CareMother & child care programmes as well as pediatric and family planning camps toadvise, counsel and treat women around Belgaum.EducationOver 2,500 children study in the Balwadis and non-formal education centres sponsoredby INDAL.300 students have been awarded merit scholarships by Durgmanwadi, BelgaumAround 250 Adult Learners are benefited through the literacy programmes at BelgaumBABASAB PATIL Page 36
  36. 36. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESComputer classes, coaching for underprivileged high school students and ITI training forlocal youth are some other educational initiatives were undertaken.Support is also extended through supply of uniforms, textbooks, and stationary, teachingequipment as well as construction/repair of school buildings.ITI training given to 10 students from villages around the Belgaum works.Sustainable LivelihoodLivelihood schemes provide sustainable earnings for villagers through small scaleenterprises such as milk co-operatives, mushroom cultivation, nurseries for fruit andmedicinal saplings, bee-keeping, goat rearing, piggeries, earthworm rearing and vegetable(nutrition) gardens.Water harvesting structures such as diesel pumps, construction of check dams, ponds andirrigation wells support thousands of families.Women’s Self Help GroupsSelf Help Groups formed with a membership of over 3,000 womenSkills training, in nutrition gardening, production of vermi-compost, art and craft,tailoring, jute bag making and rexine handicraft.Over 700 women have been trained in 18 different trades at the Yashogami VocationalTraining Centre at Radhanagari and the products are marketed during Health Camps andwith local NGO support.BABASAB PATIL Page 37
  37. 37. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESInfrastructure DevelopmentConstruction and repair of roads, drainage systems and community halls, benefited thecommunities around Belgaum.Social WelfareAwareness programmes on Alcoholism, AIDS, Population control and Environmentalconsciousness were conducted, covering villages around Belgaum.At Indal, the focus for community investments is on healthcare, inclusive of mother andchild care; education, self-reliance through the engine of sustainable livelihood, alsoencompassing agricultural and water-shed development activities and womenempowerment process, infrastructure support and espousing social causes.The programmes are measurable, sustainable and replicable. The company works veryclosely with their partners – the communities, the District authorities, Panchayats andselectively with NGOs. Together they try and make a difference to the weaker sections ofsociety and vulnerable groups.The Board and all of the employees are fully committed to the Corporate SocialResponsibility programmes. The companies believe that in contributing significantly tothe quality of life of an under-served people who are outside of business, there is muchvalue.BABASAB PATIL Page 38
  38. 38. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESEMPLOYEE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETYSafety has always been accorded top priority at Indal since its early days. The 65 year oldcompany can boast of an enviable track record in Safety benchmarked with globalstandards. The year 2003-2004 marks a landmark in Safety Management since everyIndal location remained accident free throughout the year, making it a ‘Zero Accident’Company.Salient features of Indal’s Safety track record include:An accident frequency rate of less than 1 per million man-hours worked has beenmaintained by Indal since 1994-95.Several plants, namely, Alupuram, Belgaum, Hirakud, Kalwa, Muri, Taloja, Lohardagaand Durgmanwadi, have completed over a million accidents free man-hours almost everyyear over the last five years.Indal is committed to protecting its employees from occupational health hazards at itsvarious locations all over India, and to periodically monitor their health for preventiveaction.The Company’s Occupational Health Centers conduct regular medical check-ups andoccupational hygiene programs, health information systems, health awareness as well asconsultancy services to other industries.BABASAB PATIL Page 39
  39. 39. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES• Objective setting regarding health & safety of employees is being done at the beginning of the year & polices drawn on these aspects. Well-equipped Health Center is in place, where the Annual medical check up is done for all the employees. Pre Employment medical checkup is carried out for all new recruits• EOHS meeting are conducted to ensure better health standards of employees & safety working. Various process changes are being carried out and new equipment are being installed viz., Electro-static precipitators have been installed to arrest dust pollution, water sprinklers in red mud pond area, bauxite crushing area to arrest the dust, development of green belt in and around the plant for dust suppression.