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Volume XXVI, School Year 2014-2015, October to December Issue (25th Anniversary Special)
Sultanate of Oman
Tara Grace M. Gallardo
Lowella Genev. L. Lobaton
Associate Editor...
Students from Grades 3 to 10 of Philippine School Sultanate
of Oman took the Internat...
The National Hospitality In-
stitute (NHI) visited the Fourth Year
class last October 15 by some of the
teachers and a stu...
PSO GOES ONLINEby : Tara Grace Gallardo
The Philippine School has launched its own website for an easier access of the pub...
Last September 28 to October 2, students competed in various
competitions to showcase their Math-Sci skills and to improve...
PSO Delegation Competes in the 12th OKOR Middle East &
Africa Region Academic, Skills, & Talent Competition
The 12th
OKOR ...
PSians Express Gratitu
Philippine School Oman showed the people of Oman the beauty of the Philippines last
November 20-22,...
ude to OMAN
It's a festive time in Oman, the sleepy sultanate on the edge of
the Persian Gulf. The national day is Nov. 18...
by: Edrielle Anne Nachor
by: Lauren Gayle Lobaton
Continuing last year’s title as Champions of the 2014 MSSL (Muscat Secon...
The Philippine School was conceived in 1989 by the Filipino Overseas Workers through
the au...
The Philippine School undoubtedly never fails to produce great
students with Godly character, global mind and patriotic sp...
Jessie Malibiran Jr. and Jessamine Cadampog, start off the program
with their smil...
Mr. Ferdinand Marcelo launches the school’s
official website which he considers as a mark
of the...
Allow us to begin the glorious journey with a historical perspective. Let us take
you d...
The Grade 6 students outsta...
 Times of Oman
 Jotun
 Mr. Placid Reddy/Venus International
 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D’Costa
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Pacesetter Silver Anniversary Issue back to back with Graduation Issue


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This is our 2nd and 3rd issue for SY 2014-2015...still with some corrections in it. We had them for printing back to back to reduce cost since we exceeded the limit of issues and the number of books for the SY.

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Pacesetter Silver Anniversary Issue back to back with Graduation Issue

  1. 1. Volume XXVI, School Year 2014-2015, October to December Issue (25th Anniversary Special)
  2. 2. PHILIPPINE SCHOOL OMAN Sultanate of Oman Tara Grace M. Gallardo Editor-in-Chief Lowella Genev. L. Lobaton Associate Editor Jessie S. Malibiran Jr. Managing Editor PACESETTER EDITORIAL STAFF SY 2014-2015 Consultants: Mr. Pevwarti L. Sursigis Ms. Carmelita B. de Jesus Ms. Maria Carolina P. Layog Mrs. Herminia E. Garcia Mrs. Marilyn R. Rabino Section Editors: News Editor.Mithril Rowan P. Ado Community Editor.Doyinsola I. Ogunsakin Feature Editor.Arnold T. Villasis Jr. Literary Editor.Edrielle Anne L. Nachor Sports Editor.Lauren Gayle L. Lobaton Photojournalists.John Fitzgerald E. Levita, Aerlshel M. Muñoz, Samer Tareq Essa Editorial Cartoonist. Marck Herzon C. Barrion Contributors: Ezekiel James Villanueva. Alexandra Mutuc. Paulie Faye Meneses. Sudaea Vittora Agacer. Armaine Chryzelle Yambot. Kassandra Cata- pang. Denise Heart Ibisate. Praise Pangani- bam. John Maverick Alviar. Nathan Gerard Callang. Angel Alleia Basmayor. Ydelle Sharlize Villaflor. Jeanine Issa Orlino. Samuel John Dan- tis. Maria Angelika Banda. Chrezler MJ Ruiz.Larrgino Sabado. Mrs. Zenaida A. Dumo Adviser It was twenty-five years ago, when a miniscule seed was plant- ed in Omani soil. A seed that allowed everything that makes Philippine School Oman today exist. We have transferred from here to there and from there to here, have seen people come and go, have overcome challenges and sorrows. But now, as we celebrate our beloved school’s 25th year of triumph, greatness and passion, revelations, achieved dreams and wonderful nostalgia etch itself on the celebration. As the school marks the culmination of its 25-year-story, we offer gratitude to the pioneers, the government of the land, supportive stakehold- ers, able management and dedicated faculty and staff from the very beginning of the school right down to this present day. As John F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest apprecia- tion is not to utter words, but to live by them.” The best way of showing gratitude to Philippine School Oman, to the teachers who mold, to the staff who assist, to the parents who support and to the friends who encourage, is to uphold its teachings and to manifest what a true product of our school really means; a person with Godly character, global mind and patriotic spirit. Let us all help our hearts radiate the love and knowledge the school has offered us to touch the needy, the less fortunate and the sick. Let us also make use of our molded attitudes to serve as epitomes of excellence and faith in every step of the way to influence the youth. Through this, we would not just express our appreciation efficiently but we would also make the world a better place, a place where peace, love, joy and faith reign supreme. To our generous and forward looking benefactors, who made the school what it is today, thank you very much. Happy 25th Anniversary Philippine School Oman! 2
  3. 3. . MR. PEVWARTI L. SURSIGIS Principal Students from Grades 3 to 10 of Philippine School Sultanate of Oman took the International Benchmark Test (IBT) last November 24 to 26. The test covered lessons in Science, Math and English which contained forty to forty-five questions per subject that were to be answered within an hour. The IBT unveils the skills of the students by determining what their strengths and weaknesses are in the said three subjects. Schools are given a chance to compare and assess the skills and advancements of their students fairly with other schools around the world since the IBT does not follow any kind of curricu- lum. The Australian Council Education Research (ACER), known for being a world leader in educational research, assessment, and researching, are the developers of the International Benchmark Test. They have offered the IBT since 2007 until the present as the number of participating schools increase each year. Schools who participate are given a comprehensive assessment of each student, individual student reports, group reports, scaled scores, regional and interna- tional comparison scores and certificates to recognize them. A week before the IBT, students from the Philippine School of Oman were given a mock test in order for them to know what to expect when taking the IBT. Teachers were assigned as proctors for each classroom in order to keep an eye on the students and to be of help if ever questions regarding the IBT were asked. On the day of the IBT, students were required to bring sharpened pencils, eraser, sharp- ener and paper folders and were seated alphabetically according to their last name. As of now, students are eagerly waiting to find out the results of the IBT. TARA GRACE M. GALLARDO Editor-in-Chief As the end of the school year approaches, it is noteworthy to recollect on the variety of activities that provide productive and positive learn- ing opportunities to our children this year. Our students have tried and have given their best; whether it is in academics or in co-curricular to achieve a great deal of accomplishment that we can all feel proud of. Our students were honored for their exemplary performance in international assessments such as the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS ) and Progress in International Reading Literacy Study ( PIRLS) as well as regional assessments like the International Benchmark Test (IBT) where the school received acco- lades for amassing 86 awards. The school’s participation in these internation- al assessment programs is part of the school improvement plan to monitor the quality of education provided to our children. Likewise, it is necessary to reflect on the challenges and experienc- es that the Philippine School community has gone through in our journey towards the development of the school. Truly, these challenges and experi- ences will serve as our guiding principles as we envision for the continued improvement of the school. All of us, parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff play an im- portant role in the development of our children and improvement of the school; hence, our sincerest appreciation and thanks to our dedicated and passionate teachers and school personnel - the unsung heroes who have walked the extra mile for our students; and the support given by the parents, our partners in providing each and every PSian holistic, quality-laden and excellent education. Indeed, parental involvement in school matters in culti- vating the young minds. It strengthens learning and it is our collective respon- sibility to achieve the same goal – to inspire and encourage our students to realize their full potential. This school year is a milestone as we celebrated the school’s 25th founding anniversary. In celebration of the silver jubilee of the Philippine School, the Ministry of Housing approves the grant of 2,000 sq/m lot in Al Awabi to become the permanent home of PS. The launching of the school’s website ( is another hallmark which was created to benefit all school stakeholders. These accomplishments will not turn into reality without the unrelenting support of our parents, staff, BOTs and other school stakeholders for their hard work, and enthusiasm to make a positive impact as an integral member of the Philippine School community. The shared responsibility and their commitment will truly ensure that the Philippine School shall continue its noble mission to be of service to the chil- dren of Overseas Filipinos and other nationals in Oman. 3
