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Apollo hospitals delhi in patient guide

  1. 1. From the Desk of Dr Prathap C Reddy Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group “Most essential institutions in society have developed in response to an overwhelming need.”Twenty seven years ago, I lost a patient in India who could not make it to Dear Patient,Texas for an open heart surgery. But now our people have the opportunityto access the best that global healthcare has to offer, within our own We, at Apollo, are committed to providing the best medical care to meetprecincts. Our state-of-the-art equipment and our world class your needs.professionals are on par with the best available in the developed world. This guide provides the full scope of hospital services on offer during yourApollo is, no doubt, a pioneer and a leader in revolutionizing healthcare in stay. Do feel free to use any service for which our staff will gladly assist.India. To this extent, Apollos mission may have been accomplished, butwe cannot be complacent. We realize that today, people measure an Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact yourorganizations strengths by an array of more demanding criteria than just clinical care coordinator who is a qualified doctor. He/she manages allwho-came-first. Let me assure you that this is quite the way Apollomeasures itself. aspects of your care and, along with your nurse, communicates regularly with your treating doctor.By constantly measuring our deliverables, we have succeeded in creatinginfrastructure that meets the needs of the future, one that incorporates the We value your confidence in our services and medical expertise. We strivelatest technology and also provides a superior healthcare delivery system. to continually improve our services. Any comments you might offer willOur immediate agenda includes setting up secondary and tertiaryhealthcare facilities in all major Indian cities, primary level centres at all help us to serve you better. We thank you for choosing Apollo for yourdistricts, pharmacies and a Health Maintenance Organization that will healthcare needs.give millions of people access to all these facilities. This agenda, we feel,befits a country that is witnessing rapid growth and is poised to be a globaleconomic force to reckon with. Management of Indraprastha Apollo HospitalsOur mission is also to transcend the realm of curative care. With a newfocus on preventive care, Apollo seeks to go beyond medical managementof illness. And for the future generations of Indians, we stand committed tobuilding a healthcare infrastructure that will create an environment toprotect, nurture, cherish and enhance life.Wishing you good health,Dr Prathap C Reddy
  2. 2. 1. INFORMATION DESK Page No. Page No. 1.1 Information DeskInformation Desk 1 – Food Service 10 General information regarding Hospital Services and admittedEmergency services 1 – Platinum Lounge 10 patients is available at the Information Desk located in the Main (International Patient Services) – Ambulance 1 Lobby at Gate No: 1. – Television 10Doctors’ Offices 1 ( Extn 1067, 1068 – Information 1 – Telephones 11 – Apollo Wellness Center 1 – Maintenance 11 – Neurosciences 2 – Lockers 11 2. EMERGENCY SERVICES – Oncology 3 – Security Room 11 Emergency is the first contact point for all seriously ill patients. The – Patient Transportation 3 – Laundry 12 Department of Emergency & Trauma Services consists of – Out Patient Pharmacy 3 – Visitors 12 Emergency Physicians who deal with life-threatening emergencies, – Registration 3 – Attendant’s Pass 12 accidents and trauma supported by a well equipped team of nursing – Consultation 3 staff. The hospital is geared to perform emergency operations – Visitor’s Pass 12 – Out Patient Billing Counter 3 round the clock. Discharge 12 – Investigations 4 Billing 13 ( Extn 2001, 2012 / Direct Number: 26925888/26825555Laboratory Services 4 – Policy for computing Bed Charges 13 Emergency : 1066 (Toll Free)Radio-Diagnostics 4 – Bed Transfer 13Nulear Medicine 4 2.1 Ambulance – Admission through Emergency 13Dressing Room 4 Patient feedback 14 The Hospital has a network of ambulances available round theVaccination room 5 clock. They are equipped with state-of-the-art specialized medical Medical Records Department 14Endoscopy Lab 5 equipment. Other Services 14IVF lab 5 ( 26925888, 1066/26825555 – Car Parking 14Sleep Lab 5 – Temple 14Bronchoscopy Lab 5 3. DOCTORS’ OFFICES – Gift Shop 15Blood Bank 5 – Communication Center 15 3.1 Gate No. 2 Ground Floor A Wing Room 1101-1112 OncologyPhysiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center 6 – Bank & ATM 15 (Extn. 1170, 1171) B Wing Room 1034-1049 Cardiology, Cardio-Holistic Medicine Department 6 – Food Court 15 Diagnostics, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, Thoracic SurgeryCorporate Help Desk 6 Special Previlege 15 (Extn. 1080, 1081) First Floor A Wing Room Wellness Centre,TPA Helpdesk 6 Your Rights as a patient of Internal Medicine (Extn 1070,1071) B Wing Room 1118-1133In Patient Services 7 Apollo Hospitals 15 Dental Sciences, Opthalmilogy (Eye), ENT and Head & Neck In-Hospital Safety Tips 18 Surgery (Extn. 1180, 1181) Second Floor A Wing Room 1219- – Admission 7 Safe Medication 20 1232 Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, – I.P Cashier (Billing) . 7 Psychiatry, Respiratory Medicine( Extn. 1270, 1271) B Wing Room Infection Control 22 – Rooms 7 1201-1210 Cosmetic Surgery, General Surgery, GI Surgery, – Intensive Care Unit 9 Pain Management 23 Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Vascular Surgery – Doctors 9 Food/Drug Interactions 26 (Extn. 1280, 1281) – Nursing 9 Telephone Numbers 27 Gate No. 10 Ground Floor C Wing Room 1000-1011 – In Patient Pharmacy 9 – Dietician 10 Apollo Hospitals Network 28 Dermatology, Nephrology, Neuro-Diagnostics, Rheumatology, Tele Consult 29 Urology, Urodynamics Lab (Extn. 1050, 1051) D Wing Room 1012-1024 Neurology (Extn. 1060, 1061) First Floor D Wing 1
