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MBA- Presentation on HR Polices of leadi

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  • Expenses incurred in connection with following items are not allowed for reimbursement:All types of cosmetics, Hair Tonic, Bournvita, Ovaltine, Horlicks, Malts, Boost, Complan, drinking chocolate, etc.
  • To demonstrate employee care by the company.
  • Confidential information should be in encrypted form.
  • JSW Foundation, an independent Trust, which administers the social development initiatives of the JSW Group is chaired by Mrs. SangitaJindal.
  • Worlds largest heritage site.
  • JSW Steel Ltd.

    1. 1. JSW Steel Ltd.. Pranay Khobragade (90) Prashant Bajpai (91) Priyank Jain (92) Radhika Sharma(93) Rahul Sharma (94)
    2. 2. About “JINDAL Group”• The Jindal group is a US $ 15 billion conglomerate, which over the last three decades has emerged as one of Indias most dynamic business groups.• Founded in 1952 by Late. Shri.O.P. Jindal, a first- generation entrepreneur, it is today a leading steel producer, with interests spanning across the spectrum, from mining iron ore, to manufacturing value-added steel products."Where others saw walls, he saw doors“-Shri O.P.Jindal
    3. 3. Shri. O.P.Jindal Group (Smt.Savitri Jindal) Sajjan Ratan PrithviNaveen Jindal Jindal Raj Jindal-Jindal Steel & Power -JSW Steel Ltd. -JSW Stainless Ltd. Jindal Ltd. -JSW Energy Ltd. -PT Jindal -Jindal SAW ltd. -JSW Holdings Ltd. Stainless,Indonesia -Jindal Power Ltd. -Jindal SAW USA,LLC -JSW Infra & Logistics -Jindal Stainless-Jindal Petroleum Ltd. -Jindal ITF Ltd. Steelway Ltd. -Jindal Bolivia Ltd. -JSW Salem Works -Jindal Architecture -SV Trading Ltd. -Jindal Cement -JPOCL Ltd. -Hexa Securities &-Jindal Power Trading -JSOFT Solutions Ltd. -JSS Steelitalia Ltd. Finance Ltd. Company Ltd. -JSW Building Systems -Jindal Metal & Alloys -Parivartan City Infra. -JSW Bengal Steel Ltd. Ltd.
    4. 4. Some Key Points about JSW Steel ltd• JSW Steel Ltd. is one among the largest Indian Steel Companies in India today.• JSW Steel Ltd. consists of the most modern, eco- friendly steel plants with the latest technologies for both upstream & downstream processes.• Largest private sector steel manufacturer in terms of installed capacity.• Spread over 4000 acre of area in Bellary (Karnataka)• Present Capacity 14.3 MTPA.• Aiming to Reach 34MTPA By 2020.
    5. 5. Contd..• JSW – Ranked 4th in the ‘Best Companies to work with’ survey conducted by Business Today.• Placed 2nd in the Delhi Management for Association (DMA) Erehwon Awards for “Innovative HR Practices”
    6. 6. Product Portfolio of Hot Rolled Coils,CR CoilsJSW Steel Ltd. TMT Bars,Flats Galvalume, ,WRM,Rounds Galvanised Sheets,Slabs
    7. 7. VISION• Global recognition for Quality and Efficiency while nurturing Nature and Society.“It is said that in the journey of life, more important than where you are, is where you are heading to..” - Sajjan Jindal, Chairman and Managing Director, JSW Steel Ltd.
    8. 8. MISSION• Supporting Indias growth in Steel Domain with speed & innovation .
    9. 9. CORE VALUES Drive with Differentiate YoungCrystal Clear Leadership the Benefit Thinking
    10. 10. ORGANISATIONAL HIERARCHY Managing Director CEO L18 (Sr. V.P) L17 (V.P) L16 (A.V.P) L15 (G.M) L14 (D.G.M) & L13 (A.G.M) L11 (Manager) –L12 (Sr.Mgr) L10 (Deputy Mgr.) L9 (Asst. Mgr) /MT L8 Jr. Mgr/(GET) L3 (DET) –L7(Engg.)