  4. 4. The National Hospitality In- stitute (NHI) visited the Fourth Year class last October 15 by some of the teachers and a student representa- tive. The NHI brings world-class professional education and training solutions in cuisine, travel, tourism and hospitality. The visitation was initiated by the Guidance Office, headed by Mr. Ishwara T. Ramos. The students were informed about the benefits and the advantages of attending the world accredited institute. The NHI offers required skills in a limited time that will equip their students in the future. Furthermore, the fourth year students will be graduating soon and they will have at least a four month vacation, so the representatives and also Mr. Ramos encouraged those who will be staying in Oman for that long to take part in the short course offered because of the advantages it presents and the diploma given to them that can help them get a job while in the university. The visit ended with the hope that the fourth year students will be able to visit the National Hospitality Institute and experience it for at least a day. by: Jessie Malibiran Jr. by: Doyinsola Ogunsakin EQUIPPED. The fourth year students pose with the representatives from the National Hospitality Institute (NHI) after the career guidance program. GUIDANCE OFFICE SPEARHEADS CAREER PROGRAM PSO DELEGATES COMPETE IN SPELLING TILT Philippine School Oman students bring honor to the school as they shine at Spelligator, a spelling competition joined by 9,600 students across Oman, organized by Anita and Partners Co. LLC. The preliminary or elimination round, which was conducted in PS last 15th of October, was conducted in all participating schools across the nation. There were ten stu- dents from Level 1 (Grades 5-7) and ten students from Level 2 (Grades 8-9) that were able to reach the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals and semifinals were conducted in Pakistan School Muscat last 3rd and 4th of December respectively. Seven students qualified for the semifinals, Juliana Gelene H. Soriano, Emari Joy C. Cruz and Mithril Rowan P. Ado for Level 1 and Jessie S. Malibiran Jr., Najeel Ayra S. Barrios, Jessamine N. Cadampog and Ervin Jon A. Dagus for Level 2. However, it was filtered into two students from PSO after the semifinals, Juliana Gelene H. Soriano and Jessie S. Malibiran Jr. The final round of the tilt was held last December 9 in Qurum Private School. After hammering through words, Soriano wasn’t able to bring home the bacon for Level 1 but was able to showcase Philippine School Oman excellence. Malibiran on the other hand, was able to clinch the Runner-Up spot for Level 2, bringing out the message on behalf of PSO, being the first non-Indian school to win a title in the community school category of Spelligator. REPRESENTING PSO. The Philippine School Oman’s finalists and semifinalists at the Awarding Ceremony at Qurum Private School on the 10th of December. The PSO finalists, Jessie Malibiran Jr. and Juliana Gelene Soriano with their mentors, Mrs. Evangeline Arguelles and Mrs. Portia Lalaine Ramos sport victorious looks after the awarding. 4
  5. 5. PSO GOES ONLINEby : Tara Grace Gallardo The Philippine School has launched its own website for an easier access of the public about the school. The website contains information regarding the school’s history, the faculty and staff who are constantly working to reach the mission and vision of the school, the Administration and the school’s Board of Trustees. It also con- tains information about the school’s academic policies, curriculum, admission policies, and tuition and other fees for parents who are interested in enrolling their children to the school. News and events, photo gallery, job va- cancies and contact information are also available in the school’s website. The school’s website was officially launched during school’s 25th Anniversary celebration through Mr. Ferdinand Marcelo, Member and Academic Committee of the BOT. The school and its students would like to deeply pay thanks to the people behind the making of the school’s website and design which was done by Cirkle- IT. Don’t miss out! Check out the school’s website by going to this link: PSIANS JOIN HANDWRITING OLYMPIAD by: Arnold T. Villasis Jr. PSO GETS OWN LOT Last December 18, 2014, Dr. Rolaiza Roniel- la S. Singayao, the Chairman of the Board of Trus- tees, announced during the Philippine School’s 25th Anniversary Celebration that the Philippine School was given a 2,000 square meter lot in Al Awabi in Bausher. The 2,000 square meter lot in Al Awabi is where the new building of the Philippine School will be constructed. The contract is now in the hands of the Philippine School Oman. The construc- tion timeline and details have been announced in the Special Meeting last 28th February. by: Tara Grace Gallardo The students fill out their answer sheets for the 2nd Round of the Handwriting Olympiad. Students actively participated in the Handwriting Olympiad held last 20th of November 2014. The Hand- writing Olympiad (HWO) is a written competition which is conducted annually for students who wish to participate on an international level and get awarded for their good handwriting skills. It is a competition spearheaded by The- think Nxg International that was held in different partici- pating schools in Oman and in the world. This competition has four different levels: school, state, national and international. It aims to improve the handwriting of students, change the way they write and to make them realize that handwriting plays an important role in shaping the academics and the personality of a stu- dent. Each winner will be given a certificate of recognition and a cash prize. The following students emerged victorious: Category A (Gr. 9-12) School Champ: Ervin Jon A. Dagus (9-Fortitude) Second Prize: Thea Stephanie V. Rimas (9-Fortitude) Third Prize: Narainne Karielle V. De Leon (IV-Perseverance) Category B (Gr. 5-8) School Champ: Roanne Faith R. Aludino (6-Wisdom) Second Prize: Jeannine Issa R. Orlino (6-Justice) Third Prize: Armaine Chryzelle C. Yambot (6-Wisdom) Category C (Gr. 2-4) School Champ: Ryza Bernice M. Orilla (4-Kindness) Second Prize: Alleahnne Angel A. Murillo (4-Compassion) Third Prize: Bridget Isabel O. Rosario (4-Kindness) 5
  6. 6. Last September 28 to October 2, students competed in various competitions to showcase their Math-Sci skills and to improve their analyti- cal and calculative thinking. For the HS Department, competition was intense in the Tangrams, Math-Sci Quiz Bee, Sci-DaMath and Math-Sci Rap & Sayaw. Meanwhile, for the GS Department, the students vied in contests such as the Parade of Scholars, Tangrams, Sci-DAMAth and Quiz Bee. The heated week ended with the hope that the students were able to learn more about Mathematics and Science and that they were able to ignite their interest in these subjects. P S I A N S H O N E M A T H - S C I S K I L L S Tangrams: 1st Place: Mithril Rowan Ado, Danielle Agape Bernal, Kristine Alexis Abris, Jomari Velasco, Eisabelle Louise Marana 2nd Place: Allan Joshua Minoza, Victor Alberto Ballesteros, Shaima Jamal Ahmed, Crimson John Wong 3rd Place: Kyla Ruiza Aquino, Kie Anna Marie Cruz, Dale Louis Dumaran, Johanne May Panganiban, Larrgino Sabado Sci-DaMath: 1st Place: Patrisha Anne Cansino, Joeleanne Sollano 2nd Place: Alyssa Jheanine Orlanes, Tanita Daengurai 3rd Place: Md. Jassim Caballes, Julienne Therese Parrenas Quiz Bee: 1st Place: Antoinette Rose Turla, Jessie Malibiran Jr., Kyle Cedric Burac, Najeel Ayra Barrios 2nd Place: Emari Joy Cruz, Johanne May Pangani- ban, Angelica Christie Enriquez, Shaira Lobido 3rd Place: Raymond Josh Rivera, Marck Herzon Bar- rion, Md. Jassim Caballes, Angela Pasasadaba Math-Sci Rap & Sayaw: 1st Place: “JUSTIFY” (Gr. 7 Diligence and Obedience) Eisabelle Louise Mapanao, Emari Joy Cruz, Edrielle Anne Nachor, Elisha Lare De Castro, Nashreen Joy Barte, Maybelle Kate Gaspar, Dublina Raguro, Franchesca Gapuz, Kyle Ezrah Ramos, Jhames Ed- ward Marin 2nd Place: “COLLAGE” (GR. 9 Courage) Janelle Bolido, Haziel Tamayo, Kristyn Leane Janne Galvez, Edellyne Marie Nachor, Rouwi Desiatco, Mhara Mae Viernes, Karren Roze Gonzales, Tricia Belizar, Alyssa Orlanes 3rd Place: “JINGLE LADIES” (IV-Perseverance) Najeel Ayra Barrios, Jessamine Cadampog, Narainne Kariel- le De Leon, Angela Pasasadaba, Margot Galang, Doyinsola Ogunsakin, Leira Althea Guillermo, Emer- ose De Paz, Tara Grace Gallardo, Lowella Genev High School Department Grade School Department by: Mithril Rowan Ado Parade of Scholars: 1st Place: Jonalene Ryza Abundo 2nd Place: Liana Janeene Sabino, Ryza Bernice Orilla, Charina Mark Tagalog, Alyka Medrano, Sebastian Lucas Ramos 3rd Place: Allen Gabriel Mendoza, Isabel Reign Sevillena, Denise Anne Mills Tangrams: Grade 4 1st Place: Samuel John Dantis, Linzy Joy Barte, Antonio Miguel de los Santos 2nd Place: Jonalene Ryza Abundo, Jay Alcayde, Luis Pepito III 3rd Place: Mikhayla Bea Gilbang, Charina Mark Tagalog, Fady Mamdoh Mechel Grade 5 1st Place: Nygel Angelo Paglinawan, Simon Ver de Castro, Anwar Victor Grajera 2nd Place: Jan Ryan Beñales, Rania Ashraf, Robert Ethan Alberva 3rd Place: Joaquin Monteser, Rexel Doctor, Kyle Justine Sayago Quiz Bee: 1st Place: Nathan Gerard Callang, Samuel John Dantis, Mohammed Hamza Wasim Rajah 2nd Place: Denise Heart Ibisate, Robert Ethan Alberva, Nadine Anne Marcelo 3rd Place: Armaine Chryzelle Yambot, Daphnie Anne Versoza, Niño Cardeñas Sci-DAMAth: 1st Place: Loay Fatouh, Jericho Agra 2nd Place: Denise Heart Ibisate, Nathan Gerard Callang 3rd Place: Allen Gabriel Mendoza, Kevon John Villanueva 6