• Training on Safety, Occupational Health & Hygiene and platform meetings are routine activities. Before commencement of any job the concerned supervisor instructs the employees about the safety aspects of the job. To bring an awareness and involvement of employees regarding safety, various activities viz., safety day celebration, safety incentive schemes, safety drawing competition, safety slogan competition, safety quiz competitions are undertaken.• Equipment checks procedures are adopted by all departments to ensure safe working practices. Do’s and Don’ts for safe working have been displayed on the shop floor.• Safety issues are communicated in all meetings. Departments ensure timely statutory compliance. Training on safety aspects is also imparted to contractor’s employees. Safety administrators are nominated for each department to check safety-related aspects in order to prevent accidents. Accident investigation process is in place to find out the causes of accident and steps are taken for corrective action.BABASAB PATIL Page 40
  40. 40. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESEstablishmentAt Belgaum Works, the person who sees to Establishment section is Mr. D.S.Kagale. Hisjob profile and purpose states that he has to effectively maintain and run establishmentsection facilitating timely recognition and reward to employees and their families andproviding all the welfare amenities to the employees to have high standard of employeesatisfaction.It is necessary to properly maintain all employees related records in proper folders and inthe HRIS system, so has to have easy access and to save administrative time.Main purpose is to ensure there is proper communication of all required informationpertaining to business and related matters to all the employees and also see to it that allweekly and monthly reports are sent to various locations.Should also ensure correctness of the salaries, annual increments, and promotionalincrements, stagnation increments paid to the employees as per long-term settlement.The major challenge is to achieve high standard of internal as well as external customersatisfaction and to provide better services in establishment matters to internal andexternal customers.Hindalco Industries limited, Belgaum has a residential colony with a total of 590 quartersand different festivals and functions are conducted, it is important to ensure societalsatisfaction so all the festivals have to be celebrated in a grand manner, successfully andpeacefully.BABASAB PATIL Page 41
  41. 41. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESThis is some of the main aspects of the establishment that was observed and learnt about.Training and DevelopmentTraining and development consists of planned programs designed to improveperformance at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Improved performancein turn implies that there have been measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes,and social behavior. This results in better performance and leads to reduction in the costof production. It results in organizational stability and flexibility. Yet only recently has the emphasis in corporate training shifted from training theindividual to meeting the organizational and strategic needs of the corporation.The Belgaum works has a well laid out and structured plan for the training anddevelopment of its employees.First the Training need is identified, the training plan is put to place for the given year,training undertaken and finally assessment is made as to the usefulness of the training.These procedures are well documented and the policy is as stated:Main objectives of training at Hindalco, Belgaum Works:1. Training is considered an essential factor on promoting industrial growth so to provide facility for all round growth of employees by imparting required training.2. To improve the moral if its workers.3. To give 100% knowledge through all the ranks of the organization.BABASAB PATIL Page 42
  42. 42. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES4. To promote safe working atmosphere for doing the work smoothly by giving training.5. To provide at least 3.5 man days of training to every employees.Training PolicyTraining need identification: The training needs are classified into three broadcategories viz., Organizational needs Individual - behavioral / attitudinal needs Individual - functional / technical needsI. ORGANISATIONAL NEEDSThe Apex Management team of the plant prioritises the training needs and requirementsof the organisation including training in Quality Systems and relevant awareness for thenew entrants.The Training incharge prepares the training plan and organises the training programmesin accordance with the plan to satisfy the prioritised needs.II. INDIVIDUAL NEEDS- BEHAVIOURAL/ ATTITUDINALEach department Head or Supervisor makes an assessment of Training needs of hissubordinates for the coming year. These needs are communicated to HR Department whoconsolidates the training needs and organises the training programmes.II. INDIVIDUAL NEEDS - FUNCTIONAL/ TECHNICALBABASAB PATIL Page 43
