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Radians School, Inc. News Letter, Issue 6

Radians School, Inc. News Letter, Issue 6
Non-Traditional Learning!
Graduate Success!
Math team & Much More!

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Radians School, Inc. News Letter, Issue 6

  1. 1. Radians Graduate Meets Justice Sotomayor Above, William José Burgos-Vega (in suit and tie) poses alongside Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor at the University of New Hampshire. S upreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor talks with Presidents, and members of University of New Haven Student Organizations, involved in the legal studies program and the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensics, during a visit to the University of New Haven last Friday October 24, 2014 in West Haven, Connecticut. William José Burgos-Vega is part of the Latin American Students Association that co-sponsored this important visit. William José graduated from Radians School in 2011. He currently studies Criminal Justice with a Major in International Justice and Security. A Virtues-Based Community Issue 6, November 2014 Everyone Preparing for Great “Parra-Zumba Navideña” Join us on December 14th Everyone feels the excitement in the air as the countdown to our big celebration begins! Remember to bring your family, friends, and neighbors to our huge party… Parra-Zumba!
  2. 2. The Radians Middle school has embraced non-traditional education and has increased students’ active participation in the classroom. With this increase in student participation comes deepened learning and development of critical analysis skills. Here we see 7th (Acevedo) carrying out a Cooperative Learning routine known as “Four Corners” in Prof Berrios’ History course. Students discuss different topics and themes, share ideas ,and come to conclusions. They establish and identify similarities and differences of opinions based on their interaction with other team members. As they move from station to station, the physical motion of these activities helps the student internalize the concepts and ideas and to express these to others. Along with acquiring a heightened sense of understanding of the topics, the students are also developing the necessary social skills of cooperation and collaboration which are very essential skills for the future success of any 21st century student. Non-Traditional Learning Embraced by 7th Grade Students Math Team to Represent Radians School In Mayaguez Competition Congratulations to the students who will represent Radians School in the Olimpiadas Matemáticas Competition at the UPR-Mayagüez Campus and to their teacher-trainers! A total of 35 students passed the first round of competitions against six thousand other students. 4th Grade Eduardo Adriano Heredia Sebastián Cordero Muñiz Pedro A. Flores García Gerardo A. Hernández Acosta Sebastián Rivera Santos 5th Grade Aleni Ayala Ponce Gustavo D. Hernández Luciano Ramón A. Rodríguez Meléndez Miguel Rodríguez Vicente Diego A. Torres Rodríguez 6th Grade Sebastián Adriano Heredia Valentina Bohórquez Suárez Gustavo Castellanos Torres Isabel V. Claudio García Carolina S. Rivera Rodríguez Andrés Rodríguez Rentas José R. Vázquez Pérez 7th Grade Andrea N. Burgos Pagán Yael O. González Ortega Nayeli P. González Vázquez Valeria Herrero Martínez Gabriel A. López Santiago Claudia M. Ramos Lugo Andrea N. Burgos Pagán Yael O. González Ortega Nayeli P. González Vázquez Valeria Herrero Martínez Gabriel A. López Santiago Claudia M. Ramos Lugo 8th Grade Delián Colón Burgos Paola N. Colón Ortiz Patrick Owen Cabán Coral S. Ramos Delgado 9th Grade Leiny D. Adriano Heredia Gabriela Gómez Dopazo Tatiana A. Martínez Roqué 10th Grade Nicole Collazo Santana Jonathan Moran Sierra 11th Grade Carlos J. Ramos Burgos Clara S. Santiago Rosado 12th Grade Kyarangelie Marti Torres The Math Team Faculty Trainers are: Prof. Johanna Ortiz Grades 4-6 Prof. Eddie Acevedo Grades 6-8 Prof. Oswaldo Colón Grades 9-12 MATH ROCKS! I  MATH!
  3. 3. FURA Gives Conference to Pre-School Students Pictured above and below are photos of the presentation of the FURA which was attended by pre-school students! The students were very excited and responded enthusiastically to the visit! Photos above: A Conference given by Steven Durán (father of the student Valeria Durán), Carmen Acosta, and Yesenia Robles to students from PK-6th grade. The students heard a presentation and watched a video on Dental Superheroes and a fun, learning experience was had by all. The students were given toothbrushes and paste and all day long they went to brush their teeth. Lesson learned!!! Elementary Students Conference on Tooth Care Above,the student Sofía I. Félix Suàrez ( kindergarten) with her mother Karen Suàrez Taboada.
  4. 4. Congratulations Sergio! Following is the email from Sheila Davila sent to Principal Sanchez Es con mucho orgullo que le quiero compartir a usted y a la familia del Colegio Radians que, Sergio Andrés Soria Dávila, junto a su equipo de baloncesto ADECAY 10U, han ganado su segundo campeonato consecutivo en el torneo Play Basketball Organization (PBO) 2014. Segio Andrés, quien cursa el 5to grado, ha ganado junto a su equipo de Cayey un Back-to-Back en esta liga y también otro campeonato este año en la Federación de Baloncesto de Puerto Rico. Carr 735 Km 0.4 Cayey, Puerto Rico 00736 (787) 738-4822 The FIRST and STILL the Only School in Puerto Rico recognized as a “National School of Character” National Blue Ribbon School “A great education is the best gift you can give your child” ENROLL NOW! Your child deserves a “Radians” education! Don’t Wait! Co-curricular Focus- ROBOTICS This year we offered a co-curricular activity (by invitation only) for our students to study, design, and build task-specific robots. Robotics offers students the opportunity to delve deeply into our STEM-based science program. Students learn about science while, at the same time, being engaged in a fun and interesting environment. Our after-school robotics course has the view of preparing our students for their future studies in our Award-winning STEM project-based high school science courses. It prepares the student in the areas of engineering, mathematics, and analytical thinking. These same students can later join our robotics team and compete on the national and perhaps go to the international level. GOOOOOOO RADIANS!!!!