  7. 7. PSO Delegation Competes in the 12th OKOR Middle East & Africa Region Academic, Skills, & Talent Competition The 12th OKOR MEAR Inter-School Academic, Talent & Skills Competition took place in Bahrain last October 3-5, 2014. The theme of the competition was “Rizal Beyond Borders: Our Responsibility, Our Future”. Selected students from Philippine School Sultan- ate of Oman competed against eight other Philippine Schools in the Middle East. The competitions that took place were; Search for Young Jose Rizal and Young Maria Clara, English and Filipino Essay Writing Contest, Battle of the Brains and Painting Contest. Jessie S. Malibiran Jr. (Grade 8-Honesty) competed in the Search for Young Jose Rizal, Tara Grace M. Gallardo (IV-Perseverance) competed in the Search for Young Maria Clara and both contests had an oration portion and talent portion wherein Gallardo danced ballet and Malibiran sang a song. Lowella Genev L. Lobaton (IV-Perseverance) competed in the English Essay Writing Contest and won as the 1st Runner-Up. Najeel Ayra S. Barrios (IV-Perseverance) competed in the Filipino Essay Writing Contest and Battle of the Brains with Lobaton as her partner. Their talented and coaches were Mr. Rodolfo A. Sargento Jr., Ms. Angelica A. Eballes, and Ms. Norlinda E. Cura. The Order of the Knights of Rizal in the Middle East and African Region was held in order to propagate the teachings and ideals of the Philippine national hero – Jose Rizal. The coordinators of the said competition wanted to remind the young Filipino students in the GCC of the teachings and ideals of Rizal. DEREMOF Deremof! ‘Freedom’ in this era of consciousness is shallow, water flowing in a creek during a terrible drought. ‘Freedom’ merely means having independence and living with privacy, able to do what we need and desire. But the greatest quandary of all is that, are we Filipinos truly, free? Or are we still haunted by the ghosts of the chains that clasped our wrists in the dark and somber prison of oppression? Truthfully, the real answer is made vague by the dust that billowed from the aftermath of coloni- zation. The dark dust is capitalism. This obstacle that encloses us inside an inescapable cage laden with stereotypical persecution is caused by avaricious capitalism. This atrocity has caused torturous results, but what are the most prominent of which? One of the fruits that grew from the tree of capitalism is colonial mentali- ty. Due to the prejudiced media and propaganda, the Filipinos have been indoctrinat- ed. We degrade the quality of our local products, arts and materials, while we stare at the foreign things and people who in return look down on us, sealing the existence of that illusion – the illusion of inferiority. We Filipinos are encapsulated by our own incompetence, trapped by the belief that there is the trait of superiority in other races. We salivate over the sight of anything foreign, that any foreign object or person is considered ‘high-class’. We say that these are only for the rich, but aren’t we rich? We are considered inferior, but not anymore. Look at the countries highly dependent on Filipino manpower, the OFW’s and the striving students. Furthermore, there is also the existence of miseducation. There is some- thing lacking in our education: the lack of the promotion of our culture, specifically our language. We are coerced to speak in English, that we forget that we have a language as well. Every day, students enter the class blindfolded by people who speak in the odd tongues of the people who have and are subduing us. Also, capitalism had ignited the blaze, burning the remaining patriotism, turning it into ashes. Those who have lost this spark became radical, radical to remove even the study of our national language in college. College without our own language is like raising lions incapable of roaring, trapping their voices inside their subconscious. My alter ego, Simoun had mentioned, the language is the mind of the country, for when one country secures its national language; it secures its freedom, like the free- dom of a person to voice out his or her opinion. What have you done to the country that has fostered you, whom you owe your life to? Are you a stone left in a mountain, unused, fallow in the construction of a better country? The freedom we know is a fraud, a shrub embellished with yellow-green flowers, hiding its hideousness. Though the colonizers have left, our minds are still caged. I Jose Rizal am dead because all of you killed me, rendering my works and sacrifices useless. All of you have killed me for all of you have forgotten the real free- dom I showed you and blindfolded yourselves with deceit. I am wearing white to represent pure redemption and forgiveness and to represent the difference between the delusions and true freedom. White, a blank canvas for the aspiring youth to re- paint the future of the Filipinos and of our country. The youth can repaint using differ- ent colors, by forgiving one another of the little sins of life, by trying to live united in peace and harmony, by treating your elderly parents as you would like your children to treat you and by loving them very much in my memory. I may seem as an unusual Rizal, it is because I will never confine myself to the limited spectrum society views me as, the modern Rizal. Remove, expunge those stereotypes of Rizal; for he is free, I am free. Deremof! Freedom, what- ever arrangement, if you have the freedom, then you are free. Now, I pass the torch of responsibility to the next generation to show the real meaning of freedom. I am Maria Clara – an epitome of virtues. My name has captivated the hearts of many. A true lover and friend, an obedient daughter with a golden heart. Reserved but sanguine. Modest yet dignified. Tranquil but full of conviction. A heart that aches for every tear shed. A smile that will forever be etched in your memory. Endowed with grace, beauty and a pure soul, I am a role model to women across the nation. As the sun rises, thoughts dawn upon me. Thoughts of the heartbreaking truths on the lives of women around the world. Women today are being treated in such a way that greatly contradicts how we were intended to be treated. We can’t deny the fact that we still face the wrath of society. Take the example of the recent fashion show back in our country. Female models had metal chains around their neck and were made to walk on their hands and feet as if they were feral beasts. Other women did an act so brazen, that it contradicted their femininity. They were not only stripping off their clothes, they were also stripping off their dignity. Perhaps it was to show originality to the people. Perhaps to them it was art. But how can we classify shamelessness as art? Should we allow ourselves to be objectified, compromised and abused just for us to conform to the standards of society? No. We should be content with who we are. Aren’t we considered dia- monds which are worth more than gold itself? We are created with a beauty like no other. We may be as many as the stars in the sky, yet our beauty is a pearl that takes years to find for it is unique. Yes, we have imperfections. But we should be content with who we are. Whether we’re thin or not, tanned or fair, have curly or straight hair – we should be thankful for these are some of the greatest blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Let’s throw away our doubts. Throw away our insecurities. We are too focused on the flaws we have that it blinds us from the good qualities that we do have. Because of this, we are made vulner- able. We end up conforming to society because we don’t feel beautiful enough. If society says that beauty is being thin, it’s wrong. If society says that true beauty is getting implants, undergoing plastic surgery or putting on layers of makeup, don’t listen to them. Ask yourselves, is true beauty really measured by the flawlessness of your skin or how voluptuous your figure