  43. 43. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESThese needs are identified by the respective Superiors of the concerned employee andduly validated by the respective Heads of Departments.These needs are communicated to HR Department in the prescribed Skill Matrix Formatat the beginning of the financial year for bargainable staff, Salary & Wage Roll.While preparing the new Skill Matrix, the previous years needs identified is also takeninto consideration so as to monitor the level of skills enhancement.The departmental functional / technical training plan is sent to HR Department in themonth of April.The training programmes are initiated and organised by the respective departments eitherfrom internal sources or from external sources. The HR Department provides necessaryhelp.The programmes that are planned but not conducted during the calendar year are carriedforward to the next years training plan.The training programmes are organised either as1) Internal Training programmes with internal / external faculty2) External training programmes.1) INTERNAL TRAINING PROGRAMMESa) ORGANISATIONAL / INDIVIDUAL – BEHAVIOURAL / ATTITUDINAL TRAININGBABASAB PATIL Page 44
  44. 44. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESTraining material consisting of the course content whenever required is prepared beforeconducting the program by training in-charge, in consultation with the concerneddepartment and faculty where applicable.All the concerned departments are informed regarding the conducting of programmes andnominations is obtained. The faculty is identified on the basis of having undergone priortraining in the subject or functional experience in the subject. This faculty is chosen fromwithin the organization or someone concerned is invited to conduct the program.INDIVIDUAL – FUNCTIONAL / TECHNICAL TRAINING The concerned department organizes the training.2) EXTERNAL TRAINING PROGRAMMESExternal training programmes is arranged if participants are less than five, where theidentified person is sent to an external institute / agency.Nomination for External training is forwarded to the HRD department .A copy of theletter is sent to the institute / organization conducting the training program is forwardedto the participants for his information and for making necessary arrangements to attendthe training programmes accordingly.Feedback is obtained from the employee after the completion of the training.Training program attended is recorded in the training record register The records of thesetraining is maintained by the respective departments and communicated to HRBABASAB PATIL Page 45
  45. 45. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESDepartment detailing the training imparted as against the plan, duly furnishing thereasons for slippage, if anyTRAINING EVALUATIONI. ORGANISATIONAL / INDIVIDUAL (BEHAVIOURAL) / ATTITUDINAL NEEDSPost training feedback from the participants is obtained to assess the effectiveness of theprogram and also to incorporate any changes for further improvement.Evaluation of the training imparted against the written needs is done by obtaining theevaluation from the departments on a quarterly basis. A copy of the evaluation is sent toHR Department.In case the objectives of training are not fully met, the concerned persons are givenrefresher courses and the evaluation for the same is sent to HR DepartmentII. TECHNICAL / FUNCTIONAL TRAININGThe evaluation of this training is done by the department who conduct suitable test /interviews to assess the knowledge acquired and skill enhancement to the desired level.The Departments send the training imparted as against the plan on a quarterly basis to HRdepartment with effectiveness rating, for the purpose of evaluation of training imparted.The evaluation of knowledge acquisition and skill enhancement based on the trainingBABASAB PATIL Page 46
  46. 46. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESimparted is considered by the concerned departments for updating the skill matrix on anannual basis and the same is communicated to HR department.CRITERIA APPLIED FOR EVALUATION OF TRAINING IMPARTEDRating is done on a 0 - 10 point scale in the evaluation Form.’0 being poor 10 beingoutstanding. Employees rating 5 and below are recommended for refresher course.The criteria for rating is as follows:1. Employee’s approach towards his work has been more positive than before.2. He is being able to translate his knowledge / learning into action.3. His performance level has gone up after attending the training program.SLIPPAGE ANALYSIS:For organizational / Individual (Behavioral) / Attitudinal needs, the Training Inchargeconsolidates the slippages mentioning the reasons, in respect to functional / Technicaltraining, the department heads / Section Head consolidate the slippage duly mentioningthe reasons and the same is put up for review to the Management Review Committee on aquarterly basis.Training BudgetOnce the training needs is assessed and the no of people to undergo the training isdecided then taking some parameters into consideration the training budget is decidedBABASAB PATIL Page 47