    11. 11. CODE OF CONDUCT & DISCIPLINE Policy Comply with all lawful & Maintain Integrity Conduct in Best way Abide by Rules reasonable orders MisconductTheft, Fraud & Taking Bribes, Absence from Duty Irregular Misuse of any Cash Dishonesty Illegal Gratification without Leave Attendance Advance by JSW PenaltiesMajor (Reduction of Salary, Demotion of Grade, Minor (Verbal Warning, Warning Letter, Suspension Termination of Services etc) of duty upto max of 3 days
    12. 12. Manpower PlanningObjective Policy Process• To Forecast Manpower Req. • Concerned HRD • Comprehensive data is• To provide for develop annual prepared for 3 years vacancies arising out manpower plan in rolling plan. of separations & consultation with line • Annual Manpower expansions. managers Budget plan is • Manpower Planning finalised by JMD & CEO based on Organization • Annual Manpower Business plans & Budget plan may be Anticipated vacancies broken into quarterly plan
    13. 13. Function Annual Manpower Budget Level / Designation Manpower Nos. Increase (+) Plan Quarter Decrease (-) Wise Current Plan Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4TMCL18 - Sr. V.PL17 - V.PL16 - AVPL15 - GML14 – DGML13 – AGML12 – SML11 - ManagerL10 – DML9 - AM People Policies & ProcessesL8 - JML7 – Executive/EngineerSubtotal (A)Total Outsourced (B)TraineesGETMT – CA / MBA /ICWA / CSDETOther Graduate / Post Graduate TraineesSubtotal (C)Grand Total A + B + C
    14. 14. Recruitment• Manpower budget for the companies is finalized and approved by the respective JMD & CEO and then communicated to Corporate HR• In order to initiate recruitment, the concerned function/department must submit a request to recruit, duly approved by the HOD, and the detailed Position description.
    15. 15. Conti...• All candidates are assessed on the basis of merit, job related skills and competencies only.• There is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, creed or sex.• Internal recruitment is promoted to provide job rotation, diversity and growth to existing employees.
    16. 16. Sourcing of Candidates Internal Job Posting (IJP) RecruitmentEmployee Advertise Referral ment Placement Consultants
    17. 17. Recruitment Process• Requisition for recruitment should be on the prescribed form• The CVs sourced by Human Resources will be examined and short listed by the department heads• Interview calls will be executed by concerned HR department• Candidates should be given adequate notice to attend interview• Reimbursement of interview expenses will be as per the Domestic Travel Policy of the company
    18. 18. Conti..• Details of compensation and related matters will be discussed with the candidate only by Human Resources and will be agreed mutually before the letter of appointment is issued.• Human Resources will fix salary after a thorough understanding of the candidate’s past experience, potential for job at hand as well as last drawn salary
    19. 19. Before you are selected• For the appointment of Manager and above grades, written approval of concerned JMD & CEO at plants and of Head Corporate HR at Corporate office.• For grades below Manager, written approval of the Functional Director and in case there is no Functional Director, then by the Senior V.P/V.P.• Pre-employment Medical check-up has to be cleared at the company’s selected hospital before the appointment letter is given to the selected candidate.• HR department shall carry out at least two reference checks of all the selected candidates
    20. 20. Induction Programme• One Week Induction Training Programme conducted in HR Auditorium• Lectures from HODs of various departments like Operation,Quality,Maintenance etc.• Wide range of Management games,Quizzes YOGA training Conducted.• Visit of each department is conducted in order to familiarise with Plant operations.
    21. 21. Service AgreementFor overseas trainingDuration of Period of Amount of BondForeign Training BondUp to 5 days 1 Year Total expenses incurred for the trip or Rs 1 Lakh, whichever is less.Up to 10 Days 2 Years Total expenses incurred for the trip or Rs 1.5 Lakhs, whichever is less.11 Days or more 3 Years Total expenses incurred for the trip or Rs 2 Lakhs, whichever is less.
    22. 22. Employee Retention• Covering all employees for MDP (Mgmt Development Prog.) ,LDP & PDP in premier B schools like IIM-B, IIM-A, MDI-G,NITIE ,NMIMS etc.• To achieve per employee training man days of more than 7days per year.• To conduct Employee Engagement Survey Through subsequent action planning for Organizational Development.• To integrate the post training evaluation with the Performance Management process for current year.
