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Every Day in WA


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A K - 3 Slideshow to recognise and learn about WA Day.

Published in: Education
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Every Day in WA

  1. 1. K - 3 PRIMARY SLIDESHOW Every Day in WA
  2. 2. No School! WA DAY we commemorate On Monday 4th June Perth City Hiking Holidays Wave Rock North West Countryside
  3. 3. SUNDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A Whatdoyougetupto onSundays?
  4. 4. MONDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A What do you do on�� a Monday?
  5. 5. TUESDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A What about Tuesdays?
  6. 6. WEDNESDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A What�might you do on a� Wednesday?
  7. 7. THURSDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A How about Thursdays?
  8. 8. FRIDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A What is something you do on Friday?
  9. 9. SATURDAY E V E R Y D A Y I N W A Do you do something different on Saturday?
  10. 10. W H E R E D O W E L I V E ?
  11. 11. Copyright � 2017 Celebrate WA WA DAY WEBSITE
  12. 12. Copyright � 2017 Celebrate WA ACTIVITIES FROM THE WA DAY TOOLBOX! TOOLBOX LINK
  13. 13. Western Australia Day (formerly known as Foundation Day) is a public holiday in Western Australia, celebrated on the first Monday in June each year to commemorate the founding of the Swan River Colony in 1829. HISTORY Our State Flag Our Coat of Arms Early exploration, James Stirling, Swan River Map Early interactions with Aboriginal Australians Image Links:
  14. 14. Webinar: Weds 30th 7.30pm WST Helping teachers to manage differentiation and consolidation of classroom learning. WEBINAR SIGN-UP NOTIFY ME OF FUTURE PD SEND ME THE REPLAY* * The replay is sent automatically to everyone who signs up for the webinar
  15. 15. Webinar Replays ...
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  17. 17. Just a quick look at Mastery Learning Folders ... VIDEO