  47. 47. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESThe parameters that that are taken into consideration are: No. of employees Requirements of internal training programmes Video shooting External faculty fees External training MiscellaneousThe training budget takes into consideration that every employee will undergo atleast 2training programs.The budget for the training varies every year. Though the budget for a year is fixed,reviews are done every month and if any changes then it is in corporate in the trainingbudget..Training Need Assessment system. (TNA)Training needs is assessed on the following criteria:• Current job being performed: Competencies required to perform the current job and any specific inputs required to make the person perform his current job in a more effective manner.• Any anticipated business or technical change in the short term (Between 1 to 3 years). Any change may be brought due to change in business strategy, technical/ process changes etc that require a set of new competencies to be developed to meet theseBABASAB PATIL Page 48
  48. 48. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES changes, eg. introduction of any new software or application of new technology to a process.• Based on the potential of the person and looking into his long term (3 years & above) career growth it may be required that the employee be introduced to certain competencies which will be required in the long term, to enable him to take up roles of higher responsibilities.List of competencies that would help in identifying competencies required for thejob-1. Job related competencies:• Functional competencies (Technical competencies)• Quality, cost• Safety, Environment• HR Skills2. Behavioural / Managerial competencies:• Interpersonal skills• Problem solving skills• Decision making skills• Communication skills3. Business related competencies (for people in a more senior role)• LeadershipBABASAB PATIL Page 49
  49. 49. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES• Risk taking• Strategic thinking etc.If needed and as required other competencies can be identified and added to the broadheads as per the job/ individual requirements.The HOD or supervisor in consultation with the concerned person who is being assesseddoes the TNA.Contract laborAt Belgaum works, besides the regular employees, there is a need for large no. ofworkers also. This requirement is fulfilled by using contract laborers and Mr. E.V.Bhatlooks into this aspect and is part of the HR structure of the organization.There are two categories of contractors who work for the plant, they are the Registeredcontractors and petty contractorsThe registered contractors are the ones who have been associate with the company for thepast 25-30 years. These contractors look into the house keeping, cleaning, moving ofgoods, bagging, drainage, sweeping and canteen. There are 4 such contractors and theyhave a worker strength of around 700. These workers are unionized and a long-termagreement is drawn once in 3years with the workers and their employers. The companyfacilitates this discussion and gives suggestion. These workers get all benefits of full-timeemployees.BABASAB PATIL Page 50
  50. 50. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESEvery contractor has to take a gate pass and ESI forms all have to filled so that in case ofsome accident, all that is borne by the ESI and it is seen that the worker gets minimumwage and medical facility in case of emergency.In conclusion to the total working of the HR department and the organization the followingobservation have been made • Belgaum works values its people as key value drivers for creation of business excellence. The integration of Human Resources is done in all processes at Indal. It is the policy of Belgaum works to educate, motivate and involve employees in the fulfillment of the Quality goals. • The Human Resource requirement is aligned with the company goals, through short term & long-term plans based on the business needs & customer requirements. The long term and short term plans of the company forms the input for drawing the goals for the year. This in turn is taken further for drawing up of departmental and personal objectives. • Keeping view the business need to replenish the skill gaps occurring due to retirements of operatives in the next 5 years, Trainee Scheme is evolved.BABASAB PATIL Page 51