    23. 23. Policy No 44TRAINING Revision No Effective Date Issued By 03 April 01,2010 Corporate HR1.Objective2.Policy3.Process4.Service agreement for oversee training5.Training Honorarium6.Miscellaneous
    24. 24. 1.Objective1.1 To articulate the company’s philosophy onemployee training &Development. Training mustalign individual needs with the business needs.1.2 To provide guidelines to team members toplan and execute Training Programmes.
    25. 25. 2.Policy2.1.Human Resources will endeavor to provideapproximately 6 days (48 hours) of training per employeeon an annual basis. 3.Process3.1. Training needs will be identified from the PerformanceManagement process as well as the employees’ own senseof development needs. The senior management team of thecompany, based on their observation could also articulatethe training needs.
    26. 26. 3.2. Training needs will be collated by theconcerned Human Resources department andvalidated through the concerned functional head byJune every year. (E-Portal for training needs whereindividual can submit his/her requirements)3.3. For needs which are common in nature andextend across the organization, in- house trainingwill be facilitated by the concerned HumanResources department i.e. Local Human Resources /Corporate Human Resources, as the case may be.
    27. 27. 3.4.Employees having training needs, which areindividual and specialized in nature will be nominatedfor external programs – within India or overseasdepending on the kind of training.3.5.The immediate superior will initiate the nominationafter discussion with the concerned employee. Thenomination form should then be sent to the HumanResources, justifying the need of the employee to attendthe program and the action plan, which would be drawnup after the completion of the course. The HumanResources department will process the nomination andmake necessary payments to the institutes/agencies.
    28. 28. Recommending & Approving Authority Recommended by Approved byExternal Training in IndiaPlant Functional Head/HOD+HR JMD & CEO/Functional Head DirectorCorporate/Branches Corp.Functional Head / Director / Head Corporate HOD + Head Training HROverseas TrainingPlant Functional Head/HOD + JMD & CEO JMD & CEO + Plant HR HeadCorporate/Branches Crop.Functional Head/ HOD Director/Head Corporate + Head Corporate HR HR
    29. 29. 4.Training Honorarium4.1.All employees up to General Manager levelexcluding all employees from Human Resourcesdepartment of JSW who offer their services asinternal faculty for a seminar, workshop and/ortraining program coordinated by HumanResources Department will be entitled to anhonorarium as under.For one lecture, duration ranging from 1-3 Rs.300/-hoursFor a full day lecture, duration ranging Rs.500/-from 4-8 hours
    30. 30. Contd....• Training sessions conducted frequently are – “How to improve the Quality of life”, “Aao chale Lakshya ki Or” etc. to improve work life balance in employees
    31. 31. Policy No 07Summer Project and Training scheme Revision No 03 Effective Date April 01,2010 Issued By Corporate HR 1.Objective 2.Policy 3.Policy can be modified in future for the company
    32. 32. 1.Objective1.1.To provide opportunities to the youngManagement and Engineering students totransfer their knowledge gained in institutes toJSW group companies.1.2.To create awareness and build JSW brandamong the future engineering and managementprofessionals.
    33. 33. 2.Policy2.1.Each year in the month of December, the concerned HR willprepare the total requirement of such short term trainees inconsultation with the Functional Heads / JMD & CEOs.2.2.The number will depend on real life projects to be workedon in various functions. Typically, MBAs are given projects inMarketing, Finance, HR, Commercial, etc and Engineers are puton Technical Projects.2.3.Functions / Departments should not substitute theirmanpower requirement by taking summer / project trainees toperform routine nature of work. The summer / project traineeswill be taken for the short-term projects of 2-6 months and of aone time nature.
