Apollo hospitals corporate presentation


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View the corporate presentation of Apollo Hospitals and get an overview of the innovative medical expertise as offered by the leading healthcare brand in Asia.

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Apollo hospitals corporate presentation

  1. 1. Timeline CSR Awards Billion Lives
  2. 2. AboutusThe Apollo Mission A promise that redefined Healthcare Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity
  3. 3. About usVITAL ELEMENTSIN OUR VISION FORTHE FUTURE.• An unwavering dedication to clinical excellence• A relentless pursuit of expertise• The ever-tender Apollo empathy• Strong focus on future-ready healthcare through education & research Dr. Prathap C Reddy Founder Chairman - Apollo Hospitals Group
  4. 4. Aboutus Apollo Legacy A snapshot of a revolution • Touched 20 million lives • 6 million Preventive Health Checks • Patients from 120 countries • 125,000 Heart Surgeries • Over 10000 Joint Replacements • First Liver Transplant in Children & Adults • First Multi-Organ Transplant • Over 7000 Kidney Transplants • Over 500 Bone Marrow & 800 Liver Transplants
  5. 5. About usIMPACTFULGROWTHTHAT MAPSPERFECTLYTO THE NEEDSOF THECOUNTRYMap is only an indication of ourpresence in various cities / townsand is for reference only.
  6. 6. PillarsA BLUE PRINTSUPPORTED BYSTRONG PILLARS• Clinical Excellence• Tender Loving Care• Cutting Edge Technology• Clear Cost benefit• Academic and research excellence
  7. 7. Pillars Clinical Excellence The first pillar of the Apollo Story • Among the world’s best, in terms of outcomes • Pioneers of clinical excellence in India • Driven by skilled doctors & detailed protocols • 7 JCI accredited hospitals • Revolutionary scorecard - ACE@25, which evaluates 25 quality indicators benchmarked against the world’s best published outcomes • Patients from 120 countries
  8. 8. Pillars TENDER LOVING CARE IS OUR WAY OF LIFE The Second pillar of the Apollo Story • 28 years of earning the trust of 20 million patients • Best practices that encompasses the universe of patient touchpoint • A wide range of systems that have been perfected to ensure that every process at Apollo is patient- centric
  9. 9. Pillars THE NEW HEALTHCARE PARADIGM IS DRIVEN BY The third pillar of the Apollo Story TECHNOLOGY. • First 320 Slice CT Scanner and CyberKnife in India • Novalis Tx • Over 100 telemedicine centres and mHealth • Advanced Robotics
  10. 10. Pillars GLOBAL QUALITY HEALTHCARE AT A FRACTION OF INTERNATIONAL The pivotal fourth pillar COSTS. of the Apollo Story • Best quality healthcare at 1/10th the cost
  11. 11. PillarsAcademicPost Graduate Medical Education at Apollo:excellenceDiplomate of National Boards (DNB) programmes•12 hospitals•15 broad specialities•12 superspecialities•205 seats, 600 studentsCourses with:•University of Queensland•University of Sydney•Royal College of General Practitioners(RCGP), UK•AHERF•IGNOUCourses for paramedics, nurses, physiotherapistsand hospital administrators.
  12. 12. • Over 2200 Admissions • Over 30,000 footfalls • 3000 Emergency Cases • 600 Major Surgeries • 30 -35 Cardiac Surgeries A DAY AT • 350 Dialysis APOLLO • Over 50,000 Laboratory TestsHOSPITALS
  14. 14. COEs AMONG THE LARGESTCARDIOVASCULA R GROUPS Heart Surgeries • 125,000 IN THE • 25 world-class institutes WORLD.
  15. 15. COEsApollo Heart Institutes• Consistently superior outcomes• Recognized with National and international awards• Continuous framework of training, education and clinical practice• Over 125,000 heart surgeries
  17. 17. COEsApollo Instituteof Orthopaedics• Pioneers in several orthopaedic developments• Cutting edge surgical procedures• Team of highly experienced surgeons• Most advanced medical equipment
  18. 18. COEsA NEURO TEAM AS GOOD AS ANY IN THE WORLD. • Sleep lab • PET-CT • Micro Neuro Surgery • Frameless Stereotaxy
  19. 19. COEsApollo Instituteof Neurosciences• Specialists in Diseases of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves• Team of world-renowned consultants• Best-in-class equipment suite• Integrated rehabilitation services• About 10,000 major neurosurgical operations carried out every year
  20. 20. COEs A PIONEER IN EMERGENCY CARE IN1066 • Rapid • 22 locations • INDIA response teams
  21. 21. COEsApollo Emergency 24x7 • A 24/7/365 access to emergency care • Team if highly qualified emergency physicians • Network of 22 locations • A Dedicated 4 digit access number - 1066 • Unique facilities like the Air Ambulance
