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Teaching in blooms


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Teaching in blooms

  1. 1. Teaching in Blooms: A guide to levels of learning and teaching strategiesBlooms Category Definition Action Verb What the Teacher Does Learning ActivitiesKnowledge recalling or remembering Tell, list, describe, name, repeat, Directs Lecture, reading,Information Gathering something without remember, recall, identify, state, Tells audio/visual, necessarily understanding, select, match, know, locate, report, Shows demonstration, question and using, or changing it recognize, observe, choose, who, Examines answer period, memorize what, where, when, cite, define, and recite indicate, label, memorize, outline, record, relate, reproduce, underlineComprehension understanding something Explain, restate, find, describe, Demonstrates Discussions, reflection,Deeper Understanding of that has been communicated review, relate, define, clarify, Listens illustrate main idea,Knowledge without necessarily relating illustrate, diagram, outline, Questions it to anything else summarize, interpret, paraphrase, Compares transform, compare similarities and Examines differences, derive main idea, arrange, convert, defend, discuss, discuss, estimate, extend, generalize, give examples, locate, report, translateApply using a general concept to Apply, practice, employ, solve, use, Shows Role plays, case studies,Use of Knowledge solve problems in a demonstrate, illustrate, show, report, Facilitates fishbowl activities, construct particular situation; using paint, draw, collect, dramatize, Observes a model, collection of learned material in new and classify, put in order, change, Criticizes photographs concrete situations compute, construct, interpret, investigate, manipulate, modify, operate, organize, predict, prepare, produce, schedule, sketch, translateAnalyze breaking something down Analyze, dissect, detect, test, Probes Practice by doing, simulatedCompare and Contrast into its parts; may focus on deconstruct, discriminate, Guides job settings, write a identification of parts or distinguish, examine, focus, find Observes commercial to sell a product, analysis of relationships coherence, survey, compare, Acts as a resource make a flow chart, put on a between parts, or recognition contrast, classify, investigate, outline, play or skit, write a of organizational principles separate, structure, categorize, solve, biography, plan an event diagram, determine evidence and conclusions, appraise, break down, calculate, criticize, debate, experiment, identify, illustrate, infer, inspect, inventory, question, relate, select
  2. 2. Evaluate judging the value of material Coordinate, judge, select/choose, Accepts Use in real situations, on the Judging the Outcome or methods as they might be decide, debate, evaluate, justify, Lays bare the criteria job training, create a new applied in a particular recommend, verify, monitor, Harmonizes product, write a new situation; judging with the measure, the best way, what worked, language code and write in use of definite criteria what could have been different, what it, persuasively present an is your opinion, test, appraise, assess, idea, devise a way to solve a compare, conclude, contrast, criticize, problem, compose a rhythm discriminate, estimate, explain, or put new words to a song grade, interpret, rate, relate, revise, score, summarize, support, value Create creating something new by Create, hypothesize, design, Reflects Self study, learning through Original or new creation putting parts of different construct, invent, imagine, discover, Extends mistakes, create criteria to ideas together to make a present, deduce, induce, bring Analyzes judge material, conduct a whole. together, compose, pretend, predict, Evaluates debate, write a half yearly organize, plan, modify, improve, report, suppose, produce, set up, what if, propose, formulate, solve (more than one answer), arrange, assemble, categorize, collect, combine, devise, explain, generate, manage, perform, prepare, rearrange, reconstruct, relate, reorganize, revise, argue for University of Oregon | Division of Student Affairs Amber Garrison DuncanAdapted from these resources: W. Anderson and D. R. Krathwohl (eds). A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy), 2001.