apollo hospitals healthcare health medical care hospitals hospital diabetes apollo health care treatment medicines. doctors medicine children healthy pregnancy surgery doctor aific apollo hospitals. healthcare. medical pain food patient child infection sugar level diabetic problem healthcare. obesity management cancer care. health heart hypertension patients disease diet kids laparoscopy fracture women yoga liver transplant case study blood sugar stroke problems mri spine endometriosis medical issues virus osteoporosis winter stomach colorectal cancer safe screening ct angiography sugar swine flu filariasis fractures ischemic stroke patient safety radial head fracture type 2 diabetes diabetes mellitus diseases symptoms pathophysiology lifestyle heart disease operation robotic surgery water smoking exercises breathe body fever health. foods nutrition blood cardiac foot vaccination detection pcos abdomen ct scan exercise heart attack allergy azathioprine pulse therapy apollo hospital tuberculosis survival hyperbaric oxygen therapy fine needle aspiration cytology wuchereria bancrofti ultrasound hyperglycemia breast cancer hellp syndrome risk factors type 2 diabetes mellitus newer therapy root cause analysis morse fall risk scale precautions bariatric surgery pediatric infertility melanoma adrenal schwannoma nerve sheath tumor melanotic schwannoma myxoid liposarcoma paratesticular liposarcoma baby food baby breast lesions injury liposarcoma renal transplant transplant rheumatoid arthritis safety prevention percutaneous kidney liver robotic tweetinar sesamoid bone secondary ossification centres laparoscopic cholecystectomy chromosomal abnormalities fundoplication recurrence colorectal surgery movement disorder bilateral basal ganglia calcification dentate nucleus calcification bacteria immunosuppressive agents post transplant malignancy auto immune pancreatitis (aip) serum igg4 steroids hernia immune system desflurane icu allergies pneumonia treating illness vomiting infections joint gangrene lifestyle diseases hysterectomy workout common cold newborn morbidity ercp liver transplantation immunological cow's milk protein intolerance acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse bone marrow transplant eyes babies joint pain diabetics polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) fish dengue haemorrhagic fever thrombocytopenia dengue chronic risk fibroid fruits vegetables expecting mothers calories overweight high blood pressure mother pregnant ulcer cost gestational facts weight myths bone teeth deep vein thrombosis interferon myocardial infarction indraprastha apollo hospitals constipation abdominal pain colonoscopy carbon monoxide check up inherited heart problem adults presentation thalassemia retinopathy thrombolysis robotics neurosciences ischemic heart disease (ihd) cardiovascular diseases (cvd) food and agriculture organization (faostat) pre-eclampsia hyperbaric oxygen prenatal diagnosis neurology joint replacement hepatitis c virus pancreatitis primary percutaneous angioplasty guillain–barré syndrome acute myocardial infarction radial head fixation monteggia fracture post dislocation elbow csf massive pleural effusion prp prf growth factors bilateral vocal cord paralysis co2 laser thyroidectomy cordectomy nt-probnp nonketotic hyperglycemia dyskinesia chorea tumour water birth intensive care sacral hydatid long bone hydatid bone hydatid hydatid cyst labor iufd placenta infarction maternal orthopaedics radiotherapy immunosupression squamous cell carcinoma diabetic nephropathy age hemoperitoneum radial head prosthesis radial head fracture with druj instability fracture dislocation of elbow radial head replacement parkinson’s disease cholecystectomy neurocritical care std neurosurgery healing hyperbaric spermatic cord tumors immunosuppression timing renal replacement therapy acute kidney injury antihypertensive therapy puberty 3d tomosynthesis elastography acute pancreatitis diagnosis lupus nephritis interventions chronic kidney disease hiv vaccines urology female india knee minimally invasive spine surgeries tubular orthopaedic cure answers robotic spine surgery medication diagnose uterus prostate cancer heart care umbilical hernia umbilical chemotherapy malignant mixed mullerian tumors radical surgery mullerian system acardiac