  51. 51. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES • Annual Performance Award for Management staff are linked to the assessment of individual fulfillment of personal objectives. To encourage innovations and outstanding performance, awards viz., outstanding achievement awards, awards for Kaizens and Focus improvements are instituted.• Monthly HR report is prepared detailing the employee strength, training imparted, absenteeism, employment cost, disciplinary cases in progress are shared.• Annual budgets are prepared including the employee-related cost and subsidies are reviewed every month in the cost meeting and corrective actions taken for improvement• Surveys conducted periodically to assess the level of employee satisfaction and HR department draws the action plan and identifies areas for improvement. The results of the survey are shared in the Results Section.• The job Allocation meeting is being held daily & reviewed for improvement. The World-Class Manufacturing teams numbering 46 are operating with self-direction to achieve the objectives.• Standard Operating Procedures are in place. Kaizen and Focused Improvement Scheme are in place bringing out innovative and creative ideas of employees and the same are rewarded and implemented.• The Communication Meetings, Joint Safety Committee Meetings, Joint Canteen Meetings, Area Safety Meetings, are held regularly to encourage employee participation.BABASAB PATIL Page 52
  52. 52. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES• The organization has evolved a systematic approach to identify the training needs of employees for skill and competency building to meet the challenges of current business scenario. Training plans are formulated and implemented to enhance skill and knowledge level of the employee to achieve the desired performance.• The Employee Satisfaction Surveys are done periodically by an external agency to measure the Employees levels of satisfaction and steps are taken to implement feasible suggestions as per the requirement of the organization and to boost employee morale.• Safety, Health & Work Environment systems are audited & reviewed periodicallyBABASAB PATIL Page 53
  54. 54. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESSurvey on wealfare facilities and its impact on employee satisfaction1. Title of the project:Employee satisfaction survey of operative division at HINDALCO INDUSTRIESLIMITED (Belgaum Works)2. Statement of the problem:This particular topic is selected because Employee satisfaction is a very importantelement necessary for the smooth functioning of an organization. Employee surveysprovide a channel for employee to communicate their views on a wide range of issues intotal confidence .They help management to build up an accurate picture of howemployees perceive the organization and highlight the causes of employee dissatisfaction.3. Purpose of the study:BABASAB PATIL Page 55
  55. 55. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESThe study has been conducted for gaining practical knowledge about HR practices andfulfillment of Masters Of Degree in Business Administration.4. Objectives of the study: To measure employee satisfaction level from different perspectives. To identify the perceived importance of satisfaction factors and the issues causing dissatisfaction. To propose recommendations for enhancing employee satisfaction to improve business performance.5. Scope of the study:The survey was conducted on Operative Level of HINDALCO.The questionnaire for thissurvey was framed considering those factors where corrective action can be taken atHINDALCO.From the result of the survey the HR department can take the correctiveaction to increase employee satisfaction and thereby increase productivity.BABASAB PATIL Page 56
  56. 56. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES RESEARCH DESIGN a) The research design used is descriptive .the primary information collected through questionnaire b) Data collection method: the information necessary for this survey is collected by trapping primary and secondary sources.  Primary sources a) Questionnaire b) Personal interaction  Secondary sources • Previous reports • Related informationBABASAB PATIL Page 57
  57. 57. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES c) Procedure adopted for distribution the questionnaire: the questionnaires were personally given to each employee d) Sampling design: Sampling allows us to concentrate our attention upon a r relatively small no of people and hence devote more energy to ensure that the information collected from them is accurate. e) Population: for conducting survey the universe is all the sampling at HINDALCO industries Ltd the population size is 700 employees f) Sampling unit: it consists of employee from all the 18 departments g) Sample frame and size: the sample size is 109 employees. This sample is selected from the list of employees.INTRODUCTION OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTIONBABASAB PATIL Page 58