  3. 3. Room 4160-4169 Acode (Extn. 1162) Second Floor D Wing Room For information and appointment (Prior appointment is 1233-1246 Gynaecology, Paediatrics (Extn. 1260, 1261) mandatory)3.2 Information ( Extn 1090, 1091 Information on various speciality services are available with the Direct Number: 26825604, 26825708 Information Desk located in the main lobby.( Extn 1067, 1068 3.4 Patient Transportation On arrival at the hospital, if you require a wheelchair or stretcher to3.3 Apollo Wellness Center transport the patient, please take the assistance of our staff at the Apollo Wellness Center is located at the First Floor, “A” Wing, Gate Information Desk or inform the doorman who will assist you No. 2. It offers various preventive checkup programs, designed to without any delay. (OP Transplant Extn.1087) screen every part of your body meticulously and professionally. Based on different medical profiles, a number of Health Checks 3.5 Pharmacy have been designed. The 24-hour Apollo Pharmacy is located in the atrium of the § Apollo Cancer Check hospital. § Apollo Diabetic Check ( Extn 1064, 1065 Direct Number: 41626200 § Apollo Stroke Check § Apollo Liver Check 3.6 Registration § Apollo Health Check If you are visiting Apollo for the first time, you need to get a one- § Apollo Executive Health Check time registration done for a nominal fee, at the respective reception § Apollo Heart Check counter. You will be issued a unique ID number and a file would be § Apollo Whole Body Check made. ID card can be collected from the main information counter § Apollo Well Woman Check at Gate No. 1 by showing the registration receipt. § Apollo Breast Check 3.7 Consultation § Apollo Advanced Heart Check You are requested to fix an appointment with the concerned § Apollo Child Health Check reception by quoting your ID No. This would ensure that your § Apollo Knee Check hospital records are available with the doctor by the time you arrive,( Extn 1070, 1071 Direct Number: 26925859 thereby helping us serve you better. If you come without an appointment, please give your hospital ID No. at the Reception Desk. Your file would be brought from the Medical Records Precautions while coming for Health Check Department as soon as possible. The reception staff will guide you § Please come on an empty stomach with overnight fasting. (Have to the appropriate consultant. 2 to 3 glasses of plain water) § Kindly bring your morning sample of stool and urine in sterile 3.8 Out Patient Billing Counter containers. OP billing counter is located in the atrium outside Gate No. 2. All § If you are pregnant, diabetic or have a cardiac problem, please payments for investigations are made here. We accept cash, demand inform the reception / doctor. drafts & all major credit cards. § Pregnant ladies or if suspecting pregnancy, please do not get any ( Extn 1093 X-ray done. 2 3
  4. 4. 3.9 Investigations E. Vaccination Room In case an investigation is required, the consultant would fill a The vaccination room is located at Gate No. 10, 2nd Floor. ‘Request for Investigation Form’. Payment for the same is to be Vaccination is given in consultation with the doctor. Billing for made at the OP Billing Counter on the ground floor,Gate No.2. You vaccination is done on the same floor at the Reception Counter. would be guided to different diagnostic centers, where you would ( Extn 1260, 1261 be required to present the payment receipt and have the investigations carried out. For MRI, CT & Ultrasound, you will F. Endoscopy Lab need to fix up a prior appointment; however, subject to patient load, we will accomodate you suitably. Endoscopy procedures are done at the Endoscopy Lab located on the 4th Floor of the main building. A temporary pass has to beA. Laboratory Services (Sample Collection) obtained from the main information counter on the ground floor. To reach the lab, you may take the central elevator after entering the All laboratories are located on the ground floor of the main main hospital building from Gate No. 6. building. Blood, Urine & Stool samples may be given at the Sample Collection Center, Gate No: 4.The reports may be collected from ( Extn 2481, 2482 the same counter on the due date.( Extn 2098 G. IVF Lab Apollo’s Assisted Reproductive Unit (AARU) is located in the IVFB. Radio-diagnostics lab, opposite CCU on the 1st floor of the main building. Entrance is This includes X-ray, Ultra Sound, MRI, CT, 64 Slice CT & other through Gate No. 6. special investigations. These are located on the ground floor and ( Extn 2146, 2199 may be reached through Gate No: 7. Some of the investigations require you to be on an empty stomach or take special precautions. H. Sleep Lab You would be informed about these when you take an appointment. The Sleep Lab is located on the 3rd Floor in Tower 1. The entrance( Extn 2026, 2027(Radiology main Recp.) 2023 CT?MRI, is through Gate No 6. For appointments please call: 2031 Ultrasound ( Extn 2366, 2367C. Nuclear Medicine I. Bronchoscopy Lab Nuclear Medicine Tests, DTPA, VQ Scan and Bone Densitometry All Bronchoscopy procedures are done in the Bronchoscopy Lab are done at the Department of Nuclear Medicine located on the on the 3rd floor of the main building. For appointments please ground floor. The entry is through the Radiology Department at call: Gate No: 7. Some of the investigations require prior appointment. Special instruction may need to be followed for some tests. ( Extn 2381, 2382( Extn 2036 (Reception), 2037 J. Blood BankD. Dressing Room The Blood Bank is located along the Atrium at Gate No. 9. Apollo The dressing room is located at Gate No. 2, 2nd floor, B Wing. Blood Bank does not sell blood / blood products, accepts only Billing for dressing is made at the same location. voluntary and replacement donors. Before planned surgeries, please contact the Blood Bank reception. The Blood Bank is open( Extn 1207, 1208 for donation from :4 5
  5. 5. 08.30 am - 1:00pm and 2.00pm - 4.30 pm (Working days) 4. INPATIENT SERVICES 09.00 am - 12noon (Sundays and Holidays) 4.1 Admission( Extn 2011, 2015 In the event of your requiring admission, your doctor would fill out a “Request for Admission Form”. The Reception Counter wouldK. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center send your file with the admission request to the admission counter. The Physiotherapy Department is located at (–2) basement of the If your admission is planned, please contact the admission counter main building. The way to Physiotherapy is through Gate No. 8 in before you reach the hospital. You will be allotted a bed category of the Atrium. All billing for Physiotherapy is done at the reception your choice if available, or you would be given an alternate category counter of the Physiotherapy Department. of bed and subsequently shifted to the desired category of bed. For appointments please call ( Extn 2058, 2060( Extn 1960, 1961 4.2 I.P. Cashier (Billing)L. Corporate Help Desk A. O.T Booking :- In case you have been advised a surgery by the If your company has tied up with Apollo Hospitals for medical doctor, you will be required to pay the desired amount as OT services, you would be entitled to certain privileges as a corporate booking charges (non-refundable) at the IP cash counter at Gate. client. Please ensure that you are carrying an authorization letter No 6. This would be adjusted against your hospital bill. The from your company or your company’s identity card as the case may computer generated receipt should be brought back to the counter be. For assistance, please contact the Corporate Helpdesk located in from where the booking for the Operation Theatre would be aprium adjacent to Gate No. 6. confirmed. The doctor would inform you about the time you( Extn 1846, Direct : 41676555 Fax : 26825567 should report for surgery and the instructions to be followed. B. At the time of admission you are requested to pay an advanceM. TPA Helpdesk amount equivalent to the estimated cost of the surgery/Procedure. If you are covered under listed insurance companies for medical C. The payments at the time of admission, during the stay of the patient services, Apollo Hospitals, Delhi will help you get your claim and at the time of discharge shall be made at the IP Cash Counter. processed by your TPA. Please Note : In the event of cashless The payments can be made in cash and/or by demand drafts and all authorization request being rejected by TPA, the patient will be major credit cards. Payments through Cheques are not accepted. required to settle the hospital bills and try to claim the expenses ( Extn 2038, 2056 subsequently from the insurance company / TPA. For assistance, please contact the TPA Helpdesk located in the Atrium near Gate 4.3 Rooms No. 6. Please note that post discharge medicines and certain exclusions are not covered by your insurance. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals offers a choice of Patient Rooms/Beds. All rooms are air-conditioned. All efforts are made to( Extn 1843, 2042 Fax : 26825700 provide the type of room that you desire. However, in the event of non-availability of the room of your choice, you would be allotted the best alternative room available.6 7
  6. 6. A. A/C Multi Bed Unit 4.4 Intensive Care Units It is air-conditioned and consists of 4, 5 or 6 beds, separated by The ICUs are equipped with most modern patient monitoring curtain partitions. A common TV with cable connection and systems. Trained Intensivists are present in the ICUs round the telephone for incoming calls are also provided in the ward. clock. In the interest of the critically ill patients, it is necessary to restrict theB. Semi-Private number of visitors to intensive care patient areas. One attendant is Each room accommodates 2 patients. A common television and allowed to be in the ICU lobby for each patient. They may leave their separate telephones are provided. A single sofa cum bed is provided contact number at the ICUs while leaving the ICU lobby. for the attendant. Washroom is common. Visiting Hours: CTVS ICU 04:30 pm – 05:30 pmC. Single Room Other ICUs 05:30 pm – 06:30 pm These are single bed air-conditioned units with a TV telephone and , wardrobe with a large bathroom. A sofa cum bed is provided for the ( Extn 2155, 2189, 2191 attendant. 4.5 DoctorsD. Deluxe Room While your primary consultant personally handles your treatment, round-the-clock medical cover is provided by junior The deluxe room is larger in size, and is provided with electronic medical staff. Please inform the nursing station if you need to bed and a refrigerator. It has a spacious bathroom and has all other contact the doctor. facilities of a Single Room. 4.6 NursingE. Suite Our Nursing staff is highly skilled and dedicated to provide the best The suite room is the last word in “patient comfort”. Each suite is nursing care. In case you need to call the nurse, kindly press the Call laid out with a large bath attached to the patient’s room, a pantry, Bell near the patient’s bed. For any assistance, please contact the lounge, and a separate bathroom for the attendant. A special nursing supervisor of the floor. electronically operated bed with remote control facility is provided for maximum patient comfort. 4.7 In Patient Pharmacy The In Patient Pharmacy will cater to all your requirements ofF. Day Care Rooms medicine, which is open round the clock. In case of an emergency, Ambulatory Care at Apollo is one of its kind in India. The Day Care the medicines will be used from the nursing stock and later replaced rooms are provided for ambulatory procedures and Day Surgeries, from the Pharmacy. which do not require admission for more than 12 hours. Each room ( Extn 1865 / 1866 has a patient bed and a sofa for the attendant. Toilet facility is common for all the rooms. Each room is provided with a TV . 4.8 Dietician Telephone facility is available through the Nursing Desk. Tariff is charged on hourly basis to contain costs for the patient. Our team of dedicated and committed dieticians make sure that each referred patient gets individualized attention. A Dietician( Extn 2137, 2138 – Medical Day Care would visit you and after assessing the nature of illness and( Extn 2052 – Surgical Day Care Doctor’s instructions, she will prescribe a tailor made diet and also 8 9
  7. 7. help in understanding the dietary influences on the disease 4.12 Telephones process.Dietary schedule is revised according to daily The telephone provided in your room / ward has the same number progress,working in tandem with doctors and in co-ordination as your Bed / Room Number. Please get in touch with your ward with the food service department. Our team also makes sure that secretary and fill the necessary application for availing zero diet counselling of patients is done at the time of discharge of all dialing in shared, single rooms and above. With the exception of referred cases and also of non referred cases who require dietary General Ward, local calls can be made from the room by dialing suggestions. ‘0’. For STD / ISD calls, please dial ‘9’ for operator. At the time of processing the patient’s discharge from the Hospital, this facility( Extn 2083, 2092 is withdrawn. If you still need to make a call, dial ‘9’ for the operator.4.9 Food Service F & B department coordinates diet for all non-referred patients. 4.13 Maintenance Food quality and timely service of food are also assured. Option If you require any assistance for TV AC, Telephones, etc., you may , card is provided for selection of cuisine for patients in single rooms contact our technician either directly or through the Floor Manager and above. / Ward Secretary. ( Extn 1910 / 1917( Room Service Extn. 2090, 2091 4.14 Lockers Food from outside is not permitted in the Hospital. In case you need to keep your cash or valuables, a locker is provided by the Hospital. You will be required to make a deposit of4.10 Platinum Lounge (International Patient Services) Rs. 1000/- out of which Rs. 900/- will be refundable at the time of Platinum Lounge provides facilities like Visa assistance, Airport discharge. Please contact Security Control Room for further transfers, Travel arrangements, Accommodations for Patient & assistance. Locker facility is also available in DLX and above Companions, Coordination of all medical appointments, rooms. International staff Translator, Internet with wi-fi, mobile sim cards, You are requested to avoid bringing any valuables or expensive Lockers, Shopping & recreational options and Cuisine to suit your items to the hospital. In case of any theft or loss, the management palate. shall not be held responsible.( Extn. 1097, 1844, Fax: 41676772 4.15 Cloak Room For convenience of patients attendants, a cloakroom is located4.11 Television behind the temple. Extra luggage may be kept there. Please contact Televisions are placed in all patient wards/rooms. A detailed guide security to avail this facility. and operating instructions are available with each TV set. During ( Extn 1926 / 1983 the silence hours i.e. from 2 pm - 4 pm and from 10 pm - 6 am, televisions in multi bed units and shared rooms are to be switched 4.16 Laundry off. We provide laundry service for attendants. The rate list will be( Extn 1905 provided to you on request. You will be billed for the same at the time of patient’s discharge. ( Extn 191210 11