is? Don’t allow society to objectify us! Don’t let society tell us how we should look in order to be accepted. As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We are beautiful in our own unique way. Don’t we despise it when we’re being objectified, compromised and abused? We should fight for our rights. We have to value ourselves first in order for people to value us. Women have rights, rights worth fighting for. We have the right to be educated and right to equality. If society says that women should be inferior, we should stand up for ourselves! We should realize that we are just as important as anyone. Remember that great leaders were brought into this world by great women. Behind every great person is a woman who has made sacrifices to hoist the spirit of greatness. Never underestimate what we can do in this world. We were born to be great. Don’t let anyone tell us otherwise. It’s time that we unite and remove the blindfolds so that we can make a change and be the change. From their perverse concept of women who lack confidence to speak what has long been buried in our minds, we are like trees with its roots buried deep down the face of the earth - strong and no longer weak. With every step we take, the ground shakes to let the world know that we have the conviction and the confi- dence to empower women. I stand in front of you this very moment to tell you this: value yourself. Fight for your rights. Be your own version of Maria Clara. by: Tara Grace Gallardo (Search for Young Maria Clara : Oration) by: Jessie Malibiran Jr. (Search for Young Jose Rizal : Oration) by: Tara Grace Gallardo BE YOUR OWN VERSION OF MARIA CLARA 7
  8. 8. PSians Express Gratitu Philippine School Oman showed the people of Oman the beauty of the Philippines last November 20-22, 2014 during the Cultural Exchange Program organized by the Ministry of Education. Our teachers and some students, who endured the heat and humidity, worked hand in hand to set up the exhibit that showcased the Philippine culture, people and diversity at the Rose Garden Park in Qurum. The exhibit featured the tourist spots, cuisine, environment and people. Besides the Philip- pines, other countries were also featured by other schools that participated. The exhibits of Iran, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Egypt, United Kingdom and the others also impressed the Director of Education who was the event’s guest of honor. The opening ceremony was on the 27th and the park was filled with people willing to learn and see the beauty and diversity of other nations. The exhibit was officially closed on the 29th but ended with dashing cultural performances from the different nations being featured. Here are the reactions of the people who saw the exhibit of the Philippines. “Is it really that green? Wow, I want to go there.” – Ameer, Al Injaz Private School “Wow, what a beautiful country with beautiful people. Seeing this makes me more excited! Thank you!” – Leslie, British national “Excellent presentation skills and a great vocabulary range. Great job, Philippine School! The Philippines is definitely an amazing country. It’s on my list of places to visit.” – Mr. Somabandu Kodikara, Sri Lankan School Principal Also, let’s hear what the people have to say about our delicious turon. “Crunchy and sweet. It’s like a Philippine Chimichanga! Nice!” – Jeanine, American national “Nice! Is that banana? Oh, it is! A weird combination, but a great taste.” – Dalaja, Indian School Al Ghubra Philippine School students show gratitude and appreciation to Oman’s generosity and kindness with their outstanding performances last November 21, 2014 at the Qurum Ampitheatre. The program which celebrated Oman’s 44th National Day consisted of alluring Omani dances from private Omani schools, inspiring Omani speeches and cheerful tributes to Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Our school was the only expatri- ate community school chosen to perform and undeniably, our school’s perfor- mances enthralled the audience. The primary students gracefully performed a dance, the flag bearers shouted with conviction cheers to Sultan Qaboos bin Said, selected students dressed as professionals to represent the future of the aspiring youth in Oman and the shadow theatre dancers presented in their shadow dance the spellbind- ing beauty of Oman. All our performances were met with standing ovation and loud cheers from the audience, which consisted of guests from the different ministries, Omanis and students. Furthermore, the champion of the Indak-Pinoy contest during the Buwan ng Wika at Nutrisyon celebration also performed at the culminating program last November 24, 2014 also at the Qurum Ampitheatre. PSO EXHIBITS THE PHILIPPINES PSIANS PERFORM FOR OMAN 8
  9. 9. ude to OMAN It's a festive time in Oman, the sleepy sultanate on the edge of the Persian Gulf. The national day is Nov. 18, marking Oman's liberation from Portugese colonization, and the capital Muscat is bedecked with ban- ners, scarves and flags. The spicy-sweet smell of frankincense is every- where, as are images of Oman's absolute monarch for the past 44 years, Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Sultan Qaboos, as he's universally known here, is still dominating the national conversation several days after his first public appearance in months. He addressed the nation via television from Germany where he's undergoing treatment for an undisclosed medical condition. Appearing frail, the slender, bearded ruler said he would have to miss the national celebration – which falls on his 74th birthday – to contin- ue his treatment. Nevertheless, the Omanis and the expats of Oman have not failed to bring honor and thanks to him for his prosperous years of ruling. We should all look up to him not only as the grand and supreme ruler, but as well as a paternal figure. And as he once said: "My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future. Every one of you must play his part towards this goal. Our country in the past was famous and strong. If we work in unity and cooperation we will regenerate that glori- ous past and we will take a respectable place in the world." by: Lowella Genev Lobaton SULTAN QABOOS SEEKS A BETTER FUTURE FOR OMAN His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said delivers his message to the people of Oman from Germany, where he had been undergoing medical treatment until his return last March 23rd. © Times of Oman OMAN TRIVIA 1 . The second largest cave chamber in the world is found in Oman, 100 km southeast from Muscat. It’s the Majlis Al Jinn. D I D Y O U K N O W ? 2. Defy Gravity. The Gravity Point, a thirty-minute drive from Salalah, is where your vehicle will roll uphill even if you switch off its engine. This phenomenon can be experienced over a stretch of 200 meters. 3. Happy. Oman is ranked the 23rd happiest country in the world and 2nd in the Gulf region according to the latest World Happiness Report. 9
  10. 10. by: Edrielle Anne Nachor by: Lauren Gayle Lobaton Continuing last year’s title as Champions of the 2014 MSSL (Muscat Secondary School League) tournament, the Lady Patriots of the Philippine School Oman brought honor and glory to the school. The tournament was held last October 24, 2014, at The American International School In Muscat and with a dominating win, a record of 6 wins and 0 loses, the Lady Patriots brought home the bacon again as this year’s Champions of the 2015 MSSL tournament. The U16 Girls PSO Volleyball Varsity is comprised of Shirley Mei Castro (Team Captain), Trina Allen Ritchie, Angel Enriquez, Julienne Therese Parreñas, Eisabelle Mapanao, Angela Pasasadaba, Hannah Marie Calupig, Joeleane Sollano, Thea Stephanie Rimas, Janelle Bolido, Sarah Geselle Garin, Alyssa Ira Manuel and Ivy Rizelle Manuel. Meanwhile, at the American British Academy, the U16 Boys PSO Volleyball Varsity won as the 3rd placer in the MSSL tournament. Our U16 Boys PSO Volleyball Varsity players are Lucky James Guinto (Team Captain), Jason Lloyd Salmo, Kyle Ezrah Ramos, Ruel Ramos, Rainer Dela Cruz, Maynard Mon- tales, Jay Kristian Galvan, Paul Vincent Vilacorta, Karl Adrian Parole, Kent Jasper Revelo, Jim Osler Capati, and Raymond Abraham. PSO SHINES AT TOURNAMENTS by: Lauren Gayle Lobaton PARENTS AND TEACHERS PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS BOUT U14 TOURNAMENT The PS-PTA Sportsfest was officially opened last November 14, 2014 with the traditional parade of the teams and recognition of students who represented the school in inter-school and regional com- petitions. This year's PS-PTA Sportsfest featured four teams: Fuchsia, Green, Orange & Violet. This year’s overall champion was clinched by the Fuchsia team, followed by Violet for 1st Runner Up, then Green for 2nd Runner Up and last but not the least, the Orange team for 3rd Runner Up. The U14 Tournament commenced last December 8 and 9 of 2014 at The Sultan School in Al Seeb with the U14 Boys as 4th place and U14 Girls as first place. The U14 Boys competed with 3 schools, The Sultan School (TSS), The American International School Muscat (TAISM), British School Muscat (BSM), and the