  58. 58. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESIt is realising the direct relationship between happy employeesThe key measure to employee satisfaction is,  Employee retention  Productivity  Customer satisfaction  ProfitabilityAll the above mentioned factors are obtained only if the employees are satisfied .This isbecause satisfied employees tend to be more creative ,tend to accept challenging jobswhich is an promotional opportunity to them .They tend to be more productive .Employees with higher job satisfaction:Believe that the organization will be satisfying in the long run . Care about the quality of their work are more committed to the organization Have higher retention rates, and are more productive.TYPICAL DIMENSIONS OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTIONBABASAB PATIL Page 59
  59. 59. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESEmployee satisfaction surveys can cover as many or as few topics as are required by yourorganization. Some of these topics include: • Job satisfaction • The company as a place to work • Organization direction, strategy and goals • Employee morale • Organizational relationships • Supervision • Management • Leadership • Culture, values and behaviours • Company image • Benefits • Compensation and rewards/incentives • Recognition and promotion • Training and development • Career opportunities • Quality products and services • Internal/external communications • Organizational change • Any other topics of interest to managersBABASAB PATIL Page 60
  60. 60. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESDiscrepancy TheoriesTwo-Factor Theory •Motivators –Responsibility –Challenge –Job Control •Hygiene factors –Pay –Benefits –CoworkersEmployee satisfaction has two components1. Hygiene issues2. Motivation issues1) THE HYGIENE ISSUES ARE:1. Company and Administration Policy: They should be updated and accessible to allthe employees so that the employees are aware of all policies of the organization.BABASAB PATIL Page 61
  61. 61. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES2. Supervision: The supervisor should have the good leadership qualities and shouldgive positive feedback at regular interval.3. Salary: Employees want to be paid according to their competence and hard work.4. Interpersonal Relations: It is the relation with the superior, peer and subordinate.The employees should be given time for socialization .i.e. during lunch, tea break etc.4. Working conditions: The working environment should be good so that the employees will have sense of pride in working for the organization and should be provided with the necessary facilities and adequate space work efficiently.2) THE MOTIVATION ISSUES ARE:1. Work: The work should make employees believe that the work they are doing isimportant.2. Achievement: All employees want to do a good job and make use of their talent.3. Recognition: Employees should be rewarded for high performance by bonus or at leastpraising their efforts.4. Responsibility: Employees should be given enough freedom or power to carry outtheir task .They should have ownership of work and be given challenging work.5. Advancement: Loyalty and performance should be rewarded by providingopportunities for career development.BABASAB PATIL Page 62
  62. 62. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESThe absence of hygiene issues is a source of dissatisfaction. While increase in themotivation factors, will increase in employee satisfaction .the hygiene issues should bedealt first and then the motivation issues should be given considerations .Bigger paychecks rarely equate with higher job satisfaction.BABASAB PATIL Page 63
  63. 63. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Doing job in alternative ways is encouraged 60 50 50 39 40 30 Series1 20 10 6 3 2 0 Stongly Some What Some what Strongly Neither Agree Agree disagree Disagree agree nor disagree Doing job in alternative ways is encouraged In Responses % Stongly Agree 42 39 Some What Agree 55 50 Some what disagree 7 6 Strongly Disagree 3 3 Neither agree nor disagree 2 2 Employees at HINDALCO agree that doing job in alternative ways is encouraged Apart from this, some employees believe that every time it is not encouraged because It may effect the production department. Infrastructure provided enables to do job better 50 40 30 Series1 20 10BABASAB PATIL 0 Page 64 Stongly Some What Some what Strongly Neither Agree Agree disagree Disagree agree nor disagree
  64. 64. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Infrastructure provided enables to do job better Responses In % Stongly Agree 50 46 Some What Agree 44 40 Some what disagree 11 10 Strongly Disagree 4 4 Neither agree nor disagree 0 0 46% of the employees agree that Infrastructure provided to them in their department enables them to do job better. 40% of the employees are quite satisfied with the infrastructure provided to them.BABASAB PATIL Page 65
  65. 65. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES This particular question is taken to find out whether the employees are satisfiedwith the infrastructure or not. As we can see in the graph that 46%of the employees aresatisfied with the infrastructure provided. At Hindalco a lot of importance is given tohouse Keeping. The department who follows The Housekeeping Concept is beenawarded by the works manager. The employees of Hindalco have a good infrastructure /Good working conditions the are provided with necessary facilities and adequate space towork efficiently. Materials & equipments are provided at right time and right place 50 40 30 Series1 20 10BABASAB PATIL 0 Page 66 Stongly Some What Some what Strongly Neither Agree Agree disagree Disagree agree nor disagree