twin trap sequence laser ablation patient satisfaction menopause fertility ancient schwannoma broad ligament tumor complications arthrodesis ankle arthroscopy-assisted minimal invasive turner's syndrome hypothyroidism in pregnancy pregnancy outcome physiology osteopenia bmd igfbp-3 gh deficiency panhypopituatarism ghrh-arginine test imt serum igf-1 level itt(insulin tolerance test) radiopaque shadows radiopaque os vesalianum universal precautions hepatitis b virus other potentially infectious material (opim) post-exposure prophylaxis (pep) duplication cyst gastric foregut pancreatic cyst leucoreduction haematocrit hemolysis additive solutions pemphigus dcp corticosteroids dexamethasone cyclophosphamide pulse therapy cyclophosphamide drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic sympt difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy dvt prophylaxis enoxaparin risk stratification venous thromboembolism bipartite hallucal bone unusual manifestations anterior body anterior longitudinal ligament radiograph dysphagia limberg flap epidemiology bacterial contamination jeep disease pilonidal sinus cyclosporine fulminant hepatic failure biliary atresia cadaveric transplant tacrolimus living donor liver transplant (ldlt) acoustic radiation force impulse(arfi) tissue-elasticity region of interest (roi) qualitative and quantitative assessment hiv-2 hiv-1 prevalence plasmacytoma multiple myeloma aspiration cytology surrogate marker combined hbv and hcv infection anti hbc antibodies uric acid microvascular complication albumin creatinine ratio renin angiotensin aldosterone system fine needle aspiration(fna) endoscopic ultrasound (eus) anti-obesity drugs obese diabetics circumferential resection margin microsatellite instability total mesorectal excision tumour therapy eus-guided procedures eus-fna tumour localisation diagnostic accuracy mrsa pseudomonas aeruginosa e. coli klebsiella spp. multidrug resistance painful swelling hematocele spermatic cord daycare case series daycare thyroidectomy defecation fissurectomy chemical sphincterotomy lord's procedure anal sphincterolysis medial istula in ano hiatus hernia gastro-esophageal reflux disease (gerd) histological typechildhood tumors tumor incidence malignant childhood neoplasms reproducible sils™ port learning curve single port access cholecystectomy (spac) fahrs syndrome laparoscopic colorectal surgery meta-analysis barcelona study color clasicc oropharyngeal rhinosporidiosis atypical presentation granulomatous disease endoscopic removal of rhinosporidiosis oropharyngeal polyp biliary stent x-ray obstructive jaundice perforation post ercp colorectal cancer (crc) hemicolectomy tumor node metastasis (tnm) adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy trisomy genetics of down syndrome mosaic ds translocation ds mosaicism erectile dysfunction antidepressant serotonin uptake inhibitors drug substitution sexual dysfunction nephron sparing surgery intraoperative renorrhaphy robotic partial nephrectomy renal cell carcinoma uro oncology incidence challenges stapled trans-anal resection rectopexy (starr) constipation predominant irritable bowel syndrome rectocele wireless motility capsule (wmc) bstructed defecation syndrome (ods) prognosis molecular diagnosis influenza a virus h1n1 virus aorta ascending aortic aneurysm aneurysm thoracic aortic aneurysm ascending aorta anti ccp-anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibod sp multimodality imaging pet/ct pet/mri radiology department filmless digital imaging communication (dicom) pacs local area network (lan) plasma cell dyscrasias flow cytometry red blood cell transfusion premature infants rf-rheumatoid factor osd-adult onset still's disease assisted reproductive techniques hepatitis c virus infection carcinoma cervix choriocarcinoma adenocarcinoma myelodysplastic syndrome lymphedema klippel-trenaunay syndrome lymphoscintigraphy intestinal obstruction cholecysto-enteric fistula rigler's triad gall stone ileus tandem kidney stump appendicitis appendicitis post-appendectomy appendicitis robotic da vinci system hh (hiatal hernia) scarring laparoscopic hysterectomy robotic hysterectomy laparoscopic surgery docking da vinci® robotic system radical prostatectomy da vinci soft plaque mixed plaque vulnerable plaque plaque rupture