  8. 8. 5. VISITORS hospital, interim bills are generated and you are requested to make Our visiting hours are from 4pm to 7pm. Please restrict the number ‘On Account’ payments as per the outstanding amount. of visitors, and help reduce disturbance and likelihood of infection. ( Extn 3359 / 3360 / 2356 / 2355 Children below 12 years are not allowed to be in any inpatient area except under very special circumstances. You are requested to 7.1 Policy for computing bed charges maintain silence while in the hospital. Kindly avoid using cellular Minimum admission is for a day. Hospital follows a single discharge phones, since this causes interference with sophisticated patient time at 9.00 a.m. Discharges beyond 9.00 a.m shall be charged one monitoring systems and causes disturbance to other patients. day Bed charge. In Day care and Emergency ward the Bad charges are computed on Note: Food and flowers from outside are not permitted in the hospital. hourly basis. Attendant’s passes are issued at the time of admission. 7.2 Bed Transfer5.1 Attendant’s Pass In the event of a bed transfer ward during the course of treatment, One attendant pass per patient is normally issued during admission. the higher category bed charges will be applicable for the day of transfer. Paediatric & suite room patients will be entitled to 2 attendants passes. 7.3 Admission through Emergency5.2 Visitor’s Pass When a patient is admitted to the Emergency Ward and the desired category of bed is not available, you would be charged for the Tour visiting hours are 4pm to 7pm desired category of bed, if the same is lower than the emergency Visitor passes are issued by security on producing of valid proof of ward bed. Alternately, the charges applicable to emergency ward patient identity. bed would prevail. If you have any queries, please ask your Ward Secretary.6. DISCHARGE The Hospital follows a single discharge time at 9.00 a.m. The 8. PATIENT FEEDBACK discharge process is initiated after the doctor has recorded the entry All our staff are committed to providing personalised care. Your in the patient’s file. honest opinion of your experience of our services would help us The In-patient Billing Department is at 3rd Floor. The Billing assess our standard of service. Please take out a few minutes of your Department will generate the final bill and you are requested to valuable time to complete the Feedback Form and hand it over to settle the same by 9 a.m. After settlement of the Bill a ‘Discharge the Ward Secretary / Charge Nurse. Intimation Slip’ will be given to you. This is to be given to your ward secretary/nurse, the nurse will hand you over your reports and 9. MEDICAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT (MRD) discharge summary. Please handover the attendant pass (s) to the When you register at Apollo Hospitals, you are issued a unique ward secretary, along with the discharge intimation slip. hospital ID Number (UHID) and a file will be made in your name.7. BILLING This file will be retained in the hospital MRD. The UHID number At the time of admission you are required to make a deposit, which issued to you will be used for identifying your record. would be adjusted against your final bill. During your stay in the MRD ensures that the Medical Records are available for both OP consultations (with prior appointment) and at admission. 12 13
  9. 9. The MRD facilitates in: 10.6 Food Court l Completion of insurance claim forms For the convenience of patient’s attendants, visitors and outdoor l Amendment in Out patient / In patient record against valid patients, Food Courts are located in the Atrium. documentary proof, in the event of incorrect entries at registration 11. SPECIAL PREVILEGE l Issue of Transaction Slip for getting Birth and Death Certificate from Citizen Service Bureau, MCD office, Ring Road, Lajpat Apollo Health Check Privilege for Attendants Nagar, New Delhi One attendant of every patient admitted in the hospital will be given( Extn 1957, 1964, 1966 15% discount on all preventive health check packages. This coupon is handed over to the patient at admission.10. OTHER SERVICES10.1 Car Parking / Valet Parking Your rights as a patient of Apollo Hospitals 1. To be informed of your rights and participate in the development and Car Parking is available at the entrance of the hospital campus. Valet implementation of your plan of care. Parking is available at main porch on payment basic. 2. To receive care without regard to your race, color, nationality,10.2 Temple religion, age, gender, ability or disability or lifestyle. Lord Ganesha temple is located in the campus. It is open from 7:30 3. To request and receive care which respects your individual cultural, am to 11:30am and 4:00pm to 8:00 pm. spiritual and social values. In case the patient or the family has any special religious needs, 4. To receive care which is free of verbal, physical and psychological kindly inform the floor in charge, who would facilitate the same. abuse or harassment.( Extn 1059 5. To know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service to you and to know which Senior Consultant/Consultants is10.3 Gift Shop primarily responsible for your care. All queries regarding the clinical A gift shop is located in the Atrium. It sells cards, magazines, books identity of treating Senior Consultant/Consultants shall be resolved and other giftables. (taken care of) at the office of ADMS.( Extn 1056 6. To receive care which promotes your dignity, privacy, safety and comfort.10.4 Communication Center 7. To be informed that relief of pain is an important part of your care. The Communication Center located in the Atrium provides STD To receive information about options to reduce, control or relieve and ISD phone services, fax and photocopying facilities. pain. To have pain effectively managed.( Extn 1052 8. To be free from any form of restraint or seclusion that is not medically necessary or used as a means of coercion, discipline,10.5 Bank & ATM convenience or retaliation by staff. A restraint or seclusion may only be used to improve your well being or protect you from harm, and The Oriental Bank of Commerce has an extension counter in the when you or your family has been informed. Atrium at Gate No. 10. ICICI & OBC banks have their ATMs in the Atrium. 9. To expect that efforts will be made to provide you continuous, coordinated, and appropriate care during your hospitalization.( Extn 1054, 105514 15