    34. 34. 2.4.The summer trainees / internshipwill be paid a fixed stipend as under: Institutes / Colleges Fixed Stipends (Rs.)Chartered Accountants1)First Attempts 30,000/- pm2)Multiple Attempts 20,000/- pmCompany Secretary/ ICWAI 20000/- pmMBAs students from1)Category A Institute Institute Category classified 30,000/- pm2)Category B Institute inline with Entry Level Policy. 20,000/- pm3)Category C Institutes/ 10,000/- pmOthersEngineering Graduates1)Category A Colleges IITs,BITS Pillani,IT BHU & ISM 20,000/- pm2)Category B Colleges NITs 15,000/- pm3)Others All other Institutes 8000/- pmProjects Work (for period of 5000/- pm6 months)
    35. 35. Continued….2.5.They will also be eligible for reimbursementof conveyance at actuals @Rs.3/- per Km. foroutdoor assignment connected with theirproject.2.6.In case they are required to travel outside inconnection with the project then such traineeswill be eligible for TA / DA as per L8 grade of thecompany.
    36. 36. Personal Dossier All records related to employment are filed into this dossier, which remains in custody of Human Resources department.• List of things to be maintained in the dossier: Papers related to personal records as declared by the candidate Papers related to awards and recognition. Papers related to the individual’s training and development. Matters related to disciplinary actions and / or punishment if any. Correspondence related to attendance, leave of absence, etc. Papers related to change in employee status. Any other agreement between the company and the employee. Increment & Promotion letters
    37. 37. Service Conditions• Confirmation Of Trainees: Trainees are confirmed and absorbed after successful completion of training period. Half yearly evaluation will be conducted in the 6th and 12th month by the HOD.• Probation: Employees, joining the services of the company in level L12 (Sr. Mgr) and below, would be under probation for the period of six months. During the probation period the evaluation will be done in the 3rd & 6th month respectively.• Transfer: Being a multi-location organization, at times it becomes necessary to transfer an employee from one location to another either to meet the company’s requirements or for his / her career growth.
    38. 38. Service Conditions(Contd.)• Separation: Resignation: Notice period will be of three months for all confirmed employees (Jr. Manager & above). For other confirmed employees, notice period will be of one month. For trainees and employees on probation, it would be a period of seven days. Exit interviews will be conducted for all employees leaving the services of the company due to resignation. Retirement The HR head will serve the retirement intimation to the employee three months prior to the date of retirement Level Retirement Age Whole time Director 62 years DGM & Above 60 years Below DGM 58 years
    39. 39. Service Conditions(Contd.) Termination: Termination or involuntary separation of an employee shall only be done, in case he / she has committed the following: Chronic non-performance / absenteeism Financial irregularities Physical manhandling Sexual Harassment Any other serious act / breach of duties which adversely affect the business interest and image of the company.
    40. 40. Working Hours & Attendance• Plants: 9 am to 6.00 pm – Monday To Saturday (for office & administration staff)• Corporate Office :9.30 am to 6.00 pm – Monday To Saturday (1st,3rd, 5th week)• All employees are required to punch their identity cards at the reception, where no electronic attendance system is available, employees will sign the attendance registers.• For every 4 late comings in a month, one-day leave will be adjusted.
    41. 41. Leave• Privilege Leave (PL): 24 working days While availing PL, intervening weekly offs and paid holidays are excluded. Out of 24 PL per year, an employee has to necessarily avail minimum 10 days in each calendar year and the balance 14 PL can be carried forward, subject to a maximum ceiling of 180 days.• Casual Leave (CL): 7 working days CL cannot be combined with any other kind of leave. However, it can be prefixed or suffixed with weekly offs and/or public holidays. Unused CL shall lapse at the end of the calendar year and cannot be encashed at the time of separation.• Sick Leave (SL): 7 working days If the available quantum of SL is insufficient and duration of sickness is more, PL can be combined with SL to cover the period of illness. Unavailed SL is added to PL , which can be encashed .
    42. 42. Leave• Maternity Leave (ML) All female employees shall be entitled to maternity leave for a period not exceeding 12 weeks. ML shall not be allowed on more than 2 occasions during the entire service of the employee.• Leave Without Pay (LWP) LWP will be granted in exceptional cases, when all admissible leave has been exhausted. LWP will be approved by the JMD & CEO / Director / Corporate HR, as the case may be.• Recall from Leave The company, in interest of work, may recall, any employee who is on leave. Special Disability Leave (SDL)• Employee who has become disabled and temporarily unfit to work on account of injuries due to accidents arising out of and in course of employment shall be allowed SDL with full salary, allowances, benefits, subject to production of Medical certificates.