disseminated peritoneal leiomyomatosis leiomyoma peritoneal carcinomatosis corticosteroid vertebral fahr's syndrome morcellation leiomyosarcoma robotic myomectomy fibroids intended copies biologics biosimilars nail prick barefoot pitting nail nail psoriasis white nail dystrophy nail plateletpheresis platelets immucor galilio haemoglobin obese people gastric band self-esteem issues neck fat muscle toning exercises serious health condition pelvic postural muscles pilates varicella zoster chicken pox unhygienic protection summer infections scars skin managing stretch marks diabetic foot peripheral neuropathy infection diabetic faeces contaminated food typhoid childre diarrhoea obese disease. obesity major hemorrhage component preparation massive transfusion checklist for autism in toddlers (chat) developmental disorders screening tools amniotic fluid fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) aneuploidy chromosome abnormality chorionic villus sample (cvs) adult respiratory distress syndrome (ards) arterial oxygen levels (pao2) peak end expiratory pressure (peep) mean airway pressure (map) conventional ventilation (cv) ventilator induced lung injury (vili) high frequency oscillatory ventilation (hfov) arterial carbon dioxide levels (paco2) fraction of inspired oxygen (fio2) drug resistance prevention of chronic pulmonary thromboembolism esophageal gastro reflux disease cognitive sequelae nucleic acid sequence based amplification automated methods for culture abdominal tuberculosis elisa for tuberculosis glands enlargement injection tonsillitis tonsillectomy delay right age venereal disease exually transmitted infection (sti) burn kickboxing babdy rash diapers 60. fitness drinking alcohol flu viral chickens bird flu humerus nail nonunion interlocking chronic pyogenic osteomyelitis tubercular osteomyelitis endothelial dysfunction atherosclerosis chronic inflammation thromboembolism emergency chronicles picky dinner eating habits lunch breakfast eaters trouble piles sexual distribution of neurologists neurosurgeons in india; telemedicine in india telemedicine flexibility core strength upper-body aerial aerobics alignment anusara yogaisits diabetic kidney disease neuromuscular paralysis anxiety sedation protocol control agitation delirium dyspnoea methyl prednisolone subacute cutaneous lupus combined liver kidney transplantation living related liver kidney transplantation hemianomalous pulmonary venous connection(hapvc) atrial septal defect(asd) recovery facilities isoflurane recovery time newer volatile anaesthetic agent minimal flow granisetron post-anesthesia vomiting ondansetron post anesthetic sevoflurane emergence delirium scoring systems bronchial blocker ventilation one lung endotracheal tube non invasive monitoring hemodynamic paediatric preoperative assessment serumpseudocholinesterase succinylcholine apnea healer arthroscopy insulin myths check-up viral infections sinuses life arteriovenous malformation klippel–trenaunay syndrome soft tissue hypertrophy clinical scores initial early appropriate antibiotic streptococcus pneumoniae severe community acquired teenager teen headaches lung infection secondary prevention of stroke angiotensin receptor blockers hydrated liquid juice summer gastrectomy flat tummy diahorrea femur fracture children open titanium elastic nail vaccination for cervical cancer urinary tract kidneys bladder urethra. uti prevent work six pack core overexerting antenatal calorie low cosmetic procedure abdominoplasty muscles motherhood families. parent mothers signs cardiac death prediction personal safety sleep endovascular thoracic postpartum post-pregnancy gym exercising cardio dance early signs signs and symptoms lump redo open heart surgery behcet's disease redo aortic valve replacement superior mesenteric artery nutcracker syndrome left renal vein abdominal aorta wound diagnostic dilemma low back grommet foreign bodies eustachian tube diuresis natriuresis adenosine tubulo-glomerular feedback oliguria polysomnographic evaluation leucopenia encephalitis mild thrombocytopenia herpes simplex virus (hsv) rubella cytomegaloovirus (cmv) folfox pres hips exostoses hereditary osteoarthritis genetic mutations enzyme replacement therapy enzyme deficiency herpes bad obstetric history rubella virus cytomegalovirus (cmv) orientia tsutsugamushi scrub typhus weil felix replantation microvascular surgery psychological impact birth control pills cigarette physical activity aerobic activity swimming safe pregnancy rhinitis nasal allergies lung type 2 diabetics laparoscopic ileal transposition difficulty writing read reading disorder dyslexia habits bolld best exercises 60 + septoplasty cartilage right colds keen neonatal ovarian cyst torsion strategy artery main left coronary foleys catheter ventilator bronchoscopy bal (bronchoalveolar lavage) mucus trap pacing ventricular prehospital wellness clinics preventive healthcare metaphyses osa sdb csa cva cpap mycobacterium anti tb treatment tb-diagnosis ct angiography accuracy percent stenosis disagreement coronary artery plaque composition cabg 320 slice southeast asian ovalocytosis (sao) nephrolithiasis anion exchanger 1 gene family distal renal tubular acidosis (drta) hemolytic anemia cholelithiasis small bowel intussusception celiac disease true hermaphrodite ovotestes phenotype calcification entheses trabeculae cancellous symblephron syndrome dermoid goldenhar liposuction air fight titration insulin strong bones calcium blindess cataract type 1 diabetes health problem passive effects leg expert leg exercises nutritious mushrooms winters beat eat meal warm cold winter blues woman’s body fatigued sick unwell medications corrective sinus cirrhosis criteria cadaver donor marginal donor selection stem-cell regulatory ethics chronic hepatitis c (hcv) alternative donor blood and marrow transplantation cord blood haploidentical biliary complications biliary leaks biliary strictures donor hepatectomy living donor liver transplantation hepatic tumors indications metabolic liver disease fire exits evacuation t-cells allogeneic stem-cell transplantation gvhd cytopenia hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis inflammation coagulopathy deranged lft vein of galen malformation noninvasive treatment hydrocephalus decompensated cirrhosis interferon treatment hepatitis c apollo hospials workouts indoor seeds type 2 chia seeds easy temperature sexual problems joints risks intestines ean meats butter oils cottage cheese cereals. brown rice whole wheat foods eggs yogurt legumes vajrasana setubandhasana balasana surya namaskar ardha matsyendrasana dhanuranasa blood sugar levels yogasanas apollo clinic’s irregular cholesterol and triglycerides cardiovascular diseases pcod recipes reduce weight reproductive age hormonal disorder oncology surgery anaemia anopheles mosquitoes malaria cytogenetics breast carcinoma her2/neu ihc bone marrow cells side population cell culture dental reverse screening vdrl case detection rate tpha syphilis ptosis correction variations reconstructive lip augmentation palmaris longus suv f18 fdg (fluoro deoxy glucose) pet (positron emission tomography) frequency bladder dysfunction bedwetting diurnal symptoms urgency immature teratoma growing teratoma syndrome non-seminatous germ cell tumors overactive bladder dys-synergic striated urethral sphincter botulinum toxin bladder pain syndrome detrusor overactivity intermittent high dose azathioprine psoriatic arthritis continuous low dose azathioprine immunoglobulin combined liver and kidney transplantation onychomycosis fonsecaea pedrosoi dematiaceous idiopathic cbd cholangitis microvascular cardiovascular disease replacement tkr knee replacement quality care prophylaxis birth birth-giving childbirth natural posture sitting back strain good asthma respiratory removal breast neuropathy breastfeeding milk skin discolouration blood clot swelling fatigue varicose veins healthy lifestyle avoid salt eating right vitamins hypoglycaemic nuts healthy lifestyle. energy exercise right eat right bp young awareness blister corns foot ulcers questions 360 manage approach test pregnant women fiction loss fads kidney stones surgical intervention non-invasive early busting sugar-free sugar-free meals gastric problems hip arthroplasty sweet tooth sweet preventing cavities tooth ismp high risk medication high alert medications 20 mins fit preoperative staging multidetector ct scan orbital emphysema pneumo orbitus tension international association for the study of pain nosocomial infection neonatal lupus syndrome genital tuberculosis endometrium fallopian tube polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) gonadotrophins in-vitro fertilization ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (ohss) assisted reproductive technology (art) radionecrosis pelvic cancer radiation cystitis ldl cholesterol non-hdl cholesterol total cholesterol plasma therapy robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery gynecological procedures uterine artery embolization hemorrhage interventional radiology bariatic surgery laparotomy adverse obstetric outcomes inhibin human chorionic gonadotropin unconjugated estriol maternal serum alpha-feto protein ladies bloating periods ibs irritable bowel syndrome discomfort celebration diwali safety family colonoscope tumours ineffective erythropoiesis abnormal liver function tests exchange transfusion acute hepatic crisis sickle cell disease multitransfusion hepatopathy hypercalcemia primary hyperparathyroidism chronic pancreatitis hellp- hemolysis elevated liver enzyme low platelet count wolfram syndrome diabetes insipidus deafness optic atrophy harmful asphyxiant poisoning ventral pancreas ring formation infants annular pancreas lipid profile hypertriglyceridemia elution adsorption weak b variant phenotypes hyponatremia maintenance fluid isotonic fluid hypotonic fluid portal hypertension extra hepatic portal vein obstruction mesenteric venous thrombosis gastro-oesophageal devascularisation competitive flow cabg failure paediatric incontinence day time incontinence post micturition dribbling urethro vaginal reflux endometrioma rupture of endometriotic cyst 3rd trimester of pregnancy cocoon ovarian cyst sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis diabetic retinopathy vaccinations immunisation aseptic surgical techniques da vinci system health checks health check-ups importance of health checks minimally invasive cardiac surgery mics whole body scan walk advantages walking benefits benefits of walking benefits of yoga new-born heart disorders heart diseases immunocompromised septicemia elizabethkingia meningoseptica case picture cardioembolic stroke bnp neuromyelitis optica hypothyroidism catheter antiaquaporin antibody multitransfused transfusion support pathology cardiovascular nephropathy stroke survivors peek cage cervical surgery interbody implant intersphincteric transsphincteric gastrointestinal imaging perianal fistulae minimal access surgery hybrid technique myomectomy barbed suture magnetic resonance imaging ring enhancing lesion diffusion weighted imaging fungal brain abscess average intensity projection mdct mean intensity projection method (mean-ip) ‘reconstructed radiographs’ therapeutic plasma exchang neurological disorders journal autoimmune diseases hygiene hypothesis immunomodulation parasites telemedicine in india telehealth development in india apollo telemedicine occupational health health promotion wellness non-communicable diseases developmental delay cytogenetic analysis karyotype translocation mesothelioma omental tumor benign multicystic mesothelioma prolong remission apt psoriasis eclampsia convulsions anticonvulsants pregnancy induced hypertension pelvic colon sigmoid colon large intestine variation descending colon pet mutiple myeloma gynaecological malignancy body fat content body mass index parotid gland sialolithiasis sialo-oral fistula hearing loss sensorineural inner ear granuloma dactylitis heslthcare. vitamin d maternal vitamin d deficiency cardiomyopathy genomics genetic disorders genetics spina ventosa hypogonadism hip bilateral hip pain rheumatology vasculitis apollo hospitala apollo experience h1n1 influenza bmhr avn ribavirin interferons sofosbuvir simeprevir spinal tb obesity surgery bariatric physician obesity in india ga-dota pet–ct false positive primary mesenteric pancreas neuroendocrine tumors lao people's democratic republic hepatitis b ct severity index modified ct severity index effectiveness adolescent girls planned teaching programme pop crush injuries medical treatment pseudo aneurysm innominate artery injury blunt arterial injury xpert. apollo hospitals diagnostics naat tb cyanide tanzania tropical ataxic neuropathy living donor meld score prediction models history jaundice hepatitis chloroquine dopamine noradrenaline diazepam ostium cardiac catheterization acute coronary syndrome percutaneous coronary