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Chinese new year


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Chinese new year

  1. 1. Chinese New Year Len Ciemniecki
  2. 2. Summary• The Chinese New Year is the largest and longest Chinese celebration of the year. It is to celebrate the start of the new year. The Celebration is 15 days long with parties, food , costumes, and fireworks.
  3. 3. Decorations
  4. 4. Decorations• During the Chinese New Year there are many decorations. During the celebration you will see a lot of flowers showing the blooming of the new year and shows a year of prosperity. Also you will oranges and tangerines is a common gift to family and friends and shows the friendship and happiness. Of course candy is a big part put into a circle or octagon shaped bowl and the different candies symbolize different parts for good for fortune.
  5. 5. Entertainment
  6. 6. Entertainment• Northern Lion Dance• Festival of Lanterns• Dancing Dragon• Chinese New Year Countdown• Dragon Dance• Red Envelope Hand Out
  7. 7. Food
  8. 8. Food• Food is big in any kind of party, but for the Chinese New Year they have many different foods that mean different things in the culture. Fish, Garlic Chives, Turnips, Fish Balls, Meat Balls, Rice Powder Pudding, and Dumplings. These are main foods eaten during the festivals they mean many things like everlasting life, good omens, advance toward higher positions and prosperity step by step, reunion.
  9. 9. Traditions
  10. 10. Traditions• The Chinese New Year has many traditions, one if the dinner it is the most important dinner of the year. Also…..• Fireworks• Shou Sui• Red Packets• Small Year• Cleaning• Decorations
  11. 11. Past & Present Differences
  12. 12. Past & Present Differences• Over the years the Chinese New Year has changed but has stayed the same too. The traditions of the New Year have stayed over many years, but there has been advances in technology so the costumes and fireworks, and parade animal have become more sophisticated, making it more exciting every year.
  13. 13. All Over the World
  14. 14. All Over the World• The Chinese New Year is celebrated in almost all countries across the world. Outside of Asia Sydney Australia claims to have the largest Chinese celebration. London, New York, Boston, and Las Angeles all have great parades through there cities in honor of the Chinese New Year.
  15. 15. Chinese New Year Video• This video is the highlights of the 2009 Chinese new Year in Sydney.•
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