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SWOT analysis,
PEST analysis,
balance scorecard,
value chain analysis,
Mc Kinsey' s 7 model

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  1. 1. BY S URYADE V M AIT Y R E G. N O - 12397104
  2. 2. Balance Score Card • Salary 3.4 • Work Life Balance 3.8 • Corporate Culture 3.5 • Rewards & Recognition 3.4 • Participative Management 3.5 • Learning & Development 3.8 • Career growth Plan 3.2 • Communication 3.4
  3. 3. value chain analysis • The acquisition of Novelis will help Hindalco round off its production capacities in many ways. The US-based aluminium sheet producer brings higher value-added products and will help Hindalco capture a larger portion of the value chain. The deal will add substantially to Hindalco's balance sheet. Novelis' turnover is nearly 3 times Hindalco's. • Hindalco will get rolled product capacity of nearly 2.8 mtpa (it currently has 0.2 mtpa of capacity). Total aluminium capacity added will be 3.01 mtpa. It will get an operating presence in 11 countries with 36 facilities, and will add nearly 13,000 employees to its rolls. Novelis caters to automotive, transportation, beverage and food packaging, construction and industrial and printing segments, among
  4. 4. • Hindalco has to ensure three things. First, the profitability of Novelis has to be brought up to respectable standards, if not to Hindalco's levels. Second, it has to make arrangements for the huge debt that would accompany the buy, and third, it has to make sure that this acquisition does not hit other expansion plans. • If Hindalco manages to do all three of the above, India will be home to two of the largest metal companies in the world — Tata Steel and Hindalco.
  5. 5. STRUCTURE Mc Kinsey' s 7 model
  6. 6. • STRATEGY The direction and scope of the Company over the long term. The strict implementation of the WMC policies is the strategy of the company which has managed to get the Company its global recognition. The Company has a few but firm long plans . • SYSTEM The company adopts Quality Management System (QMS). Each and every section / department / shop has to maintain a QMS manual in which all the rules, regulation, procedure etc. is mentioned. Right from major to minor activities details is explained in those manuals for assisting the new and existing workers. Also the company as a well-tried and efficient Cost Accounting System and Management Information System i.e., Systems Department. • SHARED VALUE This may be considered to “company purpose”. Super ordinate goals are the fundamental ideas around which a business is build. They are its main values. They are the board notions of future directions that the top management team infuse throughout the company they are way in which the team wants express its self to live its own mark.
  7. 7. • STAFF The Company follows a careful recruitment, training, and appraisal for both the operatives and management cadre through its able HR Department. The Company employs 800 employees and about 300 operatives and other contact workers. In Hindalco totally there are 747 employees, in that 501 workmen (unionized), 45 staff (unionized), 119 are local management and 82 head of roll. • STYLE Cmpany is known for its product and style follow. The company emphasises on quality and maximum utilization of resources. The company adopts “QUALITY MANAGEMENT POLICY” with help to increase efficiency and cost reduction. Decision is taken with involvement of subordinates and other staffs. Requirements and ideas of the subordinates are taken into consideration when the decisions are taken. A 360 degree feedback program that allows managers to question even Birla’s own leadership style. • SKILLS The company 5-S System, which was first originated in China, Quality assurance, KAIZEN etc are some of the disciplinary skills of the company. The entire Country knows the capabilities and competencies that exist within