  10. 10. 10. To be informed of your health status, including the nature of your 20. To request and receive information regarding the charges for any illness and treatment options, including potential risks, benefits, treatment, and to receive an explanation of your bill upon request. alternatives and costs, confirmed diagnosis if any, and to participate 21. To have a family member or representative of your choice, and your fully in your health care decisions. physician, promptly notified of your admission to the hospital.To11. To be informed by the attending medical team about the outcomes of consult with any senior consultant/consultant/specialist for a second care and treatment including any unanticipated outcomes. opinion including those from outside the organization,( from other12. To expect that we will communicate with you in a manner that you JCI accredited Apollo Hospitals ) at your own request and expense. can understand 22. To have personal privacy, including confidentiality of your clinical13. To make decisions regarding your care by being involved in your care record and to be assured that medical and personal information will planning and treatment. This includes making informed decisions be handled in a confidential manner. regarding your care, as well as a right to accept or refuse 23. To receive care in a safe setting and environment. recommended tests or treatment, or to request other treatment. You 24. To refuse care and take discharge against medical advice. would be required to sign the consent form in case of any invasive 25. JCI Accredition Program requires accrediated organizations to tests or procedures. The general consent form given to you at the communicate to hospital employees, visitors and patients that when time of admission is meant for permission to conduct non-invasive complaints are not responded to their satisfaction, individuals may diagnostic tests, provide routine medication and treatment. choose to report their complaints to the JCI Accredition Program.14. To expect that appropriate surrogate decision makers will be sought in case you lack decision-making ability and have no advance Your responsibility as a patient of Apollo Hospitals directive. 1. To provide all personal and family health information needed to15. To raise ethical issues concerning your care with your care providers provide you with appropriate care. This includes reporting if you are and/or the ethics committee, and to participate in the resolution of in pain, or require pain relief those issues. 2. To participate to the best of your ability, in making decisions about16. To have access to visitors as per hospital policy. You have been your medical treatment, and to comply with the agreed upon plan of informed that there are sound medical or institutional reasons to care restrict such access. 3. To ask questions of your physician or other care providers, when you17. To be informed of any proposed research or experimental treatment do not understand any information or instructions that may be considered in your case, including information on how 4. To inform your physician or other care provider, in writing, if you to gain access to those activities, and that the consent or refusal to desire a transfer of care to another physician, care giver, or facility participate, shall not influence care provided to you in any way. 5. To be considerate of others receiving care and those providing care18. To express complaints or grievances concerning the quality of care or 6. To observe facility policies and procedures, including those service and to voice them without fear of discrimination or reprisal regarding smoking, noise and number of visitors and to receive a prompt and courteous response to your concerns. 7. To accept financial responsibility for health care services and settle You will be provided with information as to how to file a complaint. bills promptly. The written complaint can be forwarded to the Quality Office. 8. To take care of your valuables and personal belongings ( mobile19. To be allowed fair access to information contained in your clinical phones, wallets, handbags etc. ) records within 72 hours of your request for them, through your treating consultant. 16 17
  11. 11. Organ Donation STAFF IDENTIFICATIONIn case you or any of your family member or friends would like to pledge All Hospital employees, volunteers and physicians wear name badges thatyour/their organs for donation, kindly contact the counselor for detailed identify their names and departments. If an employee, or physician is notinformation. wearing a name badge, please ask him or her to put it on, or ask for another staff person.IN HOSPITAL SAFETY TIPSWe want to make sure you have a safe and comfortable stay at Indraprastha PATIENT IDENTIFICATIONApollo Hospitals. And in this, we need your help. That is why we have The patient identification band (ID band) you receive on admission isdeveloped this guide for patients and families. important for many reasons. This band has your medical record number on it and this is how you are identified at Apollo Hospitals. Do not letASK QUESTIONS anyone give you medications, conduct tests or procedures without themThere may be a number of people involved in your care. Feel free to ask checking your ID band every time. When blood or urine samples are taken,questions about your care and express your preferences and concerns. You make sure the sample containers are labeled with your name in yourmay want to bring a family member, friend or caregiver with you during presence.your admission. A friend or a family member can put you more at ease,remind you to ask certain questions and help you recall special instructions DESCRIBING SYMPTOMSlater on. A physical examination, evaluation and medical tests provide valuable information about your condition, but your description of symptoms is theQUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR key to your diagnosis and treatment. When asked about your symptoms,Regarding Medicines : Please read the Brochure on Safe use of medication try to identify when the symptoms started, what time of day they occur,carefully. how long they last, how often they occur, and if they are getting better or worse. The more details you can give us, the better.Regarding TestsØ What will this test reveal? UNDERSTANDING YOUR MEDICAL CONDITIONØ How will it affect my treatment? We will be happy to answer your questions about your condition. InØ Are there any risks or side effects? addition, we have literature to help you learn more.Regarding treatment or surgery: PREVENTING FALLSØ What are the benefits and risks? l Wear slippers or shoes with non-skid soles. Hospital floors can be slippery. Get up slowly. Sit on the edge of your bed for a few minutes. IfØ How soon will it improve my condition? you feel dizzy or weak, put on your call bell. Be sure you know how toØ Are other treatments available? use your call bell. Try it while the nurse is in the room to be sure.Ø Can you refer me to another physician for a second opinion? l Your hospital bed is probably higher and narrower than your bed atØ If surgery is needed, can it be done as an outpatient? home. When needed, call for help getting into or out of bed. If theØ If I need to be hospitalized, what will be the duration and cost? siderails are up, dont try to climb over or between them. Use your call bell to get help. l If you have an IV line, use your call light to get help to move with your IV line. 18 19