  66. 66. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Materials & equipments are provided at right time and right place Responses In % Strongly Agree 39 36 Some What Agree 48 44 Some what disagree 15 14 Strongly Disagree 6 6 Neither agree nor disagree 1 1  Employees at Hindalco agree that the materials and equipments are timely provided.  Some employees strongly feel that materials and equipments get late.  Some of them disagree for this because every time they have to approach their Supervisor.BABASAB PATIL Page 67
  67. 67. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Safety measures are good 80 70 60 50 40 Series1 30 20 10 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agree Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree Safety measures are good Strongly Agree 79 72 Some What Agree 24 22 Some what disagree 5 5 Strongly Disagree 1 1 Neither agree nor disagree 0 0  The above observation reveals that Safety measures provided to the Employees Of HINDALCO are good and is up to the satisfaction level.  About 5% of the total employees are not that satisfied with the safety measures provided . You get opportunity to do good at  Employees are provided with shoes raincoat, masks and goggles. 45 40 35 30 25 Series1 20 15 10 5BABASAB PATIL 0 Page 68 Stongly Some What Some what Strongly Neither Agree Agree disagree Disagree agree nor disagree
  68. 68. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES You get opportunity to do good at Strongly Agree 43 39 Some What Agree 46 42 Some what disagree 17 16 Strongly Disagree 3 3 Neither agree nor disagree 0 0  42% of the Employees get an opportunity to do in which they are good at.  39% of them are getting complete opportunity which they are good at.  Apart from this, about 17% of the total employees do not agree the statement.Employees agree that they are given chance to do the work in the field which they are Grievances and complaints handled in timeinterested and having knowledge of that field. 60 50 40 30 Series1 20 10BABASAB PATIL Page 69 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agree Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree
  69. 69. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Grievances and complaints handled in time Strongly Agree 15 14 Some What Agree 52 48 Some what disagree 26 24 Strongly Disagree 15 14 Neither agree nor disagree 1 1  The above tabular column reveals that their complaints and grievances are handled, up to their satisfaction Level.  There is high factor of some what agree reveals that there is need of handling grievances and complaints  Apart From this, about 24% of employees are unsatisfied.  14% of the total employees are disagree that there complaints and grievances are not handled. Opportunity to learn & grow5040302010BABASAB PATIL Page 70 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Disagree Neither agree nor Agree disagree disagree
  70. 70. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Opportunity to learn & grow Stongly Agree 49 45 Some What Agree 45 41 Some what disagree 10 9 Strongly Disagree 5 5 Neither agree nor disagree 0 0  This question was asked to know the agreement level of employees, of getting an opportunity to learn and grow in the work place.  About 45% of total employees agree they get opportunity for get more knowledge in the dept.  Apart from this, 5% of the total employees believe that they wont get opportunity to learn more.This opportunity can be gained by the employee during the training that is provided. Ifthe employee’s growth remains stagnant then it is a cause of worry to the Company. Sothe employee should grab an opportunity and the company should provide goodopportunity to the employees so that it will enhance their skillsBABASAB PATIL Page 71
  71. 71. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Recreational facilities are good 50 40 30 Series1 20 10BABASAB PATIL Page 72 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agree Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree
  72. 72. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Recreational facilities are good Stongly Agree 48 44 Some What Agree 40 37 Some what disagree 11 10 Strongly Disagree 2 2 Neither agree nor disagree 8 7  From the above table it is observed that employees are satisfied with the recreational facilities provided at HINDALCO. Cultural activities are good60504030 Series12010 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agreeBABASAB PATIL Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree Page 73