Sultan Royal Guard (SRG) last December 8, 2014. The Patriots played with 1 pool, 1 win and 4 losses. The U14 Girls on the other hand, competed with 2 schools, The Sultan School (TSS), and The American International School Muscat (TAISM) with 2 pools, A and B. Pool A had 1 win and 2 losses landing on second place while Pool B had 3 wins and 0 losses, clinch- ing the first place. Overall, the U14 girls won 1st place in the tournament. U16 TOURNAMENT The U16 Girls (top) and the U16 Boys (down) sport wide grins as they proudly represent PSO for the volleyball tournament. Shirley Mei Castro is a Senior student and Captain of the Philippine School Volleyball Varsity team. She was given the team captain position during their first volley- ball tournament last October 21, 2014. Her team won as champions on the Muscat Secondary Schools League (MSSL) with 6 wins and 0 losses last October 24th of 2014. As team captain, she believes that in order to be a captain of the team, you should have the ability to influence your teammates and you should be able to make the spirit of your team lively. However, being the team captain is not all about being an influential person. One must be a mother, a sister and a friend to everyone in the team. A team captain is someone who will always be more than willing to lend an ear and be a shoulder to cry on. Someone who knows how to speak words of encourage- ment so that the team members will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem espe- cially before they compete. Being team captain has its perks. Some of which, she says, is earning high respect from her team mates. Her coach would always tell her that she must earn the respect of her team. Because if they don’t respect her, then there is no meaning to her being the team captain. On the other hand, being team captain also has its challenges and responsibilities. Making decisions is very crucial because the decisions she make will not only affect her, but also the whole team. Trainings and practices take up a lot of her energy and time which makes it challenging to balance it with her academics. How- ever, she manages to do so despite all the tasks and responsibilities at hand. “Managing your time wisely is the key.” she says. Truly, she has been a great influence and inspiration to the people around her. Wishing her all the best as she journeys into a bright future that awaits her. by: Tara Grace Gallardo Jim Osler Capati is the Baskeball Varsity team captain and he’s been the team captain for a year. As team captain, he believes that one should have the determina- tion to lead the team. Being responsible is also a quality that a team captain must possess. His team won as the first place in the Interschool Basketball Competition held last March 16th. Team captains face many difficulties and challenges. Mr. Capati admits that he faces challenges with the lack of coordination among the team. But thanks to the team building activities they have, it strengthens the rela- tionship that they have with one another in and off the court. There are also times when his team is unable to play well so it’s his responsi- bility to inspire them. Despite the challenges and responsibilities, he believes that there are also advantages of being a captain. This includes being looked up on by younger students, earning respect from others, and being able to motivate and inspire the people. When it comes to academics vs. extra-curricular activities, he highly prioritizes his academics. However, he also takes his time to enhance his hobbies and skills in basketball whenever he has free time. Balancing his academics and his extra-curricular activity as captain of the basketball varsity team was hard at first but with proper practice and discipline, he got used to it. Hats off to Mr. Capati for being a great captain to his fellow teammates. May the odds be ever in his favor as he faces other challenges in his life. THE FAST AND THE DETERMINEDINFLUENCE AND INSPIRE 10
  11. 11. GOING BACK IN TIMEPS THROWBACK The Philippine School was conceived in 1989 by the Filipino Overseas Workers through the auspices and support of the Philippine Honorary Consul General his Excellency Essa bin Moham- med Al Zedjali in cooperation with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The first site was at Al Wattayah where it was inaugurated in 2 February 1990. It was called Philippine Community School (PCS). On 17 February 1990, the school formally opened its portals to 38 students under multi- level classes handled by volunteer teachers. In June of the same year, the hired principal (Ms. Elenita Fernandez) arrived. Ms. Isabelita E. Malong, Ms. Carmelita B. De Jesus, and Ms. Fe Edithaldine T. Vendiola, the first batch of school teachers came from the Philippines before the end of the year. It was then that the school offered the Pre-Elementary Level (Nursery, Kindergarten, and Preparatory) and Elementary Level (Grades 1 – 6). The first batch of graduates were the preparatory pupils handled by the school principal. In September 1991, the Pre-school teacher, Mrs. Rosario G. Ballesteros, arrived. On October 16, 1991 the School was recognized as a learning institution by the Ministry of Education and Youth, Sultanate of Oman. It was able to produce its first set of Grade Six graduates during school year 1990-1991. The school transferred to a new and bigger site in Al Khuwair during its third year of oper- ation, SY 1992-1993. It opened its secondary level with six First year High School enrollees. The first batch of High School Teachers, Dr. Dionisio Viloria, Mrs. Erlinda M. Valientes, Ms. Anette Imperial and Mr. Enrique B. Pontillas, along with an elementary school teacher came. It was towards the end of the same school year when the grade six graduating pupils composed their graduation song under the tutelage of Miss Fe Edithaldine T. Vendiola. It became the PCS Alma Mater Song the following year 1994. Then again the school transferred to another location in Ruwi, in order to accommodate the growing population. Four additional teachers were hired for school year 1993-1994. Having maintained the prescribed standards of instruction and having complied with the rules and regulations set by DECS, and in consonance with the policies for international schools by Ministry of Education in Oman, PCS gained its Government Recognition (No. 02, s. 1995) on 31 Janu- ary 1995 under its new name , PHILIPPINE SCHOOL (PS). This recognition grants PS not only to offer pre-elementary and elementary but also secondary courses. Since then the PS has been operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, particularly along organization, admin- istration, and supervision for private educational institution; likewise, with the Ministerial Decree No. 4/2006 of the Sultanate of Oman. At the end of school year 1994-1995, nineteen (19) elementary pupils and the first batch of six (6) high school students graduated. A better building at Madinat Qaboos became the next home of PS in the school year 1995 -1996. New educators joined the teaching force. It was on April 21, 1996 when the Pledge of Loyalty was written by Miss Fe Edithaldine T. Vendiola. Four additional teachers were hired in the school year 1996-1997 in response to the need of the school with the continuous increase in student population. The school went back to Al Khuwair with an annex compound at the start of 2000 with twenty three (23) able and dedicated teachers and personnel. In 2001-2002, Philippine School was relocated in a bigger and more presentable villa at Al Khuwair 33. Both the main and the annex are occupying two separate villas in the same site, the Pre- elementary and Elementary Department in one villa and High school at the other villa. In April 2005, the Board of Directors 2004-2006 initiated the acquisition of the new PS site at Al Khuwair Heights. The following year, a ground breaking ceremony took place and the construc- tion of the new building started immediately. The transfer of the new school to the new site was facilitated by the Board of Directors 2006-2008 along with the opening of classes in June 2007. The new school building was inaugurated on the 16th of June 2007 by His Excellency Acmad D. Omar, Philippine Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman. From its humble beginnings PS evolved from a simple academic institution into a highly- structured organization having more than 700 students, 31 highly qualified and committed teaching staff, and 9 hardworking and personnel. Today, PS continues to foster quality education; adopting educational trends and develop- ments; and implementing the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (R.A. 10533) through the K to 12 Curriculum which offers Kindergarten and 12 years of Basic Education (6 years of Elementary Educa- tion, 4 years of Junior High School and 2 years of Senior High School). A gander at the “In Retrospect” exhibit which high- lights the history and growth of the school. The ex- hibit was opened for the school’s 25th Anniversary. 11