  12. 12. l Most of the furniture in your room is on wheels. Dont try to use it for l Read the label every time you take a dose, to make sure you have the support. Use your call bell to get help. Because wheelchairs tip easily, right drug and that you follow instructions. please ask for assistance when getting into or out of one. l Turn on the lights to take your medications. If you can not see what youl Keep items within easy reach. Ask your nurse or someone else to place are taking, you may take the wrong medicine. your call bell, glasses, phone or other needed items where you can l Don’t store medications in the bathroom medicine cabinet or in direct easily reach for them. sunlight. Humidity, heat and light can affect their potency and safety.l Do not wait until the last minute to go to the bath room. Get up slowly l Store medications where children can’t see or reach them, for example, and ask for help if needed. Make sure the light is on when dark. in a locked box or cabinet. l Flush any old medications, including used patches, down the toilet.SECURITY Children and pets might get hold of medicines that are thrown into theWe provide 24-hour security staff who make frequent rounds. wastebasket, and some drugs actually become toxic after the expiration date.The information contained in this booklet should not be considered l Don’t chew, crush or break any capsules or tablets unless instructed.specific medical advice and is not meant to replace professional medical Some long-acting medications are absorbed too quickly when chewed,service. which could be unsafe. Other medications either won’t be effective or could make you sick.SAFE MEDICATION... BE AN INFORMED PATIENT l To give liquid medication, use only the cup or measuring device thatUnfortunately, medication errors happen. They happen in hospitals, in comes with it. Dosing errors can happen if you use a different cup or ifpharmacies, or even at home. And sometimes people get hurt because of you use the cup with other liquids, because the cups often are of differentthese errors. sizes or have different markings. Also, household teaspoons andThe more information you have, the better able you are to prevent errors tablespoons are not very accurate, which is important with someand to take care of yourself. You have to ask your doctors and nurses about medications. Your pharmacist may give you a special oral syringe instead.your medications, and you have to expect answers.Your doctors, nurses and pharmacists work hard to keep you healthy, but ... WHILE IN HOSPITAL :you are also responsible. Learn what questions to ask. Expect answers--it’s l Take your medications and the list of your medications with you whenyour life and your health! you go to the hospital. Your doctors and nurses will need to know what you are taking.WHAT YOU CAN DO l After your doctor has seen them, send your medications home with... AT HOME : your family. While you are in the hospital, you may not need the samel Make a list of medications you are taking now. Include the dose and medications. how often you take them. l Tell your doctor you want to know the names of each medication andl Any time that your medications change, change your list, too. the reason you are taking them. That way, if anyone tells you anythingl Keep medications in their original containers. Many pills look alike, so different, you’ll know to ask questions, which might prevent errors. by keeping them in their original containers, you will know which is l Look at all medicines before you take them. If it doesn’t look like what which and how to take them. you usually take, ask why. It might be a generic drug, or it might be thel Never take someone else’s medication. You don’t know if it will wrong drug. Ask the same questions you would ask if you were in the interact with your medications, the dose may be wrong for you, or you pharmacy. may be allergic to it. 20 21
  13. 13. l Do not let anyone give you medications without checking your hospital Infection Prevention and Control Advisory ID band every time. This helps prevent you from getting someone 1. Please follow “Hand washing Guidelines” else’s medications. 2. Avoid visiting areas for which you dont have the permissionl Before any test or procedure, ask if it will require any dyes or medicines. Remind your nurse and doctor if you have allergies. 3. Avoid touching any working surface areas/instruments/needles/ syringes or any article which is being/ has been used for patientl When you’re ready to go home, have the doctor or nurse go over each care medication with you and a family member. Update your medication list from home, if any prescription changes or if new medications are 4. Do not enter the patient care areas if you are suffering from any added. communicable disease(s) eg. Cold/cough/diarrhea/fever/lung T.B (Tuberculosis)... AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE : 5. In case you are on immunosuppressants, it is strictly advised thatl Take your medication list every time you go to your doctor’s office, you do not enter patient care areas especially if you see more than one doctor. They might not know about 6. Flowers and eatables are not allowed in patient care areas the medications other doctors prescribed for you. 7. No children below the age of 16 years shall enter the hospitall Ask your doctor to explain what is written on any prescription, other than for treatment of self including the drug name and how often you should take it. Then when you take the prescription to the pharmacy, you can double-check the 8. The hospital follows a No Smoking Policy’ information on the label. PAIN MANAGEMENTl Tell your doctor you want the purpose for which the medication is written on the prescription. Many drug names look alike when written While it may not be possible to completely eliminate pain, with treatment, poorly; knowing the purpose helps you and the pharmacist double- most pain can be controlled. check the prescription. Pain treatments work differently for different people. Your doctor will work with you to find the right pain medicine and treatment for you. YouINFECTION CONTROL can help in the following ways :WHY : l Talk with your