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This seminar educated, motivated and inspired its listners to the value of maketing their business on the biggest marketing platform with the platnet...FACEBOOK FAN PAGES. Get over to facebook search for

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  1. 1. Social Media Revolution 2The GOOGLE TRUTH FOUND HERE Social Media Revolution 2
  2. 2. House Keeping | Agenda | Tweetchat.comSend out| Remember the hash tag is how you join the conversation #FPE10 What is an Evangelist? Who we are?
  3. 3. VP of MarketingDerrick
  4. 4. Derrick T. SpruiellChristian, Husband and FatherInfopreneur, Internet MarketerPublishers, Traffic Strategist will
  5. 5. Does anyone not have aFacebook account?Who does not have a FanPage?Who’s not sure?
  6. 6. Receive some great information that will helpyou understand Facebook at a deeper levelReceive some step by step information thatwill show you how to perform some criticaltask on how to use Fan Pages to Market YourBusinessMeet some people of like mind set and createsome new joint venture opportunities thatwill surprise you if you remain open
  7. 7. Someone TWEETOUT we’re underway! #fpe10Oliver Wendell Holmes
  8. 8. Now tell us, which percent matches your action?
  9. 9. Your mind will only accept as much as yourbottom will allow (25 minute segments)Be thoughtful we have a large spectrum ofskillsets and will try to add value foreveryone at each levelYou will hear some information repeatedlyto drive important points homeIf you say that you will not use socialmedia consider that your biggestcompetitor is sitting in the back of theroom.
  10. 10.  An excited brain learns best! What you emotionalize with your RAS will start to show up more often because you have excited your RAS to look for it. Want a red car? I mean really want a red car? They’ll start to show up more often by default. So why not use this tool on purpose? Decide that you want new actionable ideas from this seminar. Then get excited that they are coming and you’ll be ready to catch that WOW! idea and run with it.
  11. 11. Nothing is actually free | Time | Mental CreativityMiniature landing page or micro blog.It’s very active and with every fan page update every fanreceives a message from you.180 people (avg # of friends on Facebook) see yourmessage and the viral nature of fan pages means thateach of their friends see the same update. Then theirfriends might see it and their friends might see it.Easy to set up and Google LOVES them.Fan Pages serve as the interface between your solutionand the client
  12. 12. ( What’s your policy?)
  13. 13. Triangle of Trust
  14. 14. 1. Affiliate Products will allow you to market and promote their turn key productions to your FAN’S ex. Clickbank (ITS FREE!)2. Sell your own products and services to targeted groups and individuals based on your key word research from Groups, Interest, Likes and Ads3. Promote Webinars and Seminars like the one your at right now. Go Evangelist!4. CPA offers | Click Per Action offers where you get paid to give away a companies merchandise when people take the desired action of signing up for something. Receive a new iphone or an ipad!
  15. 15. LEARN TO GIVE AWAY ITEMS LIKE IPHONES, WEIGHTLOSS PRODUCTS AND PROFIT Top 7 Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Networks1. Commission Junction | 2. Amazon Associates |3. AzoogleAds | 4. Google Affiliate Network5. Clickbooth (software) | 6. OneNetworkDirect (software)7. ClickBank – Sell products from biggest digital market place.ClickBank is largest market place for selling digital products fromeBooks, software to online services. You can earn up to 75%commission selling products.
  16. 16. + Over 6 billion fans were created so far
  17. 17. posting
  18. 18. We have created a partnership with our friendTom. Tom is a an expert in showing you HowYou Can Make Facebook Work For You – NotAgainst You! So for a limited time we wouldlike to offer Tom’s tested and proven strategies,taken straight from the real world experiencesof the most successful businesses ever to useFacebook to make moneyand capitalize on Social MediaMarketing.