  12. 12. The Philippine School undoubtedly never fails to produce great students with Godly character, global mind and patriotic spirit. Prior to the Silver Jubilee; last December 17, the SCOPS orchestrated a Thanksgiving Ceremony in order to appreciate what the school has given to its students. The celebration was a day to remember. The opening ceremony was the awe-inspiring doxology performed by selected Grades 8, 9 and 10 students, followed by the Oman and Philippine National Anthems sang harmoniously by our very own PS Chorale. Najeel Ayra S. Barrios the SCOPS President delivered the opening remarks. Subsequently, the Prayers of Gratitude were led by the class presidents of different grade levels, with Mrs. Josi G. Constantino, a BOT Member, Mrs. Liza R. Villaflor, the PTA Treasurer and Ms. Carmelita B. de Jesus, the Academic Supervisor. The program reached its climax when the toast was led by the SCOPS Officers along with Dr. Rolaiza Roniella S. Singayao, the BOT Chairman, Mr. Pevwarti L. Sursigis, the school principal and the students who participated in the Prayers of Gratitude. The flying of the white doves preceded the opening of the exhibit and the booths by the BOT Chairman and the Academic Team. The program ended with the Agape which was made possible with he contributions of the students and parents. Then, an array of booths was situated both inside and out the campus. The students enjoyed themselves in each and every single booth that piqued their interest. The Thanksgiving Pro- gram was a day of appreciation, remembrance, enjoyment, promise, and hope that the Philippine School would continue to grow along with its students. The Philippine School held an exhibition located in the school’s lobby which was open for visitors during the school’s 25th Anni- versary Celebration. The exhibition was formally opened by Dr. Rolaiza Roniella S. Singayao, the BOT Chairman and Mr. Pevwarti L. Sursigis, the school principal during the Thanksgiving Ceremony which was held on the 17th of December. The exhibition showcased the artistic talents of the Philip- pine School students. Ranging from self-portrait paintings to paintings that expressed themselves as individuals, viewers were left astonished by the talents of the students. The exhibition also had Christmas trees with pictures that were hung on their branches for decorations. Cherished memories of the school were captured in these pictures which included the school’s achievements, alumni and prominent events. Other pictures, such as the start of construction of the current school building, were posted on the doors and walls of the school’s lobby. Pictures of the faculties and staff who served the school for many years were also posted to give them honor and gratitude for the work they’ve done. Yearbooks and Pacesetter issues through the years were also displayed for visitors to browse and see how much the school has grown. Hats off to the students, teachers and staff who gave their time and effort to make this exhibition a huge success! After twenty-five years of progress and development while overcoming challenges and problems, Philippine School Oman indeed is a true epitome of unity amidst diversity by sharing the same goal and traversing the same journey. Last 18th of December 2014, hearts pounding with enthusiasm, eyes bulging with excitement and breaths convulsing with strong emotions lade the ambience as the people of Philippine School Oman celebrate the Silber Jubilee, the school’s 25th Anniversary. The night was commenced by the ebullient masters of ceremony, Ms. Carolina Layog and Mrs. Evangeline Arguelles. The first part of the program began with the invocation and Islamic prayer led by Ms. Ingrid Paguirigan-Mendoza and Ms. Fatma Abdullah Salim al Salmani respectively. Afterwards, the Philippine and Oman National Anthems were mellifluously sung by our renowned PS Chorale. Then, the atmosphere was warmed by the words of Mr. Pevwarti Sursigis while delivering his welcome remarks which was succeeded by Ms. Carmelita de Jesus’s introduction of the night’s guest of honor. His Excellency Narciso Castañeda, the Philippine Ambassador to Oman also delivered his inspirational speech which kindled the excitement for the performances. Furthermore, the staff and the teachers of the school were awarded and recognized for their selfless service and unconditional love to the school and its students. Revelations and answered prayers also filled the night when Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao, the BOT Chairman announced the school’s new lot and Mr. Ferdinand Marcelo, a BOT member launched the school’s new website. The highly anticipated performances were started by the Genesis by the Performing Arts Club, which preceded the Inauguration by the Shadow Theatre Dancers. Then the preschool department performed a depiction of the forging of Philippine- Oman friendship. Afterwards, a multicultural fusion dazzled the audience who were spellbound when the astonishing African, Indian, Arabic and Asian dances were showcased by the Grades 3, 5, 6 and 7 respectively. The atmosphere was filled with awe and cuteness as the Grades 1 and 2 performed as Mr. and Mrs. PS. Also, we took a stroll through memory lane as the Grade 4 students performed Philippine festivals as a toast to the school’s twentieth anniversary. Subsequently, the audience was sur- prised by the special number of the teachers which preceded the riveting and captivating ribbon dance by the Grades 8, 9 and 10 for the Finale. Moreover, the night ended with the students forming a huge “25!” while belting the anniversary’s theme song, “Celebrate this Shared Journey”. The night ended with the closing remarks from Mrs. Jocelyn Soriano, the BOT Secretary and the acknowledgments from Mr. Carlos Libao and Mrs. Herminia Garcia. The anniversary left a huge imprint on the hearts of the PSians and will forever be etched in the school’s history and in our memories. Let us all continue to sustain a shared journey with one vision and maintain the camaraderie and unity that binds us all together as one. CELEBRATE THIS SHARED JOURNEY We were all called in this nation With great vision and divine intercession Leaving behind the land of our birth To tread on pathways that will give us more worth We had held hands together With kind hearts to help one another Building this house of learning, heeding to the youth’s call To give our heirs the greatest gift of all Chorus So let’s celebrate this shared journey Where you and I have made a magnificent history Standing firm, running the race, reaching a new destiny In every mile prevailing in every way As we have travelled all through these years The going gets tough and we shed tears Lending a hand, we rose amidst those adversities To reach our goals and unravel life’s mysteries (Repeat Chorus 2x) Bridge What can’t be done, when we are one What destinations can’t be reached when we have someone What challenges can’t we face, when we have each other’s back What mission can’t be finished when we work together as one! (Repeat Chorus 2x) THANKSGIVING CEREMONY IN RETROSPECT SILVER JUBILEETHEME SONG 12
  13. 13. T H A N K S G I V I N G C E R E M O N Y Jessie Malibiran Jr. and Jessamine Cadampog, start off the program with their smiles as the masters of ceremony. Terima Kasih. Najeel Ayra Barrios, the SCOPS President deliv- ers her opening remarks to officially commence the program. Selected students from Grades 8, 9 and 10 sing and dance the Doxology. The presidents/representatives along with officials from the BOT and PTA, the principal and the academic supervi- sor pay tribute to the school through a simple toast. Mrs. Liza Villaflor, Mrs. Josi Constantino, Ms. Carmelita de Jesus, Mr. Pevwarti Sursigis, Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao, Najeel Ayra Barrios and other marshalls (left to right) release the doves with prayers tied to their feet. Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao, the BOT Chairman, cuts the ribbon to officially open the exhibit. In Retrospect. The exhibit which highlights the history of the school and the works of the students has been opened. The academic team, and some BOT and PTA Officers pose after the opening of the exhibit and booths fair. Students and teachers line up to take their share of food during the agape or food sharing. Students receive their share of food during the agape. Happy Faces. Teachers and parents happily cheer after the opening of the exhibit and booths. Students and teachers happily take their share of juices during the agape. Mrs. Liza R. Villaflor, the PTA Treasurer, Mrs. Josi G. Constantino, a BOT Member and Ms. Carmelita de Jesus, an academic supervisor pray as a manner of thanking the school. The presidents/respresentatives of the different sections intercede for the school, as they express their profound gratitude to the school through Prayers of Gratitude. 13