  22. 22. COEs AMONG THE LEADING CANCER CARE CENTERS IN• Over 500 Bone COUNTRY. THE Marrow Transplants • First Cord Blood Transplant for Leukemia
  23. 23. COEsApollo CancerInstitutes • Addresses the entire spectrum of oncology • A multidisciplinary approach to cancer care • Equipped with the latest medical gadgets • State-of-the-art treatment methodology • Highly skilled pool of consultants
  24. 24. COEs THE APOLLO TRANSPLANTTEAM - TOUCHING LIVES, DEFINING • First liver transplant done in 1998 • FirstNEW to cross 800 liver transplants • program FRONTIERS. 275 liver & 680 kidney transplants in 2011 • Over 7,000 Kidney Transplants • First Liver Transplant in Children and Adults in the country • First Multi-Organ Transplant
  25. 25. COEsApollo TransplantInstitutes • A comprehensive multi- disciplinary service approach • Provides the very best of tertiary level • Full suite of treatment& back-end facilities • Top quality critical care • Best-in-class clinical outcomes
  26. 26. COEsApollo Childrens • A Comprehensive quaternaryHospitals paediatric hospital • Specializes in the physical, social, emotional and psychological needs of children • Offers complete facilities under one roof • Geared for all paediatric emergencies
  27. 27. IntegratedModel THE APOLLO CIRCLE OF LIFE.
  28. 28. Integrated ModelApollo PharmacyQuality, Continuous Innovation & Valueaddition• First and largest branded pharmacy network• 1500 pharmacies• Genuine medicines 24/7• Nurse Stations
  29. 29. IntegratedModelApolloGlobal Projectsand the largest hospital consultants• AmongstConsultancy in the world• Planning, implementation & operations management services• Trusted advisors in the healthcare domain• End-to-end solution suite
  30. 30. IntegratedModel Apollo Clinics Integrated. Family-focused. Primary healthcare. • Network of over 60 Clinics • Superior quality healthcare services to address the day to day needs of the family • An optimized integrated model
  31. 31. IntegratedModelApollo TelemedicineNetworking Foundationand Telehealth ServicesAn innovation driven by need.• Incorporated in the year 1999• Apollo Teleclinics to enhance the geographical reach• Synergy of clinical, administrative and technical systems
  32. 32. IntegratedModelApollo MunichHealthInnovative uncomplicated InsuranceInsurance expertise inHospitals & & insurance • JV between Apollo • Domain healthcare Munich Health • User-friendly and hassle-free offering • Comprehensive health insurance plans
  33. 33. Integrated ModelPioneering InnovationThrough mHealthApollo & Telecom providers have leveraged advances inmobile technology to deliver quality healthcare• Total convergence driven platform• Leveraging India’s tremendous Cellular penetration• Huge spike in the geographical reach of quality healthcare• Core of 100 staffers and telecentres• Target reaching out to 1.5million users
  34. 34. Integrated ModelApollo Health &Education ResearchA quest to discover a healthier tomorrowFoundation Clinical Clinical Research Basic & Research Grants Trials Training Epidemiological Programme ResearchStem Cells Bio-Banking & Integrative Customization, ValidationResearch Research Services Medicine & Development of Healthcare Technology
  35. 35. CSRAn Education Focusthat is shapinghealthcare humancapital for tomorrow• Apollo University Education• Apollo MedSkills• Apollo Medvarsity• Apollo Medical Finishing School
  36. 36. CSR SR APOLLO REACH HOSPITALS A STRATEGY TO TAKE HEALTHCARE TO A•BILLION on smaller towns, Sharp focus LIVES the semi urban centres and rural India• 200 hospitals in district headquarters Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,• Reliable, Efficient, Accessible, Dr. Manmohan Singh at the launch of the Apollo Reach Hospitals, and Community Healthcare Karaikudi• Aims to complement existing private and public healthcare
  37. 37. CSR RICH LEGACY OF SOCIAL INITIATIVES THAT TRANSCEND BARRIERS • SACHi (Save a Child’s Heart Initiative) • SAHI (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired) • CURE Foundation (an initiative for cancer prevention, cure & rehabilitation)
  38. 38. CSR BILLION HEARTS BEATING. A CAMPAIGN THAT TOUCHED THE NATION heart health awareness • Aimed at raising • A 360-degree communication campaign • Pledge to stay heart healthy on www.billionheartsbeating.com
  39. 39. “Dr.Reddy, you are in theservice of mankind – may God bless you and grant you eternal strength.” - Mother Teresa