    43. 43. Performance Appraisal• It is an yearly exercise starting with filling up of KRA (Key Result Area) Form by the employees.• Mid Year Review Form: The employee has to describe in detail as to how much progress has been made on the areas targeted in the KRA Form by him/her 6 months before.• Before the end of the financial year a Performance Appraisal Form is filled by the employee citing how and how much of the target set in KRA Form has been achieved.• Immediate boss and Department VP asses the form and give rating to the employee.• The HOD then scrutinizes the form and calls the employee for a one to one interview.• Finally, the form is sent to HR Department for evaluation.
    44. 44. Exceptional Performance Appraisal• To recognize the exceptional performance of an individual or a team which has performed beyond the normal scope of work, with an element of creativity / innovation making visible impact on the process output.• Employees upto Manager level are eligible for this scheme.• Exceptional Performance for this purpose means efforts resulting into:-Improved system / process-Decreased cost / Increased Revenue-Trouble shooting-Improved Cycle Time / Efficiency-Improved Customer Satisfaction• Reward of Rs. 10000 – Rs. 15000 by Exceptional Award Committee after examination.
    45. 45. CompensationObjective The purpose of this policy is to assist the employees in understanding the various components of Compensation.Policy & Philosophy The compensation philosophy is to drive results and behaviour of employees consistent with the organizational goals. The group believes in competitive compensation to attract and retain talent.
    46. 46. Compensation Compensation Components Compensation Benefit Components Deductions
    47. 47. Compensation Components PerformanceBasic Salary FPI AllowanceHouse Rent Medical VPIAllowance Allowance CityConveyance Compensatory Allowance Allowance
    48. 48. People, Policy & ProcessBasic salary:• Basic salary is determined as applicable to the grade and industry standards.House Rent Allowance (HRA):• To assist the employees to meet their housing needs at the work place.Conveyance Allowance:• To assist employees to meet local conveyance expenses.
    49. 49. Compensation ComponentsCar Allowance:• To assist the middle and senior level employees i.e. “Assistant General Manager to Sr. Vice President ” to own a car, and to provide them with mobility to improve their effectiveness.City Compensatory Allowance:• To assist the employees to bear the high cost of living prevailing in an urban area or a city.
    50. 50. Compensation ComponentsMedical Reimbursement/Allowance• To assist the employees to meet their routine medical expenses for Self, Spouse and identified dependent family members.• Includes treatment under Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy.• The “Annual Health Check up” conducted in the first quarter of the financial year at all locations.• At Vijayanagar, the check up is conducted at own hospital. For other locations, the local HR will undergo tie up with a reputed hospital .
    51. 51. Compensation ComponentsPerformance Reward: Performance reward is given as per the company policy. The amount varies from year to year and is paid monthly.Fixed Production Incentive (FPI): FPI is payable to employees below Asst. General Manager (below L13). The amount varies with the level of the employee as per policy.Variable Production Incentive (VPI): VPI is payable to employees below Asst. General Manager grade depending on Production and Techno Economic Factors achievement.
    53. 53. Benefits (Annual)Leave Travel Assistance (LTA): To assist employees to visit their home town or any other place in India with their family members during privilege leave Bonus: As per the provisions of the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 / the appointment letter, the bonus will be paid to the employee annually in the first quarter of the new financial year. 360 Degree FeedbackVariable Pay: It is payable annually to AGM & above grade employees (L13 & above), as per company policy.
    54. 54. Provident Fund Life ProfessionInsurance Deductions TaxPremium Income Tax
    55. 55. DeductionsProvident Fund (PF): Monthly PF deduction at the rate of 12% of the basic salary with matching contribution by the company. Part of the company contribution to PF goes to family pension scheme as per prevailing rules.Profession Tax (PT): Profession tax is deducted from salary as per the rate applicable to the state in which the employee is presently working.Income Tax (IT): Income tax is deducted at source as per rules. The employees are required to submit proof of investment for the purpose of seeking IT exemptions, if any.Life Insurance Premium (LIP): Deductions can be made from the salary on account of personal life insurance policies taken by the employee. The premium would be deducted from the salary if an employee so requests in writing to the Human Resources department.