  19. 19. Fan Page ShareFan Page vs GroupThings To ConsiderBest PracticesAction Plan
  20. 20. Fan Page Share Be around since the fall of 2007 – So don’t worry your not an early adaptor you and your rival are both learning this at the same time Fan is short for FANATIC = a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal Fan pages are all about building business relationships and networks of like minded people around your product or service to create enthusiastic people that KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you So let’s build 1!Derrick
  21. 21. Facebook FanpageCreating a Facebook Fan pages in few a clicks
  22. 22. Fan Page vs GroupFacebook created Fan Pages andGroups to respond to Myspace’s platform
  23. 23. Fan Page vs Group….ultimately keeping consumers informed
  24. 24. Fan Page vs Group Pages and Groups have alwaysbeen Facebook’s destinations for business
  25. 25. Fan Page vs Group….while pointing individuals toward profiles
  26. 26. Fan Page vs Group In the beginning, companiessetup both Pages and Group tosee how consumer would react
  27. 27. Fan Page vs GroupPages evolved to more of a business profile
  28. 28. Fan Page vs Group Groups migrated toward individual to expressingthemselves and placing users in closed communications
  29. 29. Fan Page vs GroupToday, most companies createfan pages and monitor groups
  30. 30. Fan Page vs GroupCreating A Successful Fan Page
  31. 31. Fan Page vs GroupCreating Successful Fan PagesDevelopment Custom Tab for Custom TabsDon’t Let New Land on the Wall
  32. 32. Fan Page vs Group Creating Successful Fan PagesCreate an Unique Page ImageIntegrate Applications To Increase Engagement
  33. 33. Fan Page vs GroupCreating Successful Fan Pages
  34. 34. Fan Page vs Group Creating Successful Fan PagesJoin the Conversation, it’s NOT Optional Anymore Publish Interested and Relevant Content
  35. 35. Fan Page vs GroupCreating Successful Fan PagesRepost comments by other users Update Regularly
  36. 36. Fan Page vs GroupCreating Successful Fan PagesPost and Tag Users on Photos and VideosLeverage the Power of Facebook Events
  37. 37. Fan Page vs GroupKey differences of Fan Page and GroupAll content on fan pages get indexed by Google (including live searches),whereas indexed content on groups is limited, if anyMore activity gets pushed to fans’ New Feeds from pages than fromgroups users are member ofFan pages allow the additional of apps that provide much customizationpotential Fan pages offer the potential for unlimited fans that admins can message en masse via updates – a group has max of 5, 000 members
  38. 38. Fan Page vs Group
  39. 39. Fan Page vs Group 3 Types of GroupsOpen : Anyone can view the group and content and anyone can joinClosed : (default) Invite-only, though anyone can view and read somecontentSecret : Invisible to everyone except members; these type of groups arenot findable in a search. You have to be invited to know it exists.Secret groups are ideal for family members. Some companies use as theirintranet (in-house internet)
  40. 40. Fan Page vs GroupFinal Thoughts on….Facebook Fan Group Groups are an effective opportunity for companies that want to communicate exclusively with premium customers, sales targets, so on….. If you have good reason to exclude or qualify users, start a group If you want invite “fanatics” to be a part an exclusive-members ONLY club
  41. 41. Fan Page vs GroupFinal Thoughts on….Facebook Fan Pages Fan Pages allow the same type of interaction as group with more options for customization and personalization Fanpages are for real entities to broad great information to fans in an official, public manner Fan pages are visible to unregistered people and are indexed by search engines. This makes pages an important element for reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.