doctor about pain-control methods that have worked Infection control procedures are meant to provide protection to the well for you before, and discuss any concerns. patient and to the visitors. l Tell your doctor about any allergies to medicines you have.HOW : l Ask about side effects that may occur with treatment. One form of providing protection to the patients and visitors is the l Tell your doctors what medicines you take for other health problems, wearing of specially designed clothing such as gowns, gloves and since certain drugs, when taken with some pain medicines, can cause masks. These items protect patients and visitors. In addition to problems. wearing specially designed clothing, good hand washing is ALWAYS recommended. THERE ARE SEVERAL METHODS USED TO GIVE PAIN RELIEF MEDICATION :WHEN : l Most pain medicines are taken by mouth either in tablet or liquid form. Sometimes extra precautions besides hand washing are required. This information will be on a card ("Barrier Nursing") on the patients door. l Injection into muscle or skin are medicines given by shots. Report to the nurses station before visiting the patient to receive l Injections into a vein are medicines given through a small tube called an additional information on protective clothing. intravenous (IV) catheter. 22 23
  14. 14. l Injection given into the spine are medicines given through a small tube FOOD / DRUG INTERACTIONS in your back called an epidural intrathecal catheter.l Rectal suppositories are medicines that dissolve in the rectum and are WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR MEDICATIONS absorbed by the body. INTRODUCTIONl Patches are medicines that are placed on a patch. The patch is placed on the skin, so the medicines can be absorbed into the body (transdermal Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, are used every day to patches). treat acute and chronic illness. Medications can help people live healthy lives for a prolonged period. Although these approved drugs are prescribedWHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP RELIEVE YOUR PAIN? often, it is important to realize that they must still be used with caution.There are several non-drug pain relief methods that can be very effective : Foods, and the nutrients they contain, can interact with medications we take. This can cause unwanted effects. A food/drug interaction occurs1. Relaxation techniques when a food, or one of its components, interferes with the way a drug is l Get into as comfortable a position as possible. used in the body. l Breathe in slowly while counting to three. l Breathe out slowly while counting to three. This fact sheet describes common food/drug and drug/nutrient l Continue breathing in and out in the same pattern. interactions. We hope this will help you see the potential for interactions l Relaxation tapes may be helpful. and learn to avoid them. Be sure to talk to your doctor and pharmacist to get the maximum benefits from medication use.2. Imagery l Get into as comfortable a position as possible. l Imagine you are in a place you have found to be relaxing in the past, FOOD/DRUG INTERACTIONS such as a beach or the mountains. Foods can interfere with the stages of drug action in a number of ways. The l Breathe in and out slowly while picturing this in your mind. most common effect is for foods to interfere with drug absorption. This can3. Music make a drug less effective, because less gets into the blood and to the site of l Get into as comfortable a position as possible. action. Second, nutrients or other chemicals in foods can affect how a drug is l Listen to “easy” music or your favourite type of music with your used in the body. Third, foods may affect excretion of drugs from the body. eyes closed. With some drugs, its important to avoid taking food and medication together, because the food can make the drug less effective. For other drugs,OTHER NON-DRUG THERAPIES INCLUDE : it may be good to take the drug with food to prevent stomach irritation.l Acupuncturel Heat/cold/massage Alcohol can affect many medications. Always check with your doctor orl Psychotherapy pharmacist about possible effects of alcohol on your medication.l HypnosisFOR INFORMATION ON THESE AND OTHER THERAPIES, ASK THINGS TO KEEP IN MINDYOUR DOCTOR : As you probably know, there are a wide variety of medications in theThere are many medicines and treatments that can be used. It may be market today. Almost all medications have the potential to cause sidepossible to make changes in your medicines or the schedule, if you are still effects. Many people take more than one medication. This is especiallyhaving pain. Discuss these options with your doctor, as well as any true with older people. When people take multiple medications, food andquestions and concerns you may have. drug interactions are more likely to occur. 24 25
  15. 15. EXAMPLES OF FOOD / DRUG INTERACTIONS TELEPHONE NUMBERSDrug Class Food that Interacts Effect of the Food What to Do * Direct Number ** Toll Free NumberAnalgesic Alcohol Increases risk of liver Avoid alcohol Admission 2058, 2060 Office Numbers :Paracetamol (Crocin) toxicityAntibiotic Dairy products; iron Decreases drug Do not take with Ambulance 26925888* Managing Director 2108milk. 1066**tetracyclines absorption Take 1 hour beforeor Dir. Medical Services 2053, 2054 2 hours after Apollo Wellness Centre 1070, 1071food/milk. 26925859* Medical Supdt. 2117amoxicillin, penicillin, Supplements Decreases drug Take 1 hour beforeor Billing 3359, 3360 absorption 2 hours after meals. Nursing Director 2121zithromax, Food Decreases GI distress, Blood Bank 2011, 2015erythromycin slows drug absorption Marketing 1711, 1715nitrofurantoin Food Take with food ormilk Call Centre 1090, 1091Anticoagulant Foods rich in Decreases drug Limit foods high in Corporate Helpdesk 1846warfarin (Coumadin) Vitamin K effectiveness Vitamin K: liver, Dietician 2083, 2092 41676555* broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, and Emergency 2012, 2001, 26925888* Brussels sprouts International Marketing 1719, 1849Anticonvulsant Alcohol Causes increased Avoid Alcohol Food Service 2090/2091phenobarbital, drowsiness TPA / Insurance Helpdesk 1843, 2042primidone Vitamin C Decrease in drug Moderate intake of effectiveness Vitamin C House Keeping 1921, 1982 Medical Social Workers 2125Antifungal High-fat meal Increases drug Take with high-fatmeal ICU Lobby 2125, 2155, 2189griseofulvin absorption OP Pharmacy 1064, 1065Antihistamine Alcohol Increased Information 1067, 1068 41626200*drowsiness Avoid alcoholdiphenhydramine Maintenance 1910, 1917 Patient Transport – OP 1087(benadryl),chlorpheniramineAntihyperlipemic Food Enhances drug Take with food Nursing Stations: Patient Transport – IP 2415lovastatin absorption Floor Tower 1 Tower 2Antihypertensive Grapefruit juice Increases drug Consult your doctor Platinum Lounge 1844, 1097or felodipine, nifedipine II 2275-78 3275-76absorption pharmacist before changing diet III 2375-76 3376-77 Radio-Diagnostics 2026, 2027Anti-inflammatory Food or milk Decreases GI IV 2475-78 3474-76irritation Take with food or milk Sample Collection 2098naproxen (Naprosyn), Alcohol Increases risk of V 2575-76/50/53 3575-78liver Avoid alcoholibuprofen (Brufen) damage or stomach VI 2675-76 3675-78 Security Control 1926, 198326 27