  14. 14. S I L V E R J U B I L E E Mr. Ferdinand Marcelo launches the school’s official website which he considers as a mark of the school’s progress and competitiveness. PART ONE OPENING CEREMONY Mr. Pevwarti Sursigis (left) and Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao (right) pose with H.E. Narciso Castañeda (center) , the Philippine Ambassador to Oman after exchanging pleasantries. The guests from the Philippine Embassy, BOT, PTA Officers and some members of the administration eagerly wait for the highly anticipated program to commence. Ms. Carolina Layog and Mrs. Evangeline Arguelles, the masters of ceremony officially begin the program (top left). Ms. Ingrid Paguirigan-Mendoza delivers the invocation and Ms. Fatma Abdullah Salim Al Salmani delivers the Islamic prayer (top center/top right). The disciplined marshals excellently execute the entrance of colors (down left). The PS Chorale mellifluously sings the Philippine and Oman National Anthems (down right). Mr. Pevwarti Sursigis wel- comes the guests and the audience and heats up the atmosphere with excitement with his welcome remarks. Ms. Carmelita de Jesus warmly introduces the night’s guest of honor, H.E. Narciso Castañeda with a brief gander at his life and works. His Excellency Narciso Catañeda delivers his inspira- tional speech which uplifts the audience. Mr. Pevwarti L. Sursigis, Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao and Mrs. Carmelita de Jesus award a memento of appreciation to H.E. Narciso Castañeda for his generosity and kindness. The educators and staff who have contributed a lot to the schools success are awarded with plaques of recognition for their unconditional love to the students and the school and for their excellence in service. Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao expresses her appreciation to the school and all the people behind it and announces the school’s new lot . Dr. Rolaiza Roniella Singayao pre- sents the envelope that contains the contract from the Ministry of Hous- ing given to the school for the lot. 14
  15. 15. S I L V E R J U B I L E E PART TWO Allow us to begin the glorious journey with a historical perspective. Let us take you down memory lane through our story entitled, “A GIFT OF GRATITUDE”. A GIFT OF GRATITUDE THE GENESIS The Performing Arts Club excellently executes their opening dance under the guidance of their advisers, Mr. Michael Joves and Mr. Ishwara Ramos. INAUGURATION The Shadow Theatre Dancers dazzle the audience with silhouettes of the past with the advice of Mr. Rodolfo Sargento Jr. FORGING OF OMAN & PHILIPPINE FRIENDSHIP The Kidnergarten students fill the air with cuteness as they depict the Omani and Filipino friendship. This would not be possible without their teacher coordinators, Mrs. Maria Eloisa San Jose, Mrs. Belinda Miranda and Mrs. Maria Nema Mendoza. MULTICULTURAL FUSION: AFRICAN DANCE MULTICULTURAL FUSION: INDIAN DANCE The Grade 3 pupils offer us a gander of African culture with their astonishing presenta- tion under the guidance of Mrs. Maria Cristina Romero and Ms. Mary Jane Ledesma. The audience are captivated as the Grade 5 students beam with Indian garbs as they perform, under the supervision of Ms. Carmelita de Jesus and Mrs. Norlinda Cura. 15
  16. 16. MULTICULTURAL FUSION: ASIAN DANCE S I L V E R J U B I L E E MULTICULTURAL FUSION: ARABIC DANCE The Grade 6 students outstandingly perform an Arabic dance. Mrs. Zenaida Dumo and Mr. Carlos Libao, the teacher coordinators are instrumental to their success. The Grade 7 students, with the advice of Mrs. Herminia Garcia and Ms. Angelica Eballes impress the audience with their mix of traditional and modern Korean dances. MR. & MRS. PS The aspiring Grade 1 and 2 students waltz their way to their presentation’s success with the guiding hands of Mrs. Marilyn Rabino, Ms. Maricel Carreon, Mrs. Ma. Melita Allapitan and Mrs. Magnolia Velasquez. PHILIPPINE FESTIVAL DANCES: IGOROT, MASKARA, DINAGYANG The three sections of Grade 4 showcase the pride of the Philippines. The students of Kindness perform the Igorot Festival under Ms. Ingrid Paguirigan-Mendoza, the kids of Compassion present the Maskara festival under Mr. Gamaliel Nacor and the children of Sympathy perform the Dinagyang under Mr. Mark Anthony Badion.TEACHERS’ SPECIAL NUMBER The teachers channel their inner dancing skills with their fancy grooves and moves during their amazing surprise presentation. PSO truly has very versatile teachers. THE FINALE The Grades 8, 9 and 10 students end the demonstrations with a full blow through a ribbon dance which was made possible with the help of Mr. Melchor Buenavista and Mrs. Delfa Pondevida. 16
  17. 17. PS 25th ANNIVERSARY SPONSORS  Times of Oman  Jotun  Mr. Placid Reddy/Venus International  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D’Costa  Muscat Eye Laser Center  Mortada Ali Anwar Trading LLC  Star Pinoy Restaurant  Mr. Manuel Isidro  Mr. Mujtaba Arif/Gulf Neon Signs  PS-PTA 2014-2015  Oman Refreshment  Vision  Al Bab Al Asil Trading  Almarai  Digit X  Al Rawabi  Every Nation Victory Christian Fellowship  Palayok  Mr. Hassan Al Farsy  Mr. Sameer Ata  Mrs. Monica Ruiz  Mrs. Jenny dela Cruz  Mr. William Acebedo  Mrs. Marilou Nongui  Mr. Joseph Voleya Vettil/Atlantic Trading and Contracting  Wow Pinoy  Mr. and Mrs. Rhen Cruz  Bamboo Spa  Mrs. Raquel Itchon  Mr. Salvador Cruz  Mr. Khalfan Hamoud Al Habsi  Mrs. Nur Salih Ghamry  Mr. Magid H. Ahmed  Al Hathaifa Modern Trading Enterprises LLC. The Philippine School community would like to express our utmost gratitude to the following sponsors: 17
  18. 18. 7
  19. 19. “Thejourneydoesn’t startatthebeginning.It beginsintheend.” Goodbye byTaraGallardo Aurevoir Tothememoryofmyfootsteps Collidingonthesefloors AufWiedersehen Tothememoryofourteachers Teachinguslessons Andevengivingusadvice Adios Tothememoryofourvoices Thatechoedonthesehalls Larevedere Tothememoryofourgiggles Ourlaughsandoursnorts Arrivederci Tothememoryofourhugs Thatclosedthegapbetweenus Sayōnara Tothememoryofouruniforms Fromsmoothlyironed, Tocrumpledattheendoftheday. Alweda Tothememoryofmakingfriends Andlovingthemtobits Paalam Tothememoryofthisschool Thathasbecomeoursecondhome Tohighschool, It’stimetosaygoodbye. By:TaraGraceGallardo AveAtqueVale! Hailandfarewell,myAlmaMater.Truly 2015willleaveusallatthecrossroadsinourlife leadingtodifferentworldsofpossibilitiesand whatmighthadbeen,especiallyforuswhowill soondepartandenterintonewrealmsandstages ofourlife. Forme,thisyearwillbeayearofgood- byesandhellos,withasummerpackedwithend- lesspossibilitiesandanythingyoucanputyour mindto.Fourmonthsofsummertodotheun- dreamedof.Imagine,fourmonths?Andthough thethoughtofseparationaddsdisparitytomy being,theysaythatwhenoneclosesadoor,a windowopens.Ibelievethatyoucannotsayhello tosomeonenew,ifyoucannotsaygoodbyeto someoneyouknew. Changeisconstant.It’stheonlythingthat canbeastrueandasironicasitcanbe.Ifwe don’tknowhowtoadapttoitinoureverimprov- ingworld,wewon’tknowwhatwe’llmissouton. I,forone,believethatchangeisgoodbecauseit givesustheopportunitiesasendlessandun- countableasthegrainsofsandonaseashore. Anddon’tstressoutaboutwhatmighthavebeen, becauseweonlygoonthepathsthatleadusto ourbestpossiblefutures. StudyinghereinPhilippineSchoolforthe pastsixyearshasbeenarollercoasterofexperi- encesforme.Ithastaughtmethingsthatother schoolswouldnothadbeenabletoteachme.I’m gratefulforthelessonsfromthebooksandthe heartthattheteacherswhohandledme,entrust- edmewith.I’msothankfulforallthelessonsI willnowbeabletocarrywithmewhereverIgo. HailPS!Foralltheyears,you’vetaken careofmeandhowyou’veallowedmetobe- cometheyoungwomanIamnow.I’mproudto exittheschoolwithgodlycharacter,globalmind andpatrioticspirit.Hailandfarewell! By:LowellaGenevLobaton 6
  20. 20. Asalutetotheseniors Duringthecourseofthesecondquarter,thefourthyearstudentsofPhilippineSchoolOmantookvarious entranceexamsintheschool,intheUAEandeveninthePhilippines.Thestudentswereabletoreviewtheirles- sonsinmath,English,andscienceaswellasotheradditionalknowledgefromtheirloweryearsamidstthebusy- nessofthesecondquarter.Andthustheywereabletoreapthefruitoftheirlaborbypassingtheirentranceex- ams. MapuaInstituteofTechnology NicholasM.Ayo JimOslerD.Capati JoshEmryzC.Cruz EmeroseN.dePaz JakeRozzM.Jusgado AlyssaIraC.Manuel JeremyChristianD.Mercado MillardGhilF.Tumpag UniversityofSantoTomas NajeelAyraS.Barrios TaraGraceM.Gallardo LowellaGenevL.Lobaton AngelaP.Pasasadaba RyanHarveyA.Tulop UniversityofthePhilippines NajeelAyraS.Barrios TaraGraceM.Gallardo SouthvilleForeignUniversity MargotB.Galang ErykaLynnA.Quanico AteneodeManilaUniversity TaraGraceM.Gallardo LowellaGenevL.Lobaton DeLaSalleUniversity ShirleyMeiD.Castro 3PHILIPPINESCHOOLSTUDENTSBECOMETIMESOFOMANSCHOLARS TheSchoolyear2014-2015wastheyearthatTimesOf OmantheoldestandtheleadingEnglishdailynewspaperinOman StartedascholarshipprograminPhilippineSchool.Thescholars wereawardedamaximumofOMR350asfinancialassistanceto covertuitionandotherfeesforthewholeschoolyeartheybecame scholarsaftercompletingthenecessaryrequirements: 1.Mustbeabonafidepupil/student(k-10)ofPhilip- pineSchool. 2.Mustmeettherequiredgradesof80%andabovein allSubjectarea. 3.Mustmaintainanaverageof85%inallgrading periods. 4.Musthaveagoodmoralcharacter. 5.Mustbelongtolowincomefamilystatus. RequiredDocuments: a.Studentreportcard(Photocopy) b.Studentandparent’scopyofthefollowing: -Passport(idpage) -Visa -ResidentCard c.ParentsSalaryCertificate ThethreestudentsfromPhilippineSchoolwhowere chosenasTimesofOmanScholarsare:MarcFrancisJ.Espinosa (Grade2—Generosity),ChelaMarieA.Constante(Grade7- Obedience)andTheaStephanieV.Rimas(Grade9-Fortitude). by:ArnoldVillasis BarriosTopsBatch2014-2015 NajeelBarriosis,onceagain,thevaledictori- anoftheBatch2014-2015ofPhilippineSchoolSultan- ateofOman.Shegraduatedwithflyingcolors,not onlyasaValedictorianbutwithotheracademic awardssuchasBestinMath,BestinScience,Bestin SocialStudies,BestinTLE,LoyaltyAward,Leadership AwardandaHighDistinctioninEnglishIBTExam. ThisisnotBarrios’firsttimetobetheVale- dictorian.Previously,shewasValedictorianduringher primaryandelementaryyears.Shehasbeencon- sistentallthroughtheyearsandsurelyshehasreaped thegoodfruitsofherlabor. HatsoftoBarriosforbeingastudentworth lookingupto.Mayshecontinuestrivingforthebestin theyearstocome. by:TaraGallardo 5