    56. 56. Employee Welfare Providing Mera Sujhav opportunities for initiative growth Initiative Employee generated PerformanceTraining quality Suggestion savings of INR. management Appraisals 80 crores (in process the last 5 years)
    57. 57. Employee Communication• An exercise across the plant for all employees to voice their opinions, issues and suggestions to the top management.SAMPARK SAMOOH
    58. 58. Jindal Sanjeevani HospitalIndian Institute of Materials Management JSW IGNOU Centre(IIMM),
    59. 59. Best Safety Best man Award Bravery suggestion and award Courage Exemplary Intellectual work property Best BestEmployee Awards Contractor Award
    60. 60. MISCELLANEOUS BENEFITSMarriage • One time cheque of Rs. 10,001/- • or a gift item equivalent to Rs. 10,001/- GiftsVisiting • Employees at the level of Deputy Manager & above • Two hundred visiting cards per year will be given Cards from the grades of Executive to Assistant Manager. • Employees at Plant locations are entitled to threeUniforms sets of uniforms • Free of cost, annually.
    61. 61. Penalty1. The company shall take a “zero-tolerance” approach against sexual harassment. Appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken (including termination) against the guilty, depending on the intensity of the sexual harassment conduct.2. If the investigations reveal that the complainant has raised a false complaint with malafide motives, HR Head shall initiate appropriate disciplinary action, while ensuring that others are not discouraged from raising complaints in the future.
    62. 62. SECURITYTo protect the resources of the organization an create an environment that isconducive to sound security practices • Proper record of employees, associates and visitors with regard to identification, time and purpose. Physical • Proper accounting and check of all material both in Qty and specification moving in or out of the company . • Confidential information transmitted over anyInformation communication n/w should be in encrypted form. • Confidential information should not be faxed.
    63. 63. Corporate Social Responsibility• Vision “ Empowered Communities with Sustainable Livelihoods.”• Mission “To contribute towards the social & economic development of communities, especially women & children.”• JSW Group is among the very few companies in the country who have committed 1.5% of their net profit towards Corporate Social Responsibility activities.• Spent Rs. 32 crores(2010-11) on CSR activities.
    64. 64. Education Arts,Culture & HealthHeritage EmpowermentEnvironment Sports
    65. 65. Education School• JSW lays strong infrastructure emphasis on Primary, Secondary Mid-day and Vocational Mentoring Meal students education. Schemes• Akshaya Patra (mid-day meal)• Jindal Vidya Scholarships Training of Mandir. to Rural Teachers• Village Learning Computer Centers (VLC). Education
    66. 66. Heritage conservationJSW Foundation is involved in preservation,conservation and restoration of Heritage buildings.
    67. 67. ArtsART India Magazine Jindal Art Center• JSW also promotes a • Mrs Sangita Jindal on the quarterly publication Art invitation of the National India‘ to promote, Centre for the Performing debate and discuss on Art. Arts, established the JSW Foundations cultural wing,• This magazine has been the Jindal Arts Centre (JAC). recognized by the New York Times as “The only serious art magazine” in the region.
    68. 68. Environment• To create an environmental friendly environ, the Foundation builds model villages by developing rural infrastructure complete with roads and drainage system.• The Foundation also sensitizes rural eco-friendliness through enhanced tree planting.• Received the Green-tech Foundation’s Gold Award in metal and mining sector - 2006 for outstanding achievement in environment management.
    69. 69. Health• JSW focus on Public Health System and encouraging medical .• Aims to reduce the prevalent bench marks in:• Child Mortality Maternal Health• Malnutrition HIV – AIDS
    70. 70. Women EmpowermentJSW is aware that in most rural areas women are major source of support to families.Helping them through:• Formation of Self Help Groups (SHG)• Enterprise Promotion• Training in Non-Conventional Operations• Datahalli -Transforming village women into BPO
    71. 71. National Sustainability AwardCII Award for Business ExcellenceIndia Manufacturing Excellence Award Innovative HR Practices DMA Erehwan HR Innovative Awards City’zen-Corporate with a Design commitment Best Practices in Talent Management Award LondonSilver Award in metal and mining sector