  16. 16. APOLLO HOSPITALS NETWORK TELEMEDICINE 1. Tele ConsultIndraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi Apollo Hospitals Heart & Kidney Centre, If you want to consult a specialist, take a second opinion orSarita Vihar Vizag understand your condition better, you can visit a partnerDelhi - Mathura Road Waltair Main Road center as referred by your Doctor. You must bring yourNEW DELHI -110 076 VISAKHAPATNAM - 530 002 medical records and images as appropriate; these wouldTel : (011) 26925801, 26925858 Tel : (0891) 2727272 be uploaded to our system. During a consult, the doctor would talk to you and also analyze your medical reportsApollo Hospitals, Noida Apollo BGS HospitalsE-2, Sector 26, Noida Adhichunchanagiri Road and provide assistance in diagnosis.(Adjacent to Club 26) Kuvempunagar 2. Tele Consult for Continued CareTel : (95120) 4012000, 2445353 MYSORE - 570 023 If you had travelled from your home to visit an Apollo facility Tel : (0821) 2568888Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and got a procedure done or underwent treatment, and21, Greams Lane Apollo Hospitals, Madurai have been recommended continued monitoring of yourOff Greams Road Lake View Road, K.K. Nagar, health, you now have the option of using VC facility of ourCHENNAI - 600 006 MADURAI - 625 020 Partner Hospital, Apollo Clinic or your nearest VC Center.Tel : (044) 28293333, 28290200 Tel : (0452) 2580892, 2580893, As in Tele Consult, your reports will be uploaded on our 2580894 system. At the appointed time, you could consult with yourApollo Speciality Cancer Hospital, Chennai320, Anna Salai, Nandanam SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana doctor, who would examine your case and provide appropriate advice.CHENNAI - 600 035 Sherpur Chowk, G.T. Road, 3. Tele Consult for Critical CareTel : (044) 24336119 LUDHIANA - 141 003 Tel : (0161) 5037777, 5024444 Tele Consult for Critical Care is a product designed forApollo Health City, Hyderabad critical patients who are admitted in partner hospitals105, Jubilee Hills, Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka and need immediate access to Apollo SpecialistHYDERABAD - 500 033 Plot No. 81, Block No. E Doctors.Tel : (040) 23607777 Bashundhara R/A DHAKA - 1229, Bangladesh In case such a request is made, Apollo would assembleApollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata Tel : (+880) 29891661-2 a team of experts who would be connected by VC to the58, Canal Circular Road ICU and the doctors of the partner hospitals. MedicalKOLKATA - 700 054 Apollo Childrens Hospital, Chennai records and images would be uploaded to our system and analyzed by our team ofTel : (033) 23203040 No. 15, Safi Mohammed Road specialists. Thousand LightsApollo Hospitals, Bangalore CHENNAI Frequently Asked Questions154/11, Opp. IIM Bangalore Tel : (044) 28298282, 28296262Bannerghatta Road 1. What does Telemedicine mean to my family and me?BANGALORE - 560 069 l Telemedicine is designed to bring quality health care and specialist services toTel : (080) 4030 4050 remote areas, where they are not available l Follow up care can be done from a telemedicine centre close to your home townApollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad l You and your family are saved the inconvenience and expenses involved inPlot No. 1A, Bhat GIDC Estate travelling long distancesDistt. Gandhinagar - 382 428Ahmedabad, GUJARAT 2. How much time does it take to get a confirmation for the consult ?Tel : (079) 66701800 You would receive a confirmation within 24 - 48 hours.Apollo Hospitals, Bilaspur 3. If the service is not available in my town or locality, can I still avail of Tele ConsultLingiyadih Village, Off Seepat Road services ?BILASPUR - 495 001 If the service is not available in your town, Our officer would arrange for a consult in yourTel : (07752) 243300 town through our partner hospital/Reliance Webworld. This would be arranged within 7228 29
  17. 17. hours.4. What exactly happens in a Tele Consult? You or your relative contacts the nearest Telemedicine Consultation Centre and requests for a specialist consultation (details of your nearest centre could be obtained from our Telemedicine officer). The Centre’s officer fixes an appointment and gives advice on further management. The doctor examines you remotely through VC. A prescription with the specialist’s signature is faxed to you. If reviews are required, a similar procedure is followed.5. Do I get to meet the same specialist for follow up? Yes, you will be able to get in touch with the same specialist for all your review consultations with prior appointment.6. Why can’t I come to Apollo Hospitals? You can always come to Apollo Hospitals for a consultation; however, TeleHeal is a cost- effective and timesaving way of consulting with your doctor in selective cases. If you Tele Consult from your town, you would save time and cost of travel.7. Is consultation through Telemedicine expensive ? No. It will cost less than 10-20 percent of the amount spent on travel, food and accommodation, depending on the distance involved. Besides, you also save travelling time.List of Telemedicine Centers South: Tamil Nadu Chennai Apollo Hospitals, ChennaiNorth & East:Haryana Hissar CMC Hospital, Hissar Overseas:Punjab Bhatinda Nova Heart Hospital, Bhatinda Nepal Kathmandu Om Hospitals, KathmanduUP Lucknow Vivekanand Hospital, Lucknow Afghanistan Kabul Wahajs Hospital,KabulMP Gwalior Sahara Hospital, Gwalior Muscat Muscat Apollo Medical Centre, MuscatJ&K Jammu Jammu Health Care & Diagnostic Baghdad Iraq Alkut Medical Centre, Alkut Centre Pvt. Ltd., 12, Bakshi Nagar, Baghdad Iraq Apollo Telemedicine Centre Opp. Punjab National Bank, Jammu Reliance Centers:WB Kolkata Apollo Information Centre, Kolkata UP Kanpur 14/125, Parade, The Mall,WB Kolkata Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Opp. PPN Market, Kanpur KolkataAssam Guwahati Apollo Information Centre, UP Saharanpur Reliance Web World, Guwahati Shop No. G-1, 2 Parshavanath Plaza Court Road, SaharanpurAssam Silchar Apollo Information Centre, Silchar Rajasthan Udaipur Meera Complex, Sardarpura,Jharkhand Ranchi Abdur Razzaque M.A.W. Hospitals, Opp. Meera Girls College, Udaipur Ranchi Rajasthan Jodhpur Nai Sarak, JodhpurUP Allahabad Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, Allahabad Punjab Chandigarh Reliance Webworld, SCO 24-25,MP Gajwel Jaisree Hospital, Gajwel Sector 9, ChandigarhMP Neemuch Vikram Hospital, Neemuch, MP AP Guntur Deluxe Complex, Arundelpet, Guntur 30