  73. 73. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Cultural activities are good Strongly Agree 54 50 Some What Agree 41 38 Some what disagree 7 6 Strongly Disagree 1 1 Neither agree nor disagree 6 6  The above table reveals that employees are satisfied with the cultural activities conducted at HINDALCO.  About 6% of the total employees do not agree for the statement.  Some of the employees are not became the member of the club, so 6% of them belong to this neither agree nor disagree. Communication metting is useful 45 40 35 30 25 Series1 20 15 10 5 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agreeBABASAB PATIL Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree Page 74
  74. 74. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Communication meeting is useful Stongly Agree 44 40 Some What Agree 38 35 Some what disagree 17 16 Strongly Disagree 8 7 Neither agree nor disagree 2 2  About 40% of the total employees are quite satisfied with the communication meeting at canteen.  16% of the total employees some what disagree for the statement.The works manager basically holds the communication meeting that is Mr. V.R. AgarwalThis meeting is very informal. In this meeting the works manager discusses variousissues of the company, progress of the company. This question is asked to know whetherthe works manager gets a chance to talk to the employee or not.BABASAB PATIL Page 75
  75. 75. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Job promotions are fair & objective 40 35 30 25 20 Series1 15 10 5 0 Stongly Some What Some what Strongly Neither Agree Agree disagree Disagree agree nor disagreeBABASAB PATIL Page 76
  76. 76. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Job promotions are fair & objective Stongly Agree 17 16 Some What Agree 41 38 Some what disagree 28 26 Strongly Disagree 19 17 Neither agree nor disagree 4 4  The above tabular column reveals that ,employees agree that promotion at HINDALCO are fair.It is based on performance and not on Favoritism.  About 16% of the employees are quite satisfied with the promotions.  There is high factor of some what agree in job promotion i.e. 38%  26% of employees are some what disagree for the promotions. Welfare facilities are well maintained 70 60 50 40 Series1 30 20 10 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agreeBABASAB PATIL Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree Page 77
  77. 77. HINDALCO INDUSTRIESWelfare facilities are well maintainedStrongly Agree 25 23Some What Agree 67 61Some what disagree 12 11Strongly Disagree 3 3Neither agree nor disagree 2 2This question is asked to see whether the employees of Hindalco are satisfied with thewelfare facilities or not. The employees of Hindalco are provided with many welfarefacilities like there are quarters. Community center, canteen, bus facilities, etc  23% of the employees agree that they are provided with many welfare facility.  There is high factor 61% of the employees somewhat agree for the statement. . Transportation facilities are good 70 60 50 40 Series1 30 20 10 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agree Agree disagree Disagree nor disagreeBABASAB PATIL Page 78
  78. 78. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Transportation facilities are good Stongly Agree 65 60 Some What Agree 28 26As Some what disagree 10 9 Strongly Disagree 4 4Hindalco Neither agree nor disagree 2 2Industries is on the out skirts of Belgaum City transport facilities is a must. This questionis particularly asked to find whether the transport facility are good and timely or not. Thetransport facility in Hindalco works round the clock because the work is done in shifts.Buses are provided for the employees and even for the children of the employees  It is agreed that transport facility is provided timely and up to the satisfaction level.  About 4% of the total employees are not satisfied with the transport facility.BABASAB PATIL Page 79
  79. 79. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Fringe benifits are good 60 50 40 30 Series1 20 10 0 Stongly Some What Some what Strongly Neither AgreeBABASAB PATIL Agree disagree Disagree agree nor Page 80 disagree
  80. 80. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Fringe benefits are good Strongly Agree 23 21 Some What Agree 52 48 Some what disagree 23 21 Strongly Disagree 7 6 Neither agree nor disagree 4 4  From the above tabulation it is observed that employees are satisfied with the fringe benefits provided at HINDALCO.  About 21% of the total employees are quite satisfied with the fringe benefits provided . Apart from salary the employees should be given some benefits life welfare facilities,fringe benefits etc. The employees of Hindalco are also given fringe benefits. Thisquestion is asked to know whether the employees are satisfied with the fringe benefits ornot.BABASAB PATIL Page 81
  81. 81. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Medical facilities are good 60 50 40 30 Series1 20 10 0 Stongly Agree Some What Some what Strongly Neither agreeBABASAB PATIL Page 82 Agree disagree Disagree nor disagree