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Green hospitals

  1. 1. GREEN HOSPITAL Presented by – Dr.Amandeep Singh Dr.Anshu Jain MBA Hospital Management
  2. 2. Green Building vs. ConventionalBuilding  External Appearance: Both look alike  Functionality: Same  Differences  Conserve natural resources.  Concern for human comfort, indoor environment & productivity.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF GREEN BUILDINGS Tangible benefits  Energy savings : 40-50%  Water savings : 20-30% Intangible benefits All good aspects associated to green Better Indoor ambience Day lighting & views improved health and productivity
  4. 4. CAN A BUILDING HELP YOUCURE.? Research shows patient recovery much faster  Connectivity to outside environment.  Better Daylight and Views.  Healing benefits for patients. Better Indoor Air Quality  No sick building syndrome.  Regular CO2 monitoring.  Increased fresh air ventilation.
  5. 5. GREEN HOSPITALA Green hospital is one whichenhances patient wellbeing, aids in curative processwhile utilizing natural resourcesin an efficient environmentfriendly manner.The main objective is toachieve:- - Reduction of energy consumption - Reduction of costs - Reduction of CO2 emission.
  6. 6. FOCUS AREAS FOR GREENHOSPITAL DESIGN Lighting IndoorAir quality - Passive and Active measures Green house keeping Clean and Green interior building materials Gardens and landscape
  7. 7. ENERGY SAVING MEASURES Photovoltaic (Solar energy – generation of electricity). Solar collectors e.g. for warm water generation. Building Automation System. Absorber chiller unit combined with a co- generating unit which is generating electricity and supplies heating energy (heat-loss from the engine and the exhaust gas) for the absorber chiller-unit (total energy plant). Energy recovery systems for the air handling units. Core activated concrete (installation of chilled water piping inside the construction – ceiling).
  8. 8. LIGHTING Hospital design should maximize day light and optimize artificial lighting requirement. Day lighting is the controlled admission of natural light into building to reduce use of electricity for lighting.
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF DAY LIGHTINGAND VIEWS IN HOSPITAL Positiveeffect on patients in hospitals. Enhance health and well being of patients and reduces stress level of employees improving quality of care. Combats seasonal affective disorder or winter depression, through view connectivity to natural vistas. Improves facility’s overall operational efficiency.
  11. 11. DESIGN ASPECTS To enhance Natural To enhance efficiency lighting of artificial lighting  Use occupancy Glazing facades. sensors. Translucent skylights  Install low energy LED with soothing colors. lighting to save on Transparent and indoor lighting energy cost. operable opening to  Task lights to provide green courtyards. illumination in task Ledge seating at areas like consulting windows. areas , labs ,wards.
  12. 12. INDOOR AIR QUALITY Restoring and safeguarding Health is the main purpose of Health care facilities indoor environment quality is critical to Green Hospitals. DO’s for Good Indoor Environment • Use indoor species of plants which produces oxygen and reduces indoor pollutants from air. • Improve fresh air by providing courtyard spaces with native and adaptive plant species free from allergic effects. • Use Zero-VOC indoor materials.
  14. 14. GREEN HOUSE KEEPING Accumulation of dust ,soil and microbial contaminants is the potential source of Hospital acquired infections. Measures for House keeping are Cleaning products that meet environmental standards. Personnel training for safe handling and disposal of hospital waste. Waste recycling where ever possible.
  15. 15. CLEAN AND GREEN INTERIOR BUILDING MATERIAL Patients and staff are exposed to a host of pathogenic germs and toxins that enter the hospital through the medium of large number of infected patients. Ensure the property of repelling or resisting growth of the pathogenic germs and bacteria in interior surfaces. Use Copper based interior material for touch surfaces in hospitals. Use indoors or floorings that do not emit/absorb/release indoor pollutants such as VOC and dust.
  16. 16. GARDENS AND LANDSCAPES An aesthetic delight that promotes wellness of patients in hospital. Research studies show that recuperation from stress is faster and complete when patients are exposed to natural settings than any other form of built environment.
  17. 17. Providence Newberg MedicalCentre, Oregon, USA,A Case Study LEED NC Gold - First Gold Rated Green Hospital in the world. Built-in area : 1,75,000 square feet Actual benefits achieved :- 26 % energy savings 50 % reduction in water consumption for landscaping Better indoor air quality No sick building syndrome Reduction in ducting costs 100 % outside air; 100% exhaust Reduction in floor-to-floor height Reduced envelop cost Heat reclaim system with VAV Higher efficiency than conventional systems Day Lighting Healing benefits for patients Patient recovery faster
  18. 18. Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai LEED NC Platinum - First Platinum Rated Green Hospital in India Built-in area : 2,27,432 sq.ft Benefits achieved : 35 % Energy Savings Green Power from Wind Mills Solar hot-water generation Better Indoor Air Quality Regular CO2 monitoring Increased fresh air ventilation No sick building syndrome Day Lighting Healing benefits for patients Patient Recovery Faster
  19. 19. BENEFITS ACHIEVED BY GREENHOSPITALS Better Indoor air quality. 20-40% energy savings. 35-40% water savings. Good day lighting. No sick building syndrome. Faster patient recovery.
  20. 20. GREEN HOSPITALS IN INDIA Kohinoor City Hospital, Mumbai. Max Balaji Hospital, Delhi. ESI Hospital, Bangalore. Fortis hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. Govt. Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College & Hospital, Salem. Asian Health Care, Mumbai. Matushri Monghiben Ramji Savla Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai. Medica Hospitals Pvt Ltd, Kolkata. Continental Hospitals Ltd, Hyderabad. Lazarus Hospitals Ltd, Hyderabad. Aster Medicity Hospital, Kochi. Max Hospital, Mohali.
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