  42. 42. Fan Page vs Group Study Shows Impact of Facebook Fan Pages“Facebook changed customer behavior for the better [...] Though they spent aboutthe same amount of money per visit, they increased their store visits per monthafter becoming Facebook fans and generated more positive word of mouth thannonfans. They went to Dessert Gallery 20% more often than nonfans and gave thestore the highest share of their overall dining-out dollars.“
  43. 43. Fan Page vs Group
  44. 44. Facebook GroupCreating a Fanbook Group in 3 minutes or less
  45. 45. Things To ConsiderName – You have 75 characters available includingspacesRepresenting your large company or direct sales fanpage by using company’s name – could cause youraccount to be close by pulling their rightsUse descriptive keywords with business for SEO –separate with “|” pipe symbol
  46. 46. Things To ConsiderMini Profile Box – “Write Something About YourselfOnly have 196 charactersMake sure you include the http:// in front of your webaddress to make it is a live link80/20 posting rule – 80% Great Content – 20% selfservingUsing the @ (no space) to link person with the post –then type your post
  47. 47. MARKETINGSocial networking and micro-blogging web service Post Facebook Fan Page URL via was created with the intent of making it as easy as possible to post updates to multiple social networking sites simultaneously. The idea came about when creators were updating status messages with micro-blogging sites Twitter and Tumblr. The idea of posting the exact same information in two places seemed a bit tedious, so was born.
  48. 48. MARKETING Mobile Marketing Strategies Now People Can Join Your Facebook Fan Page via SMS/Text MessageYou can incorporate this method with your offlineadvertising. Have a local radio spot? Tell your listenersto text “like username” to 32665, where “username”is the part of your Facebook Page’s URL that
  49. 49. MARKETING Offline Marketing Strategies Direct Mail driven traffic to Facebook Fan Page via SMS/Text Message One of direct mails biggest advantages is its ability to make personal one-to-one contact with your prospect. Create a call to action for the prospect to join your fan page via text message for coupons or discountsNow Will is coming back to talk with you about some Best Practices
  50. 50. Best PracticesLadies who are married or people with widely used nick names you can add it.Very important because everything is based on keyword searchability.
  51. 51. Best PracticesLearn to back up your facebook account.Do it now! Remember you don’t own any of the information on facebook and yourrival can do something like report you for spam and get you banned. Have yourdata backed up so you don’t lose out.#4 Registration and Account Security (This one gets most people.)Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your helpto keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating toregistering and maintaining the security of your account: You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission. You will not create more than one personal profile. If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission. You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain (such as selling your status update to an advertiser). You will not use Facebook if you are under 13. You will not use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender. You will keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date.
  52. 52. Best Practices
  53. 53. Best Practices 2 . Click Account Settings Confusing cause it say’s “learn more” 3. Click “learn more”
  54. 54. Best Practices
  55. 55. Best Practices You will receive an email when your archive is ready for download. This may take a little while for us to gather all of your photos, wall posts,messages, and other information. We will then ask you to verify your identity inorder to help protect the security of your account. Verify using photos, Why it’s not good to tag promotional flyer.
  56. 56. Best Practices
  57. 57. Best Practices
  58. 58. Best Practices
  59. 59. Best Practices
  60. 60. Best Practices Clearing up some popular confusion:1. From your personal page. Click the top right Home link, your post will into yourlive stream on both your HOME & into the live stream on the Profile page. Thiswill be seen by everyone you’ve give permission to post.2. From your profile page. Click the top right Profile link, IT DOES NOT GO INTOTHE LIVE STREAM of your home and profile page where everyone can see it. Itstays on top of your profile page, next to your picture until you post from yourthe profile page next time. So choose those post more carefully because thatpost will be seen first by all your visitors.
  61. 61. Best Practices+ Don’t worry if you see that you’re the same information isbeing entered in multiple places FACEBOOK uses somethingknown as the Edgeworth Algorithm.+ Choose Your Top Friends. Instead of letting FB randomlypick who your top friends are in your friends box. Now youcan decide who shows up and for how long. Your choice offriends helps define who your are and what your businessstands for. Birds of a feather, flock together.1. Go to your friends box >>> select the pencil (in the drop down)2. Choose the # friends to be displayed 6,9,123. Click the box that says “always on top”4. Then begin typing the names of the first friend.5. Save and close.