  21. 21. GratitudeChallenge TheGrade8studentspostedtheirlistsofthepeopletheywant- edtothankalongwithnomineesthatwoulddothesameontheHSlobby wall.Manypeoplebecamecuriousandbecamewillingtolearnaboutthe activity.Thissimplebutmeaningfulgesturethathopestocreateadomino effectamongthePSiansiscalledthe“GratitudeChallenge”. Ms.MariaCarolinaP.Layog,theESPteacherofbothGrade8- HonestyandGrade8-Truthspearheadedthechallenge,however,itwas theGrade8studentswhoexecuteditandmadeitsuccessful.Inlinewith theirlessonofgratitude,Ms.Layogbelievesthatthebestwayofteaching herstudentsistoletthemexperienceit. Thechallengehasspreadthroughoutthewholeschool.Even theparentswhowereastoundedbythechallengestartedtocontinuethe challengeintheirhomesandoffices.Itprovesthatthechallengeissuc- cessfulandhasbecomeagoodepidemicthatwillsurelyspreadtheim- portanceofexpressinggratitude. SCOPSFUNDAY2015 TheSCOPSlaunchedtheirannualFunDaylastJanuary31.The programstartedoffwiththeprayerandthesingingofthenational anthem,thenNajeelAyraBarrios,theSCOPSPresidentdelivereda warmopeningspeech.Thestudentsandparentswereallowedto openboothsaroundtheschooltoearnfundsandgiveeveryonethe chancetoexploredifferentgoodsandservices. ThesearchforthePSO'sBestDanceCrewwaspushedthrough onthatdayandthecontestantsinvolvedwerethegradeschool studentsandtheywerejudgedbytalentedteachers.Studentswere abletosharetheirtalentsbyparticipatinginintermissionnumbers duringtheprogram.TheUltimateKidsimpressedthejudgesthe mostfortheytookhomethetitleofPSO’sBestDanceCrewfor 2015aswellastheBestCostumeaward. PSOPATRIOTSBRINGSHOMETHEBACON ThePSOPatriotsBasketballVarsityjoinedtheinter-schoolbasketballtournamentinTheAmericanInternational SchoolofMuscatonMarch16,2015.TheirfirstgamewasagainsttheBritishSchoolofMuscatwithascoreof7-19,infavorof thePSOPatriots.FollowedbytheirgameagainstTheAmericanInternationalSchoolofMuscatwithascoreof1-15,onceagain infavorofthePSOPatriots.OntheirthirdgameTheteamwasabletogarner26pointsagainstTheSultanSchoolwhoonly scored6points.ThePSOPatriotswereabletoscore35pointsagainstMuscatInternationalSchoolwhoscoredatotalof16 points. ItwasalandslidevictoryforthePSOPatriots,givingthemtheChampionshiptitle.Theteamshowedgreatcoopera- tionbetweenitsmembersandtheever-supportiveanddedicatedcoaches,Mr.MelchorBuenavistaandMr.GamalielNacor, showedthatitwastimetoreapwhattheysowed. KudostothePSOPartriots!Withoutadoubt,youmadetheschoolproud. ByTaraGraceGallardo 4
  22. 22. ThemultitalentedstudentsofPhilippineSchoolOman showcasedtheiruniqueskillsandtalentsinthePSOAcademic,Tal- entandSkillsCompetitionheldlast25th and26th ofFebruarywiththe theme,“Rizal:Unmasked”. Theeventaimedtodeterminethedeservingstudentswho willrepresenttheschoolinthe13th OKORMEARInterschoolAca- demic,TalentandSkillsCompetitionnextschoolyearintheKingdom ofBahrain.ItisanannualcontestwhereinvariousPhilippineschools acrosstheMiddleEastparticipate. TherewerecontestssuchastheOn-the-SpotPaintingCon- test,On-the-SpotEssayWritingContestinEnglishandFilipino,Battle oftheBrains,YoungMariaClaraandYoungJoseRizal.Thestudents wereabletoutilizetheirtalentsandskillstoearnaspotasawinner. Nextyear,thedelegatesofPhilippineSchoolOmanwillbe FionaAugustL.CuestasandAlyssaJheanineS.OrlanesfortheOn-the -SpotPaintingContest,JamEisenR.CatacutanfortheOn-theSpot EssayWritinginFilipino,JessieS.MalibiranJr.fortheOn-the-Spot EssayWritingContestinEnglishandBattleoftheBrains,MarckHer- zonC.BarrionfortheBattleoftheBrainsaswellandfinally,Kyla RuizaB.AquinofortheYoungMariaClaraandChrezlerMJS.Ruizfor theYoungJoseRizal.Letushopethattheywillbeabletobringhome thebaconforPSOandshinelikebluestarsintheArabiansky. Thewinnersofthecontestsarethefollowing: On-the-SpotPaintingContest 1st Place:AlyssaJheanineS.Orlanes(9-Courage) 2nd Place:FionaAugustL.Cuestas(7-Diligence) 3rd Place:JosephRyanR.Duldulao(9-Fortitude) On-theSpotEssayWritingContestinFilipino 1st Place:JamEisenR.Caracutan(8-Truth) 2nd Place:KylaRuizaB.Aquino(8-Truth) 3rd Place:TrishaKhateS.Orlanes(7-Diligence) On-the-SpotEssayWritingContestinEnglish 1st Place:JessieS.MalibiranJr.(8-Honesty) 2nd Place:DanielleAgapeR.Bernal(7-Obedience) 3rd Place:RowanMithrilT.Ado(7-Obedience) BattleoftheBrains 1st Place:JessieS.MalibiranJr.(8-Honesty) 2nd Place:MarckHerzonC.Barrion(8-Truth) 3rd Place:KyleCedricF.Burac(9-Fortitude) YoungMariaClara YoungMariaClara:KylaRuizaB.Aquino(8-Truth) 1st RunnerUp:EdellyneMarieL.Nachor(9-Courage) 2nd RunnerUp:TrishaKhateS.Orlanes(7-Diligence) 3rd RunnerUp:EisabelleLouiseF.Mapanao(7-Obedience) YoungJoseRizal YoungJoseRizal:ChrezlerMJ.S.Ruiz(6-Justice) 1st RunnerUp:MarckHerzonC.Barrion(8-Truth) 2nd RunnerUp:AllenGabrielG.Mendoza(6-Wisdom) 3rd RunnerUp:LanceMiguelW.Lagundi(9-Fortitude) 4th RunnerUp:JohnMaverickB.Alviar(6-Justice) 5th RunnerUp:FrederiqueKimL.Espinosa(6-Justice) ByJessieMalibiranJr. 3
  23. 23. REDSANTELMOSETSINTRAMURALS2015ABLAZE TheRedSantelmopumpedtheirfistsandchantedtheirbattle crieswhentheywonasIntramurals2015’soverallchampion,settingPS ablaze.TheGreenBerberokaswamintovictoryasthefirstrunner-up,the BlueMinokawaglidedtheirwayasthesecondrunner-upandlastbutnot theleast,theYellowSarangaygrowledtheirwayasthethirdrunner-up. TheIntramurals2015wascommencedlast28th ofFebruary afterthepre-gameswiththeusualceremoniesspearheadedbythesports clubheadedbyMr.GamalielNacorandMr.MelchorBuenavista.After- which,theMr.andMrs.Intramuralsstartedthetwo-dayaffair.Theday wasladenwithloudcheers,criesofdefeatandchantsoftriumph.The teamswereabletoshowcasetheirstrengthandsynergyinallthegames. Furthermore,theseconddaywasthedecidingdayforallthe teams.Thedaywasforallthechampionshipgames.TheYellowSarangay claimedvictoryintheHSBasketball,theBlueMinokawapulverizedthe RedSantelmointheHSVolleyball,theBlueMinokawaonceagainwonin theGSBasketballandtheRedSantelmoretaliatedintheGSVolleyball. TheIntramurals2015wasdefinitelysuccessfulinpromoting growthanddevelopmentbyfacilitatingteamwork,camaraderieandunity tosparkamidstallteams.ItwasabletotrulyprovethatPSisabouttrain- ingus,studentsholistically.Furthermore,theRedSantelmoalsowonthe awardforBestinCheersandYells. BLUEMINOKAWASOARSWITHCHEERDANCETITLE TheBlueMinokawasoaredinthecheerdancecompetitionlast 29th ofFebruary,stompingontheotherteamswiththeirslickdance moves. Thefourteamsengagedinafierceshowcaseofdanceskills, choreographyandmusicality.ThefirstteamtoperformwastheGreen Berberoka,whopresentedtheirmodernandcomplexdancemoves.The secondwastheBlueMinokawawhosevarietyofstylesnotonlycleaned thecourtbutalsowowedthejudges.NextwastheYellowSarangaywho showedtheirtrendydancemovesandultimately,theRedSantelmo showedtheirsassyandsmoothdancemovesaccompaniedbyawide varietyoffacialexpressionswhichintriguedtheaudience. Afterthemix-upintheannouncementofthewinners,the Yellowteamcameinlast,followedbytheGreenteamasthe3rd placer, thentheRedfor2nd .TheBlueteamunleashedtheirbattlecriesafterthey wereannouncedasthe1st placer. GREENBERBEROKABAGSMR.andMS.INTRAMURALS2015TITLES TheGreenBerberoka,representedbyJanelleBolidofrom Grade9-CourageandCarlStephenHerrasfromGrade7-Obediencewon thetitlesofMs.Intramurals2015andMr.Intramurals2015respectively, withalandslide. Thepageantwhichwasheldlast28th ofFebruarywasan excellentwayofstartingofftheIntramurals.Thepageantwhichwasled byArnoldVillasisJr.andTheaStephanieRimasstartedoffwithanumber fromthecontestantsfromeachteam.MharaMaeViernesandBasilAl- HadirepresentedthefieryRedteam,AntonietteTurlaandPaulVincent VillacortarespresentedthesoaringBlueteam,EisabelleLouiseMapanao andLanceMiguelLagundirepresentedtheragingYellowteamandfinally, JanelleBolidoandCarlStephenHerrasrepresentedthemightyGreen team. Afterwards,thecasualwearportionprecededthesportswear presentation.Thecontestantsshowcasedtheirpoise,projection,charis- maandconfidencethroughtheirspell-bindinggarbs.Thequestionand answerportionwasfilledwithgreatandintellectualanswersfromthe contestantsthatcounteredexcellentquestionsfromthejudges,Mrs. NorlindaCura,Mrs.PortiaLalaineRamosandMr.IshwaraRamos. TheawardingfollowedafterandtheRedteamcamein4th , theBlueteam3rd ,theYellowteam2nd andfinally,theGreenteamcame in1st place.Also,HerrasandBolidobothwontheBestinCasualWearand BestinSportswearawards ByJessieMalibiranJr. 2
  24. 24. Insidethisissue: Intramurals2015SCOPSFunDayTheGraduatesofS.Y.2014-2015 OKORCompetitionTimesofOmanScholarsGratitudeChallenge ISSUE GRADUATION VolumeXXVII,SchoolYear2014-2015,JanuarytoMarchIssue