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ANZAC Day School Slideshow


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A slideshow for primary-aged students, most suited to Years 2 - 6.

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ANZAC Day School Slideshow

  2. 2. It's been over 100 years since Australia was involved in the First World War. TRUE OR FALSE?
  3. 3. TRUE
  4. 4. The ANZAC's fought in Gallipoli. TRUE OR FALSE?
  5. 5. The ANZAC's first battle was in Gallipoli. TRUE
  6. 6. The ANZAC's joined the war in 1918. TRUE OR FALSE?
  7. 7. FALSE Australian and New Zealand� forces fought in the war in 1914, but the ANZAC's fought in 1915.
  8. 8. John Simpson was Australian. TRUE OR FALSE?
  9. 9. FALSE John Simpson was English.
  10. 10. Only poppies can be worn on ANZAC day. TRUE OR FALSE?
  11. 11. FALSE Rosemary and Poppies are used as symbols of remembrance and can both be worn on ANZAC day.
  12. 12. Medals�are meant to be worn on the left side. TRUE OR FALSE?
  13. 13. TRUE But if you are wearing someone else's medal, it should be worn on the right side.
  14. 14. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. TRUE OR FALSE?
  15. 15. TRUE
  16. 16. ANZAC soldiers were given the nickname 'mates'. TRUE OR FALSE?
  17. 17. FALSE The ANZAC soldiers had the nickname 'diggers'.
  18. 18. Simpson's�donkey was named 'Fluffy'. TRUE OR FALSE?
  19. 19. FALSE Simpson's donkey was called 'Duffy'.
  20. 20. Gallipoli is in Turkey? TRUE OR FALSE?
  21. 21. TRUE Gallipoli is often mistaken to be in Italy.
  22. 22. The first ANZAC day was on April 25th 1930? TRUE OR FALSE?
  23. 23. FALSE The first ANZAC day was on April 25th of 1916.
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