  62. 62. Best Practices
  63. 63. Action PlanMust get your profile filled out properly. Everything is driven bykey words that turn into linksSame with starting at least 2 groups one that supports yourbusiness and one of personal interest.Try and make sure that 80% of your post is good content relatedto your industry. 20% can be self promotion.Put 2 or 3 of your WOW moments to use immediately and turnyour attention to FACEBOOK ADS…NEXT!Get some help and save time and frustrationYou must take action! Action + Implementation = SUCCESS!
  64. 64. PRICING Special Pricing for Seminar Attendees – Savings Promotion ends on December 15th ****************For being apart of the Fan Page Evangelists launch,we want to thank you for helping us make history.We have put together a “thank you savings discount”.This pricing is for ONLY the participants who werepresent during the seminar.
  65. 65. Facebook Profile BannersWe can design a 200x600 vertical bannerthat youll use to replace your standardphoto, creating a nice advertisement in theleft sidebar. This can be used on bothpersonal Facebook profiles as well asbusiness fan pages and will appear on yourwall and info pages. $79 Price after 12/15/2010 - $99
  66. 66. Facebook Landing PagesWe can also design full HTMLwelcome pages for your Facebookfan page. This means we can designa full-page landing page that is justlike any other page on the Internetand can contain graphics, actual text(not just graphical text), videos,clickable buttons, and text links.A custom landing page lets you tellnew visitors to your Facebook pagewho arent yet fans what you do andwhy they should click the "Like"button and start seeing your posts intheir news feed. Studies show that alanding page actually increases clickson the "Like" button by up to 25%.$99.00Price after 12/15/2010 - $129
  67. 67. Complete Package *********** FacebookLanding Pages and FacebookProfile Banners$149.00Price after 12/15/2010 - $199
  68. 68. Custom DesignedWe can create custom tabs with images, links, videos,audio, opt-in forms, contact forms, You Tube galleries,Flickr image galleries, comment boxes, share buttons,and more.
  69. 69. Custom Fan PagesHalf Price Special Savings for Fan Page Evangelists Community $250 Price after 12/15/2010 - $500
  70. 70. Seminar and CoachingWe are looking for organizations and salesgroups that would like to experience ourseminar entitled “Using Facebook Fan PagesTo Market Your Business”. We will customizethe seminar to show your industry how toGROW NOW!(Some FREE slots still available. Restrictions apply. Call and get your group socially educated, motivated and inspired.) • CUSTOM GROUP TRAINING • PRIVATE TRAINING • TELESEMINAR TRAINING • 1 On 1 COACHING AND MENTORING PROGRAMS
  71. 71. “Like” CampaignsNeed numbers for your page? Let usinvite/suggest facebook friends tojoin your facebook fan page or group.Our fees depend on the number youneed and the number you needdepends on what your goal is. You do know your goal, don’t you?
  72. 72. Partner ProgramWe value the power of our community. Weunderstand there are relationships we willnever be able to access unless we have help.We believe your relationships have value andwe love to leverage them. Please join ouraffiliate program. If you have any questions orconcerns, please do not hesitate to contact uson Facebook.
  73. 73. Action PlanMust get your profile filled out properly. Everything is drivenby key words that turn into linksSame with starting at least 2 groups one that supports yourbusiness and one of personal interest.Go back and look at the 4 principle ways make money now!Give me the WOW sign and connect with someone to seewhat the possibilities could be.If you have found any of this helpful please get on facebookand friend us and post what you found helpful.
  74. 74. Wouldn’t you like to get FREE applications, how-to-videos and content rich articles. Get over to Facebook and search for and “Like” us now. Get your very own W.O.W Ball for YOUR next meeting or event!
  75. 75. on Facebook search for “Like” our page and start receiving Facebook videos, how-to’s & applications. Will Hall | 336.451.0242 Derrick Spruiell | 336.549.2231
  76. 76. What I learned
  77. 77. What I learned