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Australian Science Week 2017


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A K - 3 Science Week slideshow about recycling including a link to Charlie and Lola's "Look After Your Planet" video. Simple classroom activities are included.

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Australian Science Week 2017

  1. 1. Looking After Our Planet at Home and School !
  2. 2. National Science Week is from 12th - 20th August. This year's theme is "Future Earth".
  3. 3. What can we do to make our earth a better place? Charlie and Lola have some ideas ...
  4. 4. With Charlie & Lola Teacher Note: 10 min You Tube video fast forward to start at 1 min Look After Your Planet Video
  5. 5. What ideas did Charlie and Lola have about looking after our planet?
  6. 6. Puppet Show Download Charlie & Lola Popstick Puppet Printables Small Groups (4 - 8 students) In pairs, create a puppet show to teach your group about how they can look after our planet at home and school.
  7. 7. What type of materials are recyclable? glass tin plastic paper
  8. 8. Some plastic recyclable packaging has this mark. The plastic that can be recycled depends on where you live. Many Australian local councils will recycle plastic that has the 1 or 5 triangular mark printed on it.
  9. 9. Lunch Box Investigation Let's take a look inside our lunch boxes to see if they contain any packaging that can be recycled. Look for the recycling mark on plastic packaging. Count and record how many glass, tin, plastic or paper items you discover.
  10. 10. Recyclables Graph Let's take make a graph of the materials that are recyclable in our lunch boxes. First, we will need to make a tally ...
  11. 11. Tally of Lunch Box Recyclables glass tin plastic paper
  12. 12. Lunch Box Recyclables Graph Create-A-Graph
  13. 13. Discussion What does our graph tell us about our lunch box recyclables?
  14. 14. Make Something New! Using recycled materials, create something new that you or your family can use.
  15. 15. Make Something New! Brainstormed ideas ...
  16. 16. Your new creation ... Share with your group how you made it and how it could be used ...
  17. 17. Not every student can learn the essential content and skills in the time we have available to teach and consolidate. Mastery Learning Folders are a hand-made or hardcover tool that supports the classroom learning program for remediation, consolidation or extension. Two minute Video
  18. 18. Booklist Providers A once off booklist purchase enables the Differentiated Master Learning Folder Strategy to be used with students across the primary school years.
  19. 19. This presentation was created for you by Nicola Carr-White.