intervention declaration knee arthroplasty special surgical technique corrigendum chromosome turner syndrome karyotypes liposarcoma spermatic cord tumors infant mediastinal imaging thymolipoma joint pains familial hypercholesterolemia tendon xanthomas arthritis musculoskeletal system pulmonary artery massive acute embolism cardiac decompensation drug inappropriate hospitalized elderly hedis herbert screw trochlea capitellum internal fixation diabetic feet non-healing wound tumor markers ovarian mass aspiration transverse vaginal septum haematometra imperforate hymen haematocolpos touraineesolenteegole´ syndrome clubbing arthralgias primary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy pachydermoperiostosis ednos binge eating bulimia nervosa anorexia nervosa eating disorder oedipus complex castration anxiety oedipal love play therapy attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cervical abortion balloon tamponade cervical ectopic pregnancy blood groups the kidd system of blood groups group and screen policy dosage effect clinically significant hemolytic transfusion reactions rotaviral diarrhea rotaviral gastroenteritis gastroenteritis pedicle osteosynthesis hangman’s fracture axis c2 stroke iv thrombolysis alteplase thrombolytic therapy tracheostomy papillary thyroid airway pediatric cervical spine cervical spine clearance cervical spine injury levothyroxine early puberty pituitary hyperplasia van wykegrumbach syndrome primary hypothyroidism amenorrhea swyer syndrome gonadal dysgenesis fixation screw acetabular internal iliac artery ligation computerized tomographic angiography ultrasonography secondary postpartum hemorrhage uterine artery pseudoaneurysm caesarian section rupture rudimentary horn acute abdomen alcohol septal ablation hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy transcoronary alcohol ablation for septal hypertro heart failure brain natriuretic peptide biomarkers corrective valgus osteotomy fracture neck of femur non-union fracture non-union fracture neck femur renal failure cystinosis short stature hypoxemia myonecrosis systemic capillary leakage roux-en-y gastric bypass hyperlipidemia giant osteoid osteoma clarkson’s disease idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome acetabular fractures functional neurosurgery essential tremors dystonia cerebral atrophy tortuous intracranial vessels pili torti copper metabolism menkes disease rare intracranial tumors leiomyoma of skull base benign mesenchymal tumor of skull base ct-scan tooth brush foreign body nasopharynx first metatarsal floating cancer patients oncologic and non-oncologic surgery anaesthesia malignancy chemotherapeutic agents suture abdominal packing and b-lunch ruptured subcapsular liver hematoma antepartum eclamptic fit mortality trend markers hormone menstrual diseases metabolic abnormalities osteoarthritis of knee young adult prognosis cerebral ischemia neuroimaging postpartum depression meningioma thoracoscopy mas shoulder problems spinal surgery knee problems joint replacement surgery hemoglobin sickle cell anemia acute anemia glucosuria empagliflozin phlorizin non-diabetic renal disease raas blockade microalbuminuria angimyxoma benign aggressive acl injury joint laxity anterior cruciate ligament bundles bed sores clinical pathways back care zygapophysial joint lumbar facet block non-disco-genic back pain radiofrequency ablation (rf) facet joint pain lap sleeve gastrectomy lap gastric bypass roux-en-y lap band weight loss surgery anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction hamstring tendon autograft tocilizumab abatacept rituximab emerging therapies methotrexate tubal pregnancy gall stone disease diabetes. colour doppler perifollicular vascularity intrauterine insemination controlled ovarian stimulation endometrial receptivity vsd asd stent pda cardiology xanthoma intra-articular knee swelling pigmented villonodular synovitis pvns adolescents evidence linked cardiovascular risks scad young women twin pregnancies multifetal pregnancies gestations image-guided radiation therapy (igrt) radiation oncology intensity-modulated radiation therapy (imrt) volumetric modulated arc radiation therapy (vmat) stereotactic body radiation therapy (sbrt) pacing brain movement disorder deep brain stimulation (dbs) nsaids hodgkin’s