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  • is there answer of fs 2 episode 4?please download it please
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  1. 1. Name of FS Student Formalejo, Ana Marielle L. Course, Year & Section BSED-Eng III-1 Resource Teacher Mr. Glen Samudio Signature Date Cooperating School Saint Francis of Assisi College My Target In this Episode, I must be able to:  write evidence of the application of some guiding principles in the selection and use of teaching strategies. Guiding Principles in the Selection and Use of Teaching Strategies Episode 4
  2. 2. My Performance (How I Will Be Rated) Field Study 2 Episode 4– Guiding Principles on the Selection and Use of Teaching Strategies Focused on: The application of some guiding principles in the selection and use of teaching strategies Tasks Exemplary 4 Superior 3 Satisfactory 2 Unsatisfactory 1 Observation/ Documentation All tasks were done with outstanding quality; work exceeds expectations. 4 All or nearly all tasks were done with high quality 3 Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality 2 Fewer than half of tasks were done; or most objectives met but with poor quality 1 My Analysis Analysis question were answered completely; in depth answers; thoroughly grounded on theories Exemplary grammar and spelling 4 Analysis questions were answered completely Clear connection with theories Grammar and spelling are superior. 3 Analysis questions were not answered completely. Vaguely related to the theories Grammar and spelling acceptable. 2 Analysis questions were not answered. Grammar and spelling Unsatisfactory 1 My Reflection Reflection statements are profound and clear, supported by experiences from the episode. 4 Reflection statements are clear, but not clearly supported by experiences from the episode. 3 Reflection statements are Shallow; supported by experiences from the episode. 2 Reflection statements are unclear and shallow and are not supported by experiences from the episode. 1
  3. 3. My Portfolio Portfolio is complete, clear well-organized and all supporting documentation are located in sections clearly designated 4 Portfolio is complete, clear well - organized and most supporting documentation are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations. 3 Portfolio is incomplete; supporting documentation is organized but is lacking. 2 Portfolio has many lacking components; is unorganized and unclear. 1 Submission Before deadline 4 On the deadline 3 A day after the deadline 2 Two days or more after the deadline 1 Sub Totals Over-all Score Rating : (Based on Transmutation) Dr. Kent Gamboa Signature of the FS Teacher Above Printed Name Date Transmutation of Score to Grade or Rating Score Grade Score Grade 20 1.00 (99) 12 – 13 2.50 (81) 18 – 19 1.25 (96) 11 2.75 (78) 17 1.50 (93) 10 3.00 (75) 16 1.75 (90) 8 – 9 4.00 (72) 15 2.00 (87) 7 5.00 (71 and below) 14 2.25 (84)
  4. 4. My Tool As I observe a class, I will use the Observation Sheet for a more focused observation. OBSERVATION SHEET Name of the Resource TeacherObserved: Sir GlenSamudio CooperatingSchool: SaintFrancisof Assisi College Date:September10,2014 Grade/Year Level: Grade 7 SubjectArea: English Guiding Principles in the Selection and Use of Strategies Teaching Behavior of the Resource Teacher that Applies the Principle 1. Learning is an active process. 2. The more senses that are involved, the more and the better learning. 3. A non-threatening atmosphere. 4. Emotion has the power to increase retention and learning.
  5. 5. 5. Good teaching goes beyond recall of information. 6. Learning is meaningful when it is connected to students’ everyday life. 7. An integrated teaching approach is far more effective than teaching isolated bits of information. My Analysis Are these principles in accordance with brain-based teaching and learning?
  6. 6. My Reflections What is the best method of teaching? Is there such a thing? My Portfolio Illustrate your reflection on the best method of teaching creativeon this page.