disease. gastrointestinal disorders refractory heart failure single incision laparoscopic surgery (sils). dysfunctional uterine bleeding hpv cervical cancer neuro homeostasis brain multimodal monitoring focused neurological examination conjunctival auto-graft (cg) limbal conjunctival auto-graft (lcag) mitomycin-c (mmc) pirani score ponseti technique congenital clubfoot hiv/aids types of diabetes treatment diabetes sulfonylurea drugs corporate deep brain stimulation osteomyelitis sports injury first rib costovertebral subluxation ptld b cells ebv renin angiotensin aldosterone blockade (rasb) retardation perinatal outcome sociodemographic factors adolescent pregnancy refractory idiopathic adhesive capsulitis intra-articular steroids frozen shoulder nonclassical adrenal hyperplasia (ncah) cortisol congenital adrenal hyperplasia (cah) essential hypertension desvenlafaxine succinate postmenopausal women girls hirsutism urinary tract infection vesicoureteric reflux adrenal mass in pregnancy diabetes mellitus patients benign breast disease prostatic cancer biopsy ultrasound biopsy fibroid ablation skin tissues ultrasound energy mrhifu lung cancer tumor bronchogenic carcinoma morphological analysis breast tomosynthesis characterisation cancer of unknown primary pet ct feedback analysis painless apollo munich insurance awards type 1 closed plaster treatment adrenal gland carcinoma of prostate approach to the evaluation and treatment of stress when to initiate rrt in patients with aki - does t role of plasma exchange in abo-incompatible kidney mucormycosis nurse's day mother's day glomerulonephritis renal disease recommendation common cause aids renal transplantation psoriasis workshop first-degree burn third-degree burn second-degree burn treatment for burns acetic acid dna damage protective effect of phyllanthus amarus immunologic abnormalities infectious diseases evolution donor nephrectomy adrenocorticotropic hormone proteinuric nephropathies carcinoma squamous cell native kidney urethral polymorphous infiltrate biopsy of gingival tissue atypical bcells lymphoproliferative lymphoid cells haematoxylin post-transplant cytokine binding therapies acute congestive heart liver failure extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal membranes neurologic hemoperfusion with polymyxin b extracorporeal therapies laproscopic spread consult adult vaccination pneumococcal cervical over weight predonated autologous blood transfusion in electiv robotic orthopaedic surgery education aherf girl women's day feticide procedure steroid injection repetitive strain common conditions occurring due to desk jobs hands wrist upper limb common upper limb problems way forward ssi bundle vap bundle implementing ams designing ic strategies mdro ams indian persceptive crbsi bundle catheter associated uti bundle stewardship antimicrobial hai surveillance reuse your accreditation it decontamination environmental evolution infection control india surgeons nurses employee indian doctors labs microbiology control recent advances instability shoulder dislocate surgical technique special arthroplasty hemoglobin levels coastal districts odisha serum cytokine study plasmodium falciparum malaria surgery of spine minimally invasive spine surgeries miss lumbar canal stenosis muscle preservation sadhguru jaggi vasudev formally opens the first shoulder pain dr.abheek kar queries dr.sajan k hegde quiz precaution renal failure dr. sankar srinivasan optimal facp consultant oncologist ab new treatments for castration-resistant prostate integration ranking fortune india routine clinical practice brain tumors hggs lggs adult patients robotic technology minimally invasive surgery laproscopic gynecological surgery keyhole surgery laser surgery dog bite eye-flu first aid tweetinar snake bite cat bite animal bite choking electric shock bleeding wounds spider bite first aid endometriotic cyst surgical treatment cyst hormones laparoscopic appearance fallopian tubes ovaries morphology polymorphic vt etiology ventricular tachycardia awareness. dieting dieting myths lifesytle diseases dieting facts dr.ravi andrews dr.prathap c.reddy cancer care mother teresa multi specialty hospitals orthopedics nephrology chennai